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Advice for Very Dry Scalp

I have a 10 month old daughter who has extrememly dry scalp. I have tried baby oil and even olive oil. It helps for that day and then the dry scalp comes right back. I wash her hair with Selsum Blue once a week as ordered by her pediatrician and for that day her scalp is good then by the next day her entire scalp is white and flaky. I only use Aveeno products and Bert's Bees products. Any other suggestions?

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my daughter had it when she was about 3 months old and it lasted for a while due to the fact i tried all types of home remedies thinking it would work as it did for my son when he had cradle cap. however, my doctors pediatrician advised me to buy medicated shampoo by the name of Sebulex which can be bought at walgreens, cvs, walmart, etc. she also advised that i apply a generous amount of baby oil to the scalp for about 30 minutes and then wash it with the medicated shampoo. while i had the baby oil in her scalp i took a baby comb and gently scratched the scalp to lift the cradle cap up and then washed. i tried it every other day. it worked perfectly. within a week's time it had disappeared and has not come back. i also keep her scalp oil with vaseline.

My daughter had very dry scalp and my doctor recommended over the counter Neutrogena T/Sal therapeutic shampoo. It worked great hope that this helps out.

my daughter has some what the same problem. I was told that it was craddles cap and the only thing there is to do is every bath gently wash their hair.. they will soon grow out of it

H. B

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I have one more to add to your other advice. My kids both had that problem well into their 4th & 6th yrs. I finally started using Paula Begoun products on them. (I use them for me, b/c of break-outs along my scalp.) She has a website called www.cosmeticscop.com, and if you look on the left-hand side under "LEARN", then under "Skin Care Facts", then look under "Problems? Solutions!" You'll see "Dry, Flaky Scalp". She gives some advice and some products you can try. Paula Begoun wrote the book, "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me", and she's the most well-researched, objective resource I've ever seen for questions regarding skin and haircare. I'm a huge believer, since her products have helped myself and family enormously. Plus, you don't have to buy her stuff if you don't want to - she recommends other brands you can get in stores, that also work well.

Good luck,
M. B

My son has eczema/psoriosis. We have found that using shampoos and bodywashes that contain no sulfates help alot. My son hard ever had a break out unless we are slack in his moisturizing then he tends to get more dry. The Jason products we use alot of are great and have no sulfates. They can be bought at the vitamin shoppe. We have also went to using laundry soups without the sulfates. This total treatment seams to help my son.

Hi M., how are you?

My daughter had the same problem. Like you I used oils and Selsum Blue, nothing worked. I finally took her to the doctor for it and was referred to the dematologist. She had a severe case of cradle cap and had to have a special cream for it. Shortly after using the cream it cleared up. I know how frustrating this can be. I hope this helps you. Have a great day!


try to use huggies baby wash(shea butter)...pour it to damp wash cloth and lather it on the hair...after bath, pour a huggies baby lotion(shea butter)on a palm of your hands and spread it and massage to your child's hair...good luck!!!and God bless

Dear M.:
Selsun Blue is for dandruff, stay away from that. In the long run, it dries up the scalp and makes it worse. I found a shampoo in a pharmacy called 'Beta ...' (something or other). It is about $15 and its main ingredient is sulfur. When I look up the name, I can update this post.

Sulfur stinks, but it works after a few days. I take it once or twice a week, and I can even apply a (good smelling) conditioner. Just make sure you use something approved for dermatitis or psoriasis, not dandruff. My son complains about the stench while I wash his hair, but it works wonders.

Since you only need a little bit at a time, the $15 will last a long time.

'Betatar Gel Shampoo', and the main ingredient is coal tar. The sulfate is an inactive ingredient, but it still stinks... :-)

Good luck,

To be completely honest with you, I was told the same thing and bought the high expensive things to try to get rid of the 'dandruff' but found I was going in a completely opposite direction. Try an intensive moisturizer, regular lotion at night, wash it out in the morning and repeat. A shower cap while she's sleeping might even be a better idea. Give it a couple of days. If you don't see improvement, then this method isn't working, but if it is, it might give her some relief, as well as ease your mind as well. Try non fragranced lotions as they have oils that can burn. Johnson's baby lotion comes to mind as one of the ones I've tried. Good luck!

I still swear by my Arbonne products. Would you like a sample?

Good Luck!

my daughter also has this problem i use pink oil moisterizer on her hair and scalp not sure of who the maker is it is a product that you use once a day when combing the hair also after you wash her hair make sure you use a good conditoner to keep hair moist creme of nature products are good very good detangler as well

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