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5 Months Pregnant with a Sore Throat

Does anyone know of a cough drop or lozange that I can take? My throat is so sore!!! I've been taking Tylenol Allergy/Sinus pills because my sinuses have been draining.

What can I do next?

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Try a little warm tea with honey. That helps me sometimes. If you are worried about the caffiene with preg., make it decaf.

Jaime Nguyen, RN, BSN

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I'm 14 months pregnant with my 4th child. So I've been through the flu,cough,colds & just about every other illness while being pregnant. Robitussin is the one thing my Dr. said would be safe,you can use their cough medicine or cough drops.

Medical advise she be sought from a doctor, preferably an OBGYN. You will get all kinds of conflicting information off a community website. I am also pregnant with my first. The use of any medication should only come from a doctor, pharmacists can also provide information if you don't have a doctor. At the least - there are plenty of pregnancy websites with good information. Good luck to you.

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Try a little warm tea with honey. That helps me sometimes. If you are worried about the caffiene with preg., make it decaf.

Jaime Nguyen, RN, BSN

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I learned an alternative idea from Oprah's show that is also ancient.....and it doesn't involve drugs for your allergies and sinus drainage. It's called a neti pot and it looks like a small Aladdin's lamp, you fill it with warm tap water and add saline (or salt) and stand over the sink, lean forward and put the water up a nostril. It will go through the sinuses out the other nostril then you blow your nose and do the other side. It sounds (and looks) weird, but it cleans it out and you don't have to take drugs (90% of the time).

I got mine online because the local stores hadn't heard of it. There's lots of brands, you can get fancy or plastic. I Googled "neti pot" and ended up going to Amazon for the best buy. It'll save you money and problems. My husband and I love it. You won't have to worry about the baby and taking meds for your sinus problem. Once the sinus problem is stopped, you won't have the sore throat. The neti pot cleans everything out so the drainage will stop. It's like magic!

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Have you tried taking the Halls Cough Drops they really work for my family and we enjoy taking them especially my son he takes them when he sick like candy.They have alot of different kinds to choose from but the ones I buy is the Honey Lemon and the Cherry flavor.

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Hot citrus drink really makes it feel good, such as Tang or even just orange koolaid or lemonade. Used for coughs usually but makes sore throat feel better is butter with honey mixed in. Just lick a spoonful.

The best thing is to gargle with warm salt water(1 tsp.salt in 1 c. of warm water).Also Cloresptic spray and lozenges are very good. Hope this helps.

Ricola natural lozenges
boil honey and lemon until thick take by tablespoon

I had a midwife with 3 of my children, I was allowed nothing over the counter.

Feel better

Dear K.,

First of all-Congratulations!! Exciting to be having a baby!! I had my baby girl when I was 28-she's now 21 (I'm 50...I had a boy 10 years later!) Enough about me...there is a great tea-throat soothers tea-made by Celestial Seasons. They sell it at Whole Foods, put a little honey and lemon in after you brew a cup-it's a great natural remedy for a sore throat!

Good Luck!

You might check with your doctor to see if you can use any of the following: gargle with warm salt water, Cepacol and Choloroseptic make a deadening throat spray along with lonzenges. I used to work for an OB/GYN but it's been a very long time ago and so many things have changed. It sounds like the drainage is going down the back of your throat causing the sore throat. But you might try some of the above afer checking with your doctor's nurse as they know your specific case.

Congratulations on the little girl. I know how excited you are as my son and his wife are having twin girls in July and we are so excited!!! Hope you start feeling better real soon so you can continue to enjoy the time in your life. I loved being pregnant - I felt so good and it was wonderful looking forward to the new baby.

This one works for me...I warm honey in the microwave and then swallow a spoonful of it and let it coat my throat. You can add some fresh lemon juice to it as well. I found this works better than putting the honey in tea. {{{hugs}}}

Hey! You might want to call your OB and check, but I believe you can take Ricola or even Cepacol. Cepacol is great. They make sugar free ones as well. Hope your sore throat goes away. Make sure to take care of yourself because strep is going around.

Hi, K. w. My name is L. r. And when i get sick and don't like alot of medicine; unless associated with fever. Then off to the doctor. I got this from a doctor's wife. There's a little brown bottle called hydrogen peroxide. Gargle with it full strenght, put a couple of drops in nose and/or in your ears, also. Just the way it cleanses a cut, it does the same to your throat, ears, and nose. No side affects is the best part, all natural. Good luck. Then some warm tea at night. L. r.

Dissolve one-two teaspoons of sea salt (available at walmart now) in a cup of warm water and gargle...just don't swallow it. It is important to use real sea salt and NOT iodized table salt. This really will help your sore throat to feel better...it's also a great rememdy for cleaning out those sinuses during allergy season. Don't forget though......see your doctor if it lasts too long, especially while you are pregnant.

Gargle with salt and water. Make some hot lemonade with honey .

