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7 Month Old That Spits up All the Time

i have a 7 month old little boy..and he spits up all the time...he could drink a bottle...and spit for up to 2 hours after his feeding...i switched his formula to gentalease for gas and fussy babies when he was 2 weeks old...my mother told me to try soy fomula..but that didnt help...i have asked the dr. about acid reflux but he said as long as he is gaining weight not to worry...but this seem like a constant thing...i was just wondering if any one had any suggestions?..or helpful hints to help with the spit up?..

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Hi A.,

My son had the same problem when he was younger. Gentalease was a life send for me. That was the only forumla my son could handled. He had acid reflex when he was tiny, my peditrician had me give him gavascon, the liquid form. That seemed to work.

Good Luck

i think if it were my child i would look into a second opinion
something somewhere might not be right i have horible acid reflux and i still gain weight just fine i just know that when mine is really bad i feel like vomiting constantly. and let me tell you milk is one of the things that really iritates my acid reflux i hope this helps A.

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I had a spitter too. It was the most annoying thing but the only thing I have to tell you about my experience is that my son (now 17 months old) just grew out of it. I think it was acid reflux too and it seemed to just go away around 6 or 7 months. Hope your does too!

Our 8 mo did the same thing from day 1 and we finally switched to a milk-based formula at about month two. He is on Enfamil's AR Lipil, an orange colored can. This is the only thing we have found works. Recently, we tried to see if he had finally outgrown it, and tried the regular enfamil, but he immediately began to throw up again. Back on the AR Lipil and nothing. Try it. It is expensive, but hey, you only have five months to go!

Good luck!

Hello I have a home daycare and I watch an 8month old that constantly spits up and I myself have a little one who would always spit up. The Dr gave the little one I watch a substance called Simply THick it is a nector thickener for their formula so that it doesnt just come right back up. Also it may be a lactose issue if you tried soy and it still happends try using a lactose free formula, but you have to try it for 5-10 days before you will notice a great difference. I give my little guy who is 6 months a lactos free soy and he barely if ever spits up anymore. Also try Vent air or Dr. Browns Bottles they are the best for gasy babies. I prefer the vent air but the Dr. Browns are also good. Good luck with your little guy.


We had the same problem and we used carnation good start. It did help, more so than when we were giving him prilosec in his bottle. Luckily, the spitting up eased around 6-8 months.

My son has reflux but it is the sort where they do not spitt up all of the time but we were having a lot of trouble while feeding. I would push the doctor to help you find out more about reflux because that is what it sounds like. My best friends baby also has the spitting up relux and has been put on medication and things are a lot better.
Let me know if you have any other quesions: ____@____.com


My 5 1/2 month old little girl is doing the same thing. TELL your dr. that you want a PB Probe done and you want it done as soon as possible. Tell them that if him taking Zantac doesn't work they need to do the probe. Keep on them about it.

If he has acid reflux, it doesn't matter that he's gaining weight..he's still probably miserable. Push for a PH test and try medication. Untreated reflux can lead to ear infections as the other poster mentioned, but can also lead to esophagitis, an inflamation of the esophagus. It can also cause asthma-like symptoms. This is because a small amount (too small to trigger coughing or spitting up) of what's coming up can settle at the mouth of the esophagus and trachea (windpipe) and then trickle down the trachea. This causes mild aspiration, where liquid is breathed in.

Some children diagnosed with asthma seem to be 'miraculously' cured when their reflux is finally diagnosed and treated. It's not a miracle, it's just common sense that the airway isn't being irritated anymore.

Sorry to hear you're going through this! Good luck with your doctor..


My baby was doing the same thing. His dr said it was reflux, and put him on a medication and switched his formula. He is doing 100% better now.

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