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5 Month Old Is Still Spitting Up

My baby will be 5 months old next week and she is still spitting up after feedings (not every feeding, but most). She doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort and she definitely hasn't had a problem gaining weight. People seem to be surprised when I tell them that she is doing this...Have any other moms out there experienced this at 5 months?? Maybe I'm just overreacting, but I'm ready for this phase to end!

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Thank you to everyone who responded, I guess since she is now sitting up (pretty much without assistance), I thought those spit-up day's would be over...guess I have a few more months to go! I do know that she does not have reflux and she is not in pain...so we will just stick it out!

Thanks again!


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My daughter is going to be 8 months this week and she is still spitting up!!! so unfortunately there is potentially no end in site. Good Luck!

From what I recall, this seems very normal. My daughter (now 2) seemed to grow out of spitting up when she became more mobile...able to sit up and crawl on her own. Since she's not in pain and gaining well, I wouldn't worry!

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i was always told that is perfectly normal for some babies to spit up frequently after feedings. i had many friends that experienced this after nursing their babes. i'm curious to see the responses you received. i know it seems a bit worriesome but as long as the child is thriving there should be no worries. take care, and good luck. C.

My "Duke of Puke" was spitting up until about 10 months! It was definitely unpleasant. He was diagnosed with acid reflux very early on and we did keep him on medication. But he was uncomfortable and cried when spitting up. If your little one doesn't seem to be in discomfort, I'd just keep doing what you are doing and keep plenty of burp clothes available!

Oh yes!! And I'm surprised that anyone (who has or has had a baby) would be surprised! Both of my kids, and all my friends kids, have continued spitting up until they are really upright most of the time, meaning 9+ months. And even then, it tapers off gradually. I wouldn't worry about a thing, your daughter sounds perfectly normal to me!

My daughter went through what sounds like the same thing. She spit up constantly, particularly after she ate. I am nursing so I stopped drinking milk (it was bothering me) and that seemed to help a bit until she started solids and then it increased again. I mean, to the point that I never would give anyone the baby without a burp cloth and I always carried one myself....and I still had laundry going constantly! But the baby was happy, it didn't bother her and she was gaining weight all along. Plenty of wet diapers too. In fact, she has been in the upper percentiles for length and weight all along......almost off the charts in height. So I was stumped. I called the doctor's office and they said as long as she was happy and gaining weight, plenty of wet diapers, etc. not to worry. One nurse said that some babies spit up more and that it is usually outgrown by 9 months. This was nice to hear as I was also worried, but meanwhile I was at my wits end! I had started feeding her more often in smaller portions, watching my diet, waiting to put her down flat for several minutes after eating, etc. I was in a class with about 8 other babies and it was MY baby who was always spitting up all the time! Anyway, she is now 8 months old and is in the last couple weeks become much stronger sitting up (prefers to do so for long periods now) and is crawling. All of the sudden with that development her spitting up stopped. Almost overnight! She still does every once in a while, but barely anything compared to what it was. More what I would expect. I hardly notice it. What I notice is that now I can walk into another room without a burp cloth and be safe! Hang in there!

My daughter is going to be 8 months this week and she is still spitting up!!! so unfortunately there is potentially no end in site. Good Luck!

My daughter is 3.5 months and still spits up a lot. The stuff I've read says it should decrease by about 6 months, so I'd say your girl is fine and just keep those bibs handy.


Both of my children would spit up when they had eaten too much. It could be anywhere from just a little bit dribbling down the chin to projectile nearly across the room. You might want to try giving less food at a feeding, then waiting ummm, maybe 5-10 minutes to let her little tummy settle some, then give her the rest.

This just popped into my head too as I was typing this. Often they would spit up if they were handled too much right after eating, or moved around too much (think Dad tossing them in the air and catching).

Hope this helps,

HI E. -

I think this is totally normal for that age. My baby is 9 months and the spitting up has decreased dramatically but occasionally we have a little mess. Now we just have tons and tons of drool each day! The spitting up really dropped off after she started sitting up and crawling. I also think some babies are more prone to spitting up than others. Not to worry, I'm sure it will decrease in the next couple months.

From what I recall, this seems very normal. My daughter (now 2) seemed to grow out of spitting up when she became more mobile...able to sit up and crawl on her own. Since she's not in pain and gaining well, I wouldn't worry!

Some kids (like my first child) will keep spitting up all the way to their first birthday. The "surprised" people are just the ones who don't have very "spitty" babies in the first place. It's completely normal and ok.

Totally normal for GE reflux - at least I hope it is since my 5 mos old is spitting up after every feeding as well as throughout the day. Children's Hospital has experts in reflux if you want more info. Check their website: http://surgery.seattlechildrens.org/conditions_treated/ga... This says reflux lasts till 6-12 months. Pain or weight gain are the two red flags but if those aren't a problem then just wait it out and keep lots of burb cloths handy.

I think that is normal. My babies are still spitting up and they are 10 months old! Most babies spit up until a year or more. I don't know who told you they stop at 5 months!

However, if you are concerned she might be in pain from reflux talk to your ped about getting a prescription for Zantac.

I have 4 children. The first two rarely spit up. The fourth spit up sometimes for the first few months. The third spit up a lot. He was still spitting up when he was at least 6 months old because I remember finding pools of spit up around the house. He was crawling by then and would just spit up wherever he was and then keep going. It eventually went away and he is a perfectly healthy normal 4 year old now. Every kid is different, so unless there is something other than his age that is bothering you about the spitting up, I wouldn't worry about it.