Use a spoon full of peroxide keep it on your mouth for 2 mitutes doing gargles with it.

I'm 14 months pregnant with my 4th child. So I've been through the flu,cough,colds & just about every other illness while being pregnant. Robitussin is the one thing my Dr. said would be safe,you can use their cough medicine or cough drops.

Tylenol is safe to take and can really knock out a sore throat. I've also gargled salt water which helped for a while. Our school nurse gives peppermint candies. Also, Cepocol (sp?) has an awesome throat spray. If you're conerned about ingesting it, gargle and then spit. You'll feel sooooo much better. I hope you feel better soon!

When I was pregnant my doctor gave me a list of meds that were ok to take and for a sore throat you can take Cepacol. Congratulations on your little girl. I have a 7 and 1/2 month daughter and a baby on the way. Take care, hope this helps.

there are all natural cough drops. halls makes one, so does riccola.
also, if you can stand it, try plain, raw garlic. it has antiviral and antibacterial properties so your sore throat doesn't turn into something else. i'd stay away from tylenol as much as you can while pregnant and breastfeeding. with the garlic, peel it, smash it and eat as much as you can of the clove. eating it with grapes (i know that sounds weird) takes the intensity down a ton! or you can try it with walnuts, helps and tastes good. doesn't help as much as the grapes though.
good luck and congrats on your little girl. i have a daughter (2 1/2 yrs.- and a son 4 months), she is such a blessing!

join babycenter.com its a great resource for you as a new mommy...including topics such as this one. i love extra strength super numbing cepacol lozenges. i'm also with everyone else on the gargling and tea. blessings!


This works but it is nasty!

Take 3/4tsp honey and 1/4tsp apple cider vinegar. Plug your nose, swallow, and chase with water.

Hi K.
Gargle with either salt water OR gargle with mouthwash. I have found this kills the germs in the throat before they can take hold...
Congrats on your future baby girl!

From someone who has had everything done for sinus/allergy (Try steroid injections in the nostrils!), I recommend nasal irrigation with warm salt water.
There are nasal sprays,but I prefer a Neti pot (just a small ceramic/plastic pot available at major drugstores or health food stores (about $10), 1/2 t. of non-iodized salt, warm water 1-2 times daily. Unbelievable.

Ask your dr. about taking Claritin daily for allergies.

I take zinc lozenges, but be sure to check.

I'm not pregnant but am severely immunipressed and have not been ill at all in over 3 yrs. Good luck.

Cepacol lozenges are great! They numb sore throats really well.

First of All I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Colds are quite common during pregnancy. Pregnant women tend to be more susceptible as their immune systems are lowered and their mucous membranes tend to swell during pregnancy. This can make it more difficult to get rid of coughs and colds, and can make breathing easy a challenge. If you do catch a cold you can increase your consumption of vitamin C rich foods including fruits and fruit juices. Many women find sipping teas including lemon and honey tea can help alleviate a sore and uncomfortable throat.

Hope this Helps
C. Safford
Moms Helping Other Moms to a brighter future..

.....you already may have found something for your sore throat, but HOT water with lots of salt in it is a great gargle. Do it several tmes a day..just use the hottest tap water and several teaspoons of salt. Don't swallow it. Or drink hot tea with honey......or can a pregant mom have honey?
Call your OB; if not better when you get this. You may have strep and your doc needs to know that.

You can take any lozenge except Ricola.

Hi K.,
The only thing my doc told me I could take was Robatussin (not sure how to spell) cough drops.
Hope you feel better

Congrats on your new little girl. That will be really fun for you. On your throat issue, Throat or couch drops are usually fine, you can also gargle with salt water and if the throat gets really bad you can gargle with proxide and water just make sure you don't swallow. If its just sinus well that could be from all the pallon in the air, my daughter is sick right now also and I think its from that. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

I know where you can get some natural cough drops if you email me. You can also go to californiababy.com and they have a bubble bath for cold and sinus that I will never be without. I don't take any medications I just used the bubble bath and it works great!


Gargle with warm salt water, but don't swallow it.

You can gargle with listerine. Anytime I get a sore throat, I gargle almost every hour if I can, and it kills all the germs in the back of your throat. It's a little hard because it burns a little, but try and do it for 30 seconds. Oh, and it has to be the gold listerine. Hope you feel better!

Go to www.herbdoc.com and purchase his throat and tonsil tincture. You mix with a little water, gargle and swallow. It tastes gross but works great.

K. I had strep throat when I was pregnant & it was just dredful! I took the tylenol as directed, but also drank hot tea, which seemed to sooth my throat. It will GO AWAY your OBG might have to give you an antibiotic if get gets worse, hang in there!

Hi Kelly,

Try Tylenol sore throat, it works wonders. Hope you feel better.


