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5 Months Pregnant with a Sore Throat

Does anyone know of a cough drop or lozange that I can take? My throat is so sore!!! I've been taking Tylenol Allergy/Sinus pills because my sinuses have been draining.

What can I do next?

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Try a little warm tea with honey. That helps me sometimes. If you are worried about the caffiene with preg., make it decaf.

Jaime Nguyen, RN, BSN

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I'm 14 months pregnant with my 4th child. So I've been through the flu,cough,colds & just about every other illness while being pregnant. Robitussin is the one thing my Dr. said would be safe,you can use their cough medicine or cough drops.

Medical advise she be sought from a doctor, preferably an OBGYN. You will get all kinds of conflicting information off a community website. I am also pregnant with my first. The use of any medication should only come from a doctor, pharmacists can also provide information if you don't have a doctor. At the least - there are plenty of pregnancy websites with good information. Good luck to you.

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Try a little warm tea with honey. That helps me sometimes. If you are worried about the caffiene with preg., make it decaf.

Jaime Nguyen, RN, BSN

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I learned an alternative idea from Oprah's show that is also ancient.....and it doesn't involve drugs for your allergies and sinus drainage. It's called a neti pot and it looks like a small Aladdin's lamp, you fill it with warm tap water and add saline (or salt) and stand over the sink, lean forward and put the water up a nostril. It will go through the sinuses out the other nostril then you blow your nose and do the other side. It sounds (and looks) weird, but it cleans it out and you don't have to take drugs (90% of the time).

I got mine online because the local stores hadn't heard of it. There's lots of brands, you can get fancy or plastic. I Googled "neti pot" and ended up going to Amazon for the best buy. It'll save you money and problems. My husband and I love it. You won't have to worry about the baby and taking meds for your sinus problem. Once the sinus problem is stopped, you won't have the sore throat. The neti pot cleans everything out so the drainage will stop. It's like magic!

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Have you tried taking the Halls Cough Drops they really work for my family and we enjoy taking them especially my son he takes them when he sick like candy.They have alot of different kinds to choose from but the ones I buy is the Honey Lemon and the Cherry flavor.

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Hot citrus drink really makes it feel good, such as Tang or even just orange koolaid or lemonade. Used for coughs usually but makes sore throat feel better is butter with honey mixed in. Just lick a spoonful.

The best thing is to gargle with warm salt water(1 tsp.salt in 1 c. of warm water).Also Cloresptic spray and lozenges are very good. Hope this helps.

Ricola natural lozenges
boil honey and lemon until thick take by tablespoon

I had a midwife with 3 of my children, I was allowed nothing over the counter.

Feel better

Dear K.,

First of all-Congratulations!! Exciting to be having a baby!! I had my baby girl when I was 28-she's now 21 (I'm 50...I had a boy 10 years later!) Enough about me...there is a great tea-throat soothers tea-made by Celestial Seasons. They sell it at Whole Foods, put a little honey and lemon in after you brew a cup-it's a great natural remedy for a sore throat!

Good Luck!

You might check with your doctor to see if you can use any of the following: gargle with warm salt water, Cepacol and Choloroseptic make a deadening throat spray along with lonzenges. I used to work for an OB/GYN but it's been a very long time ago and so many things have changed. It sounds like the drainage is going down the back of your throat causing the sore throat. But you might try some of the above afer checking with your doctor's nurse as they know your specific case.

Congratulations on the little girl. I know how excited you are as my son and his wife are having twin girls in July and we are so excited!!! Hope you start feeling better real soon so you can continue to enjoy the time in your life. I loved being pregnant - I felt so good and it was wonderful looking forward to the new baby.

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