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1 Month Old Spitting Up...Alot

I feel like my newborn spits up too much. Not sure what's the problem. We go to the doctor next week for her one month check up. She's getting enough because she has wet and soiled diapers. Her color is normal and she's gaining weight (noticeably...good thing too). Could she have acid reflux? I'm breastfeeding but I have supplemented with the Similac Advance. I have also given her a small amount of cereal in hopes that she'd spit up less. But the amount is so small, I'm not sure it helps and I don't think its wise to give her much more.

Always appreciate the advice given here. Thanks in advance

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I did stop the cereal. My mom jumped all over my case about it too. :)

My little princess is doing great. Took her to the doctor yesterday and she now weighs (at 5 weeks) 9.3lbs. The doctor said unless she was extremely fussy there was no need to change her formula or give her any medication. It is surely acid reflux but she will more than likely grow out of it within a few weeks or few months.

She still spits up a good bit but I've learned to sit her up during feedings and burp her after each ounce (if bottle fed) or after 5 minutes when breastfed. This seems to help.

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I have to say my toddler was just like that when she was infant and she was breastfed too. When I told her pediatrician about she told me as long as she was peeing and pooping okay and doesn't seem to be in any distress when spitting up then she was probably okay. My infant was just a spitty baby. Now she is 1 1/2 and is very healthy and strong. We didn't have any weight problems with her or anything. Like my pediatrician told me, "It is more of a laundry problem then anything else."

You should hold off on cereal, she's too young. Try Similac Isomil Advance, it's a soy-based formula with a bright pink label. Good luck.

Try using the soy formula to supplement you baby's feeding. My son spit up way too much when he was first born was eating the milk-based formula. After he was switched to a soy-based formula, he spit up much less. Granted, he's still a spitter! But it's nothing like when he ate the milk-based. Similac makes Isomil Advance, which is the soy-based formula.

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You should hold off on cereal, she's too young. Try Similac Isomil Advance, it's a soy-based formula with a bright pink label. Good luck.

Since you're supplementing with the formula, I would question the doctor about whether that's causing the problem. Perhaps a change in formula brands is necessary? Once when my baby was about 8 months old, we ended up buying a bad case of formula. He spit up for a while before I finally realized all the formula was from the same "lot". Once I exchanged that formula, he was fine.

Another possibility is that the cereal is upsetting her delicate digestive system. Be sure to mention that to the doctor as well.

Good luck!

Could be reflux, but it could also be what you are eating. My daughter breastfed and I supplemented with Similac when needed, and as long as I did not eat cabbage (raw or cooked) she did not spit up as much. You may want to look at what you are eating and see if there is a correlation between your diet and when your baby spits up the most. Maybe it will be as simple as eliminating certain foods from your diet as long as you are breastfeeding. I love cabbage, but not so much that I couldn't live without it while I breastfed my baby. Other things you may consider are the formula itself and whether you are burping your child enough. Even though you hear that breastfeeding eliminates most of the need to burp a child, I found that my daughter and son would sometimes still swallow air prior to latching onto the breast completely and still needed to be burped (between breasts).

It could be reflux, but it really sounds like she get TOO much food. Her little tummy is only the size of a walnut. So if there is too much food, there is only one place for it to go - out! I also supplemented with formula because my milk was delayed, but be sure to not to do full servings of breast and formula. Also, her tiny tummy is NOT ready for cereal! That is probably another cause for the spitting up. Her system just isn't ready to handle cereal yet. She's got another 5 months until she'll be ready for cereal. I would say to track how much she is eating (times and amounts of feedings) and then take that with you to the dr. I think it would be fine to ask about the reflux, but you may find that cutting back on feeding amounts may do the trick...especially if she is growing!

She's only 4 weeks old. I would stop the cereal. Let her nurse, nurse, nurse. She may not like the formula. Also make sure you are getting good nutrition in your diet. This will help her. I haven't dealt with acid reflux with my kids, but it has taken me 3 kids to figure out that nursing is the best. Hope she gets better. You must be a VERY strong person to be doing this alone! Congrats on you new one!

Both my children had reflux. Here is the difference in spitting up and reflux. Spitting up happens right after a baby eats and is very normal and your baby could just have simply bad gag reflexes and then reflux usually happens an hour or more after a baby eats. Try not give him cereal this young unless it is reflux because he is too young to digest it. Both of my children had to have cereal and it helped for the reflux but it irritated their bowels. Also, try propping him on a bop pillow, bouncy or hold him upright for half an hour after he eats. That helps alot with the spitting up and reflux. Hope this helps.

I had the same problem with my last babay (now 3). It turns out she has an allergy to milk proteins found in the milk based formula (I had a reduction mamaplasty before I was pregnant with her so I had limited milk supply) coupled with reflux. We stopped the formulas and she was fed breastmilk exsclusively from a milk bank. After her feedings she had to sit up for an hour in a carrier making sure her head was higher than her chest and legs. Please don't feed a baby younger than one cereal that predisposes them to allergies. So does starting them on soilds because of their not fully developed digestive tracts.

My 2 year old had bad acid reflux - was finally put on Zantac after a little while to help. My daughter is 6 weeks old and has been spitting up a little too. At her last appt (3 weeks ago) the doc changed her formula and told me to put 2 tsp of cereal in her bottle. The cereal does help. Do you notice that she spits up more with the formula than the breastmilk? If so, you may need to change formula and then add the cereal! Also, keep the baby sitting up some during and after the feeding. It helps the food go down and stay down! Good luck. Be sure to mention it to the doctor though

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