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8 Month Old with Diarrhea

My son has had diarrhea for over 24 hours and, while I am not concerned about his hydration or anything like that, his bottom has a horrible rash. His scrotum is even a little bloody today. His pediatrician recommended A&D ointment and trying to let his bottom air dry rather than wiping it. My son just cries and cries when I'm applying the ointment or even just putting on a clean diaper.

I am just wondering if anyone knows of any natural remedies that may help him heal faster? It is just breaking my heart to hear him cry like this and since the diarrhea has not yet let up I know he's going to be in pain from the rash for quite a while. I'd love to make it a little easier on him.

Any suggestions on how to make his bottom feel better?

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Wow, what great ideas! I've been letting him go around without a diaper and that's helped a lot. He actually didn't cry the last time I had to change him so his "parts" must be feeling better. ;o) I love all the natural remedies that were suggested! Sullivan has only had one bout of diarrhea today (yippee!!) so hopefully we're on the mend. I will definitely be using these ideas should he ever have a rash like this again, plus I will pass on some of this information to friends. Thanks a ton for the help!

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Have you tried giving him a luke warm bath. That always seems to help my daughter when she gets a really bad rash. There's also this diaper rash ointment that my sister swears by and uses for her son, it's called Beaudroux's Butt Paste. She says it works wonders.

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I question using anything that seals the skin so that air cannot reach it. I've not had this experience but I have read that vaseline is not a good thing to use on an irritated bottom. Seems like antibiotic cream, not ointment, or nystatin would work. And leaving off the diaper as much as possible might help. Not only is air able to reach the area but diarrhea won't be on the skin.
But this probably won't work if he's got the run of the house. lol

Definately do not use wipes. A warm washcloth is better.

Good luck, M.

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I know this is an old request. But whenever my baby had diaper rash I used plain old cornstarch,just the stuff you get in the baking ingredients aisle of the supermarket. It's so cheap and it works awesome. Just sprinkle it on like baby powder. Also I use vaseline on my hands for eczema and that works pretty good for dry skin.
H. T.

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Okay, don't get grossed out, but my sister recommended this to me and it worked really well for my son. Plain yogurt! It's messy, but it cooled his bottom and calmed the rash. It's also great if the rash is because of a yeast infection because of the active cultures in it. We used to use Lanolin but it wasn't doing the trick for my youngest. We tried the yogurt and it was a lifesaver for his bottom! Good luck with whatever you try!

Me: SAHM with 3 boys.

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My son had bad diarrhea for a few days once, his little bottom got very sore, red, and even bled in spots. He would scream every time I had to wipe his bottom - heart breaking. BUT I got it to clear up fast in this way - every diaper change, be very gentle when wiping and wipe as little as possible, apply a antibiotic like Neosporin to open sores and very red areas, then cover with diaper rash cream (Balmex and Desitin worked best for me). Watch carefully for any sign of a BM and check often, change immediately and repeat process. I was changing a lot of diapers those days and constantly pulling his pants down to check his diaper, but it paid off quickly. His little bottom showed improvement within the next 2-3 changes.

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A trick my mom taught me is to get a blowdrier and put it near the changing table. Everytime you need to do a diaper change, turn it on very low speed with low heat. Hold it far enough away that you can't burn them, but let it blow on the rash. The forced air will help to dry up the area faster, and my mom said it always caused any sores to seal over naturally. My son fortunatly hasn't experienced this yet so I don't have any experience with a really bad diaper rash, but he has had minor ones and I used this trick. Within two diaper changes, the redness was pretty much gone. Just wanted to offer another type of idea for you, hope the little guy feels better soon!

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My I suggest an over the counter cream called Calmoseptine. I have found it at Target, but you have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter. Its usually only like $4-5 dollars and works great! My daughters Nurse Practitioner told us about it when her bottom was the same way as you describe your sons. It has worked wonders in our household, good luck in yours!


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We used stuff called Rear Smear. I had the same problem, and the AD did not do much good. We got it for a shower gift and I found more at the Made in Oregon Store. I have used it on and off and we only had the one time diaper rash. So I don't know if it was the Rear Smear or we got lucky. It has all natural stuff, like bees wax in it.

Good Luck

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Have you tried giving him a luke warm bath. That always seems to help my daughter when she gets a really bad rash. There's also this diaper rash ointment that my sister swears by and uses for her son, it's called Beaudroux's Butt Paste. She says it works wonders.

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Ok...anytime the rash bleeds, it's likely he's got a yeast infection. Either take him to the pediatrician to have them look and verify, or just go out and get some Clortrimazole (yeast infection cream...just ask the pharmacist if you don't know what to look for), and use it 3 times a day in addition to Aquaphor. When my DS has gotten rashes like that, they always clear up quickly by doing that. I've used A & D for nearly every diaper change since my son was born...but when he gets the bad rashes, I go to the Aquaphor...or Beudreaux's Butt Paste...but use the clortrimazole on it first, make sure it's soaked in, and then put the other on. Good luck!

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Doesn't that just break your heart when they scream in pain like that? My daughter had that once, and it was horrible. I called the dr. and she perscribed me some nystatin cream (which I mixed with petrolium jelly to make it creamy and water resistant). That seemed to work really well!

also, you can put him in a warm bath with some baking soda to neutralize the rash acids...but he'll probably scream getting into the bath too, but if you can get him in, it will make him feel better.

I hope that helps!

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