Hi E.,
I went through this with my daughter who is now almost a year old. She has been treated for acid reflux since she was 3 weeks old. Many babies go undiagnosed and are just considered to be babies who spit up a lot or "colic" because they are fussy. I am not sure if your child is on formula or breast fed but my daughter also has a milk/soy allergy and has not been able to have formula at all due to this. It instantly caused her to spit up and vomit as she got older after 3 tries we have had her breast fed only. After being treated for acid reflux it stopped completely she also slept in a wedge until she was 7 months which was outfitted by childrens hospital. This allowed her to keep in a more vertical possition. We have taken her off the medication at certain times to see if it made a difference and with in a day she was back to spitting up and regurge. I would check into this. Not gaining weight is especially a sign of acid reflux. I would talk with your ped and have a consult at childrens hospital. :) good luck

Hi E., My son is now 18months old and he used to have to wear a bib until he was around 8-9 months because of his spitting up problem. It is totally natural, I knew that my son would be doing that because my husband and I both were spitters when we were babies. She will grow out of it. Jack did when he started eating foods and less formula. When he hit 11 months it was pretty much done.

Don't worry dirty clothes are going to be over soon!!

I had one baby that spit up after almost every feeding until he was 9 months old. He was nursed only and starting at about three weeks Dr had me put him on a very thin rice cereal made with my milk. He never had cows milk until he was over a year old and he gained weight even though he was spitting up after every feeding. His dad was almost afraid to pick him up because it was so bad and messy of course. He got over it finally and grew and was healthy. He is now almost 40 with 4 children of his own and one of those was also a spittup baby so he got paid back. L.

Are you still nursing? My son did this until I quit eating/drinking all dairy products. We later found out that he is highly allergic to dairy. Not saying that your little one is allergic. If you are still nursing you might want to try and not eat any dairy for a week or so to see how she does. If you are formula feeding, she may need to switch formulas. My son's doctor said that he would "outgrow" it. I even asked him about allergies - he just said that he has some reflex issues because he was early and that he would outgrow it. I was the one that figured out the dairy thing - needless to say my son does not go to that doctor anymore. Hope this helps!

My 12 year old son was a major spitter! Sometimes he would smile, while he was spitting up. It gradually decreased as the months progressed, and then it stopped, sometime by the time he was 10 months old I think. Almost every baby picture I have of him, has a bib on him, because he spit up so much. He was known sometimes as being a projectile spitter.
My Favorite Spit up Story: I had to go back to work 6 weeks or so after I had my son. I was working retail (Nordstrom) and I was lucky enough to work at a mall that had a day care in it. My husband's Aunt also worked (still does) for Nordstrom, and she was in corporate, and was visiting the store I was working at. She wanted to see the baby, right away. So, we walked over to the day care. She was wearing a very expensive black suit. We were at the day care and she was holding him and bouncing him around (he was 4 months old)-the day care workers were yelling to me "he just ate! he just ate!". One of the workers threw a recieving blanket to me, I draped it over the Aunt, and he spit up big time, literally 2 seconds later, all over the blanket. And she says "Oh, that's okay! I'm washable!" Nothing got on her suit, thank goodness.
Some babies spit up more than others, some babies don't at all.

Hi E., My son is 6 months and still spitting up. I rhink they're okay, but you can always ask your Ped.

Out of my 3 kiddos it was my daughters were the "spitters". They lived in bibs. Niether was in pain or anything and the doctor assured me they would grow out of it around the time they could sit on thier own. My oldest (bottlefed) who was my projectile horker, quit almost as soon as she started sitting, my youngest (breastfed) kept it up till around 10 months or so. Apparently there is a little sphinter (sp?) type muscle in the tummy, that can be a bit inmature in some kids, which causes the whole issue. Only time will help it mature.
I wouldn't worry about anything since your little one isn't bothered by it. If she had issues with serious reflux you most likely would have other symptoms by now.
It is a sucky phase for sooo many reasons. I remember at one point thinking (while buying clothing) that it didn't matter what the top half of an outfit looked like because I was just going to cover it up with a bib anyhow! lol
Then there are the days where you have been out in public ALL DAY and then the hubby comes home at the end of the day and informs you that you have a stream of dried spit up down your backside........... I have been here numerous times.
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH the joys of a spitty baby lol

Looking back, I am so thankful that when I had the twins, only my girl was the spitter. I could always count on burping my son, laying him down, and then burping and cleaning up my daughter! I think having to strip down the two of them every feeding would have driven me to the point of insanity.
It will get better I promise. ;)

Oh man..I know all about spitty babies! That seems to be the only way I know how to breed them:)
I've had 3 babies in 3 years and all of them have been bad spitters, however my son (middle baby) was by far the worst. He had reflux and spit up so much people who watched him in the nursery at church would hand him back to me practically in tears because of how much he spit up when he was there. I had warned them but they had never seen anything like it!
Anyway, I commiserate with you on it not being much fun. You buy all these cute clothes and nobody ever gets to see any of them because they're always covered in bibs! You get drenched in stinky puke on a regular basis...oh the things we do to earn the coveted badge of "mommy"!
Anyway, although what you are describing is probably totally normal, if it is reflux, you should go check out www.hazelaid.com
They're hazelwood necklaces specially designed to be baby-safe. The wood from the hazelnut tree has the property of absorbing the skin's excess acid which helps a lot with reflux, diaper rashes, eczema, teethng pain, etc.
They have helped my 5 month old's reflux and eczema a lot!
I am on mission to tell everyone about these because of how well they work. They made of organic wood and are an all natural remedy with no side effects.
Hope it can help you!

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