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6 Month Old Having 6-9 Bowel Movements a Day for at Least 7 Weeks

Hi there--I am looking any suggestions or even similar experiences. I have a 6 month old that has had GI trouble since he was born. He has a sensitivity to dairy (which I stopped eating most of it 5 moths ago and all forms 1 month ago) and is on medicine for reflux. He was doing great at about 6 weeks old and generally sleeping 6 hours or more. By his third month, he was sleeping most nights from 10 until 6, nursing, and then going back to sleep. Since he is exclusively breastfed, he was pooping once a day or so. Right after he turned 4 months old, he got diarhea. He started going at least 8 times a day. This went on for more than two weeks. We took him to the doctor since he started screaming a lot more than normal and he turned out to have an ear infection. He took three shots of antibiotics. Then, we thought the bowels would get back to normal. Then, he got another ear infection. He started oral antibiotics. Of course, this could make stools worse too. But, he has been off the medicine for nearly a week. He has not gotten better. Our doctor did stool testing and can find nothing wrong.
We have been giving him probiotics for two weeks. We have taken him off and put back on the reflux medicine. I have tried an elimination diet to determine if anything I was eating was bothering him (this was done between antibiotics, but I am still concerned that there were too many factors to rule out a food allergy). The doctor that I talked with yesterday said that he just doesn't know what could be the problem. He is growing well and not dehydrated. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, I would gladly look into them. Oh, and yes, he stopped sleeping well too. It is miserbale. He often wakes to poop. He might be cramping sometimes. Thank you!

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Thank you again for everyone's information regaring my little one. He seems to be doing much better with his digestive system. He had 4 months of ear infections and has allergies. We tested him for specific food allergies and found that he is allergic to peanuts. Doctors are unsure if this has anything to do with fluid in his ears ro any tummy issues, but we are avoiding all peanut products!

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It can be normal for a bf baby to poop that often. My babies would poop every time I nursed them.
If he also seems uncomfortable it may be the dairy. If you havn't already I would cut out ALL forms of dairy not just the obvious. That will mean that you will have to read labels and find out what all the diffrent code names are in the ingrediant list. It can take 2 or more weeks for the dairy protien to completely leave your system.
I hope that every thing works its self out!
Blessings, K.

Hi M.
It sounds like your doing your best. Did you try eliminating gluten; wheat, barley, rye? Most of us off gluten feel better off dairy because the proteins are similar. You could also wear him in a sling next to your skin, babies do better when touched.
Best of luck to you, A. H

My first son had the same issues but not as sensitive to dairy. His ears were terrible! He had a cycle of ear infections/antibiotics/diarrhea for 10 months straight!! I fought getting tubes because it sounded so scary to put him under anesthesia.

When my 2nd son was born, he started the same pattern, only at 5 months old!! (way earlier than my oldest) So I decided to do the tubes when he was 10 months old. He was an early walker at 9 months. But he would walk a couple steps and fall down. The day after the surgery when we could let him get around by himself, I nursed him in the morning and put him down and he walked across the room!! I couldn't believe how much his ears affected him.

Every time my boys would start teething, their ears would get infected, they'd be on antibiotics, they'd get diarrhea, I'd start acidopholus, they'd get another toothe, another ear infection, they'd go on another antibiotic, get diarrhea.....It's a vicious cycle!

While it's hard to watch them go under the anesthesia, they're done in literally 7 minutes and they are not in any pain. And the rewards are amazing!!! I would get tubes put into his ears as soon as possible. Then you don't have the added worry of too many antibiotics and his body requiring stronger and stronger doses/kinds to fight off future illnesses.

By the way, my oldest is 7 and just yesterday had another ear infection in the ear that his tube fell out. Some kids just have a hard time with that and both his dad and I still have sensitive ears too.

Hope this helps!

I breastfed my son and he was a pooping machine too. I don't think it's bad for a strictly breastfed baby to stool after each feeding and if you're feeding him every 2-3 hours (as recommended for breastfeeding) then I don't think you have anything to worry about. If you truly think something is wrong with your son then seek a second opinion or request other tests. I'm not a doctor but if baby seems healthy (proper growth, not dehydrated, etc) then don't worry and just enjoy your time with him...they grow so fast!

It sounds like your son could have an intolerance to foods other than dairy. Another poster mentioned celiac disease - I think it would be a good idea to have your son tested. He could also be intolerant/allergic to wheat (which is more common than you'd realize). The one thing I really recommend is to hold off on an vaccines while you're trying to figure this out. A lot of pediatricians will say it's fine to vaccinate as long a child doesn't have a fever. Some of the research I've done suggests otherwise (especially if the child is on antibiotics). I wish you the best of luck in sorting through all of this!

My husband's side of the family has what we call "active bowels". My daughter inherited this from them. At age 3.5, she still has several BMs each day. She is not allergic or sensitive or intolerant to anything. My husband is lactose intolerant, but he doesn't eat a lot of dairy. This is just the way some people on his side of the family are: they have sensitive stomachs. I breastfed my daughter, and she had a BM every time I fed her even after she started eating solids(and they were mostly loose stools, even though I was feeding her adequate fiber). I think that if your son is growing well and not dehydrated, he is probably fine. But you are the mom and if something feels like it's not right, well, God gave us a maternal instinct for a reason. Best of luck.

For one I think your tripping out and need to breath and relax. 1st. when a child has been on antibiotics it is very possible for them to have loose stools for up to 10 days. 2ndly your breastfeeding him so that will give him loose stools too. When breastfeeding a child and and he is boy it is more normal for them to have 6 to 8 stool diapers anyway. He is older now than was before. You said he had a gi problem. Maybe the gi problem with the stool has grown itself to normal and he is getting better. Babies grow out of certain things. His reflex may not get better till almost a year or so. He may even grow out of the milk allergy too. Just relax and see if it passes. When changing him you may want to air his bottom and also wash his bottom with a wet cloth not wipes. Wipes will chap him. rinse his bottom under running water air dry for half an hr and put on a clean diaper with cream. Good luck he will get better!!!

Sounds like a lactose intolerance.

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