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5 Weeks Along and in a Lot of Pain

Since my third week I have been having terrible cramping like I was going to start my period, but shortly thereafter found out that I was pregnant. I am still experiencing this intense cramping and it's focused more on my right lower side (pelvic pain). I have yet to see the OBGYN (that's at week 8) and my general doctor said that the pain is norma (stretching of ligaments). But I am afraid that it's more serious because I'm experiencing it every day in periods of about 30 minutes to an hour. Also, I am having no bleeding. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Thanks everyone for your comments. My husband and I did go into the ER today and after an ultrasound and some other tests everything seems to be fine. I guess I'm just one of those lucky ladies that gets to endure the pain of "stretching ligaments"! Thanks again for your support, because of you guys I had my husband take me to hospital to get checked out.

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I did experience this...For about the first 8-12 weeks i thought something was wrong because it felt so much like period cramps. THe doctor told me that same thing (stretching of ligaments). and afer about 12 weeks it was all gone, i felt fine, and went on to have a great pregnancy and a healty baby boy! Try not to worry too much, it is very normal!

I had a lot of twinges in the begining. And everything was normal. You may want to look into ectopic pregnancy just in case.

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I don't want to alarm you, but you should definitely get it checked out. This could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, but, it could also be other things. I wouldn't wait until your OB visit. Good Luck.

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Go to your OBGYN and dont wait until week 8 as it will make you feel better.

I also experienced a lot of cramping. Mostly in my first trimester. More than likey it's just that your uterus is stretching now to accomodate the preganancy. Your uterus grows from your pubic bone and once full term will be up under your breasts. That is a lot of growth and hence the cramping. I was unsure what it was at first myself but learned that it's totally normal. Your mind will be put at ease when you see your OB. Just relax and try not too worry to much. I know how new this experience is but try to enjoy it as much as you can. It's beautiful.

I had those same pains with baby #2!!!!! I was told that those pains tend to be more painfully with each pregnacy......
(I don't know about that, I stopped at two).
As recommended, see a Doc as soon as possible-just to make sure.
Congrats and good luck!

I agree that no bleeding is a good thing but you need to go the the ER to get checked out. It is not likely that you are having stretching of ligaments pain at only 5 weeks. That wouldbe very early. When your doctor checked you out did they do a physical exam? There are other things that can cause pain in that area that are not related to being pregnant such as appendcisits. Sorry about the spelling of that. It is often over looked in women. You need to go in and get it checked out. I will also pray for you and your little one. Even if others have been there it is still impotant to get checked your self.

I am happy to hear that you got a clean bill of health after your visit to the ER. I just wanted to let you know that I too, had cramps early on. Mine came soon at 3 weeks. My OB told me they were probably just ligaments stretching, but to call back if it felt like menstrual cramps or if I bled. (It ALWAYS felt like menstrual cramps, but was not constant.) I started bleeding at 4-5 weeks. But, there was nothing wrong when I went to the ER. However, at 8 weeks I had my first OB appointment and the pap smear had "abnormal" cells for the first time in my life. That also was normal 5 weeks after the birth of my son. So if this happens to you, too, please don't stress much about it either. Just be sure to do all the follow up testing. Congratulations on your pregnancy and Best wishes in the weeks to come!

Hi M., the fact that there is no bleeding, could be a good sign, but peacfe of mind is important, because worring causes stress and that is not good for the baby, I think you should go to an urgent care or ER room just for peac of mind sweetie if nothing else. Even if other moms have experienced pain like you are having it does not neceserely mean the pain is fromthe same thing. It probably is nothing, but why not be sure. I will pray for you and your baby. J.

Hi M., Get a new OB! Find someone that can talk to you and give you the medical support you deserve.
good luck D.

I had all sorts of weird pains from early in pregnancy. And I went to my OB or ER every time. Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.

Given the length of your pains, I would go in to be seen, if only to reassure yourself that everything is okay.

Let us know what happens.