Hello, K.,

Are you sure it is only sinus drainage? Our daughter, and grandchildren just went through a horrible bout of strep throat. If your throat has been sore and is not getting better, maybe you should go to the doctor and get checked for strep.

Best Wishes.

I use Ricola cough/throat drops. I use the Natural Honey Lemon with Echinacea ones(they come in a pink bag). They don't have artificial sweetners(which is a plus). I've used them while pregnant. I've also used Slippery Elm throat lozenges. You can get them at the any health food store.

Try a warm salt water gargle. Sounds too simple but it works.

Congratulations! A baby girl, she will be a blessing in your life,
Try something a natural alternative, that has NO side effects.
My daughters pregnancy went very well, although people around her were coughing and sick with flu, at work, she never got sick, and we all have not gotten sick in the past 2 1/2 yrs of drinking this wonderful God sent juice.
For the science of it, go to www.pubmed.gov, the National Library of medicinces, enter xanthones or mangosteen.

Xanthones are phytonutrients found in plants, they are super anti-oxidants and helps your body from the inside out.

for more info.
email me ____@____.com

They will probably tell you to gargle with salt water that tends to work. Try any pregnancy website they usually will list some medications you can use. I believe if i remember correctly you can take Halls cough drops. It's been about a year and half since I was pregnant and had a soar throat but i believe you can.
Hope this is helpful.

K. - you can try Cepacol lozenges or gargling w/salt water, both are nasty tasting, but work. If you have sinus drainage, you can use Ocean (it's a saline solution - which is available under numerous generic names). You can use the saline solution as a spray or drops, whichever is better for you...it is non-habit forming and has nothing in it that would be detrimental to you or your baby girl. Ocean was recommended to my husband & I by a Ear,Nose & Throat specialist several years ago after my husband had sinus surgery...it does help tremendously. Good luck!

Throat Coat tea or Lozenges, both are made with Slippery Elm bark.

Zinc and Vitamin C Lozenges--they do not have sugar in them (usually) like cough drops do, so they are a little grainy but if you allow them to dissolve in your mouth the zinc will coat your throat and allow your own immune system to fight off the germs. You should not take too much zinc. Ester C is not available in lozenges, but Vitamin C in the form of Ester-C is more bio-available and your body can use it more effectively, it's not just excreted, so taking 2000mg of Ester C will act in your body as though you had 4000mg available to fight off infections. It's better for you if you avoid taking antibiotics because they wipe out your immune defenses. If your own antibodies are actively working fighting the bad germs you will have richer milk for your baby when she's born. If you must take an antibiotic, then also restore the good bacteria in your gut by taking acidophilus or yogurt with live cultures in it. I personally use Garlicin to fight off infections so it does not affect my own defense system. Garlicin will also fight viral infections. Garlicin is a brand name made by Nature's Way. Central Market carries a generic that is labeled something like High Allicin Garlic formula. When this product was released over 10 years ago they explained in an article that it provided much greater strength than regular garlic capsules and is enteric coated, it does not dissolve until it gets into your intestines where it does it's work.
Congratulations on your pregnancy. Have a wonderful baby girl. I have 1 daughter and 7 sons, and they are a blessing to me.

Just about any cough drop is safe during pregnancy as long as you don't take more than the recommended number during a day and you don't take them for a prolonged period (like more than a week or so).

Medical advise she be sought from a doctor, preferably an OBGYN. You will get all kinds of conflicting information off a community website. I am also pregnant with my first. The use of any medication should only come from a doctor, pharmacists can also provide information if you don't have a doctor. At the least - there are plenty of pregnancy websites with good information. Good luck to you.

Talk to your doc but saline spray works wonders for sore throat. Saline thins the mucus and allows it to drain. A Neti Pot is wonderful and does the same thing to cleanse the sinuses....Walgreen's...

I don't remember what it's called ,but there is a little candy for pregnant women. It's like a peice of candy but helps with sore throats.

Gargle with hydrogen proxide.... drink green hot tea with honey.

and congratulations.

Try hot tea with honey & lemon. It's very soothing.

ludens/ludins (sugar free too).

I like Halls drops - they come in many flavors so you can choose your favorite. Congrats on having a girl!

I recommend you to ask your Doctor... Your Doctor know what's best for you...
Take care of yourself and new Baby Girl coming soon...

WIth a sore throat I would say CALL THE DR!!! Reason being I waited for almost a week and then found out I had a horrible case of strep throat--was told that can happen no matter what time of year (mine was in JUNE, JULY, and again in AUGUST) I was also a carrier of the strep virus so had to have antibiotic drip during labor and delivery--no biggie. but if you are having a sore throat and preggo definately call your dr. Good Luck and GOD BLESS

take the flavor packet out of Ramen noodles and make a broth out of it. it helps with sore throat and other problems. My husband use to get bronchitits every year till we met, as soon as he got a slight sore throat I would make him the broth and it has been 7 years since he has had bronchitis.

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