I had bad cramping the entire first trimester. It would come and go for long periods of time, kind of like menstrual cramps but worse. I was really worried too, especially since I'm a little older, but it turned out to be normal. Also - my sister-in-law is 2 mos pregnant, and she is having cramping as well.
So, try not to worry. And congratulations on the pregnancy! :)

I have two children that are one year apart. My second one I did not have any such pain but my first was HORRIBLE!!! From about week 4 to 9 I was curled in pain every night on the floor. It was so bad it would bring me to tears. The doctor told me it was normal and that it was the baby attaching to my uterus and then the ligaments stretching. I even spooted for a two days which freaked me out. He told me that it was due to my brain still thinking that I was supposed to get my period. My periods were like clockwork so I knew when I was late it was a good thing:) I found that if I lied down on my stomach on the floor and took deep breaths it relaxed me and helped a lot. Sometimes I even feel asleep there with my hands under my body. My husband felt so bad for me and did not really understand but he was very supportive. It will go away. Hang in there and just thing what a great baby you will have in 9 months to hold:) Take care.

i had the same thing, and it WAS normal....i didn't remember having that with my first child, so i was scared, just like you are. it was the stretching of the ligaments surrounding my uterus. i know it seems weird that it would be "stretching" so early, but it does. relax, mama...you'll be just fine!

Hello M.. First of all, congrats on the pregnancy!!! I just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant (20 weeks now) with my third child and I was experiencing those same pains initially, to the point where every time I went to the bathroom, I just knew I was going to have evidence that I had started my period (even though I found out at 2 weeks that I was pregnant). I did have some minor bleeding, and headed straight to the ER (it was a first for me as my other pregnancies were a breeze, and nothing like this had happened before). Every thing turned out fine, but I was told the same thing, that the pain is caused from the stretching of the ligaments. I also learned that the baby naturally gravitates towards the right side of the uterus, so that was why I was experiencing the pain on my right side. If it is something that is really bothering you, go to the ER. You know your body better than anyone else. I don't know your situation, but I am hoping that it is nothing. Still, an eptopic pregnancy can be a nightmare, in all aspects, and you don't want to take that chance. Best of luck to you, and I hope that everything turns out ok. You'll have to keep us posted on how you are doing!!

i don't think your ligaments would be stretching that much at 5 weeks. call your OB and tell him/her your symptoms. because it's localized, it could be an ectopic pregnancy. good luck.

I had the EXACT same pain the first 4-5 weeks! I thought I was back in high school with my first major cramps:) I didn't know I was pregnant but thought it was the worst cramps I had had in a long long time. Found out later at 5 1/2 weeks of course that I was preggos- but thought for sure I was due for my period any second since the cramps were so bad. It sounds normal to me as long as your aren't having any bleeding....but I would call the doc just in case. congrats!!!!

You should call the dr. right away to have an ultrasound. It could be an ectopic/tubal pregnancy.

i had this too with my first and some with my 2nd. both babies were healthy and i carried them to full term. i would bring it up at your appt, but don't worry, i think it's normal:)

I did experience that and in my case the doctor said I had bruised my uterus. I figured it was when I was doing yard work. I had been weeding against a retaining wall and very slightly kept bumping my stomache against the wall. That was for my first pregnancy. For my third, I had partial previa and was told I could not even vacuum! Good luck. If you are really worried, demand that the doctor, or at least the nurse practictioner see you.

Hi, I am glad the ER gave you a clean bill of health. Just wanted tot let you know to still be very cautious of any pain. I too had early spotting, without pain. I had a series of blood test and went to the ER 2 times for Ultrasounds and the works, both times had a clean bill and was released. Then at 6 weeks I had an ectopic rupture and had to have emergency surgery. It was just 2 days after I had been to the ER. So I wanted to wish you luck, but remind you to listen to your body, because often times it knows more than the ER doctors can tell you.

I had a lot of twinges in the begining. And everything was normal. You may want to look into ectopic pregnancy just in case.

Hi M.:

Glad to hear you are okay. I was thinking tubal like so many of the other ladies who responded. So happy to hear it is not!

I did experience this...For about the first 8-12 weeks i thought something was wrong because it felt so much like period cramps. THe doctor told me that same thing (stretching of ligaments). and afer about 12 weeks it was all gone, i felt fine, and went on to have a great pregnancy and a healty baby boy! Try not to worry too much, it is very normal!

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