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4 Year Old Has Been Sick for a Month and Now Has a Fever

My four year old son has had a cold and/or cough for almost a month. I brought him to the doctor a few days ago and he said is was a viral infection. Well, now my son has had a fever for two days. It has ranged from 102 to just 99.9, but hasn't gone away. My son rarely gets sick and it is breaking my heart to see him like this for so long. Most of his day is spent in front of the T.V. because he doesn't have energy to play like normal.

I wonder if there is anything to do to help him get over this, and if it is normal for kids to be sick for this long? I would love any advise.

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Thank you all for all your input. It makes me feel better to know other kids (and parents) are going through this, too. My son has almost never had a fever so 4 days of one worries me. I took him and my younger son to the doctor yesterday and they both have ear infections. My younger one was complaining, but my older one hadn't said anything. Still, my older son's fever has hit 105.1 and it was 103.6 last night. Today will be the fifth day! If things aren't better by Monday I think we will be back at the doctor. Thanks again.

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My son is three and he has been sick on and off this winter. I took him to the doctor and he said give him honey for his cough. And alternate between tylenol and ibuprofen for fevers. There is not a lot of over the counter medicine to give to children their age so I was very concerned about how I was going to help. My son loved the honey. He thought he was getting a treat. It seemed to work. Check with your doctor before you do anything, he may have other suggestions. I hope this works.

it could be pnemonia my daughter had the coughing and low grade fever and then we took her to the doctor 3 times before they finally took chest xrays and found out it was pneumonia. I would check that out.

Definitely take him to the doctor! It may have started as a viral infection but could have gone into bronchitis or another infection. My daughter has had several "viral infections" go into pneumonia which is miserable. The doctors don't always catch it. The doctor should have told you if it gets worse or he develops a fever, to call him. If your son still has a fever today, I would call your doctor's office and speak to the physician on call. I too get bronchitis after viral infections often and have had pneumonia. Sounds like he needs antibiotics!

My son did this also, a week ago, I finally took him to the doctor, my sons only complaint was a headache, and when i took him to the doctor he had strep throat, his temp was 99.7 and his throat wasnt bad looking to me, but that is what he had, so if it keeps up I would take him to the doctor to have them check for strep.
Good luck and best wishes.

My yr old daughter had a low grade fever off and on for 3 days, then turned into runny nose and cough. Finally went to dr yesterday and she has the flu that is resistant to the vaccine we had back in November. It's going around like crazy. She doesn't act that sick, but they said it would last 7-10 days. They can do a swab test but can only treat it if it's been less than 36 hours. Good luck!

Usually when its viral it just needs to run its course, make sure he is hydrated, give him drinks with vitamin C, I just bought my son Tang its full of Vitamin C or you can give him Orange juice. Just making sure he eats and stays hydrated, you can give him hot tea (warm of course and decaf), that would help and maybe try giving him chicken broth.

Good luck

Hope he gets better soon.


Viruses can indeed last quite a while and fevers can be a hallmark of a viral infection. Comfort measures and monitoring his condition are important. Make sure he pee's several times per day. Personally, I've been pretty sick off and on for over a month. This winter has been hard on a lot of us. However, I'm a firm believer in "Mom instinct" and if you're ill at ease with his condition get a second opinion. You are his advocate and you know him best!

One other thought. Viruses can weaken our immune systems so that bacterial infections can get a foothold. I've just read one reply about a fever lasting more than three days and think that's very good advice. Also, if he gets better and better then worse, may indicate a secondary infection.

Good luck!

M. C.

TONS of kids (and adults!) have been sick in our area with the very same thing. My 6 yr old daughter is going on 3 weeks with the cough. Our doctor gave her some medicine, but said it will continue to linger. My 1 yr old son, however, ended up with RSV. It's always worth a phone call to your doctor to let him/her know that your son now has a fever to go with his other symptoms. You might be told to keep doing what you've been doing, and you may be told to bring him in to be checked again. Don't worry about "bugging" your doctor--that's what they're there for! Good luck!

Has any blood work been done? If not I would suggest to the Doctor to do some blood work. It is not norman for a child to have a constant fever and no energy. Fever is sign of infection somewhere. I would continue to pursue this until something is resolved.


I have a daycare and one of the kids was sick like that and she had broncitis. We all got sick from her and then hers turned into phenoma (sp?). My son and I took the medicine called z-pack, it worked good for us. We are still dragging but we are getting better. Hope this helps.

Homeopathic remedies work great. Fever could use Belladonna or Aconitum. Never take more than 8 in 24 hours, not closer than 15 minutes in interval. Only one pill, Boiron brand is sweet and small. Hylands is chalky and pasty. Also, collodial silver is an excellent immune builder as is chiropractic treatment.

My daughter just got over being sick (she was sick off and on for about a month). She had a fever between 99.9 and 101.5 for THREE DAYS! I alternated between Tylenol and Ibuprofen during the day and made sure she was getting plenty of fluids (which means she was spoiled and got more juice that ususal). I called the doctor's office on the second day and told them her symptoms (coughing, fever, etc) and what I had been doing to treat it. They told me I was doing everything they would tell me to do and that if the fever went on for more than three days to contact them again. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do for a virus but let it run its course. Fortunately her fever broke by the end of the third day (after reaching its highest at the 101.5). She still has a bit of a cough a week later, but is back to her normal four year-old self.

I know that it's hard as a mom to see your children be sick. You can't feel what they're feeling and sometimes they can't tell you what they're feeling...and you're the Mommy who is supposed to make the world a better place for them, heal all their boo-boos, and keep the monsters out of their room. :0( **I'm not a doctor**, but my daughter has been sick for an extending period of time, so I personally would not consider it abnormal. If I were you and the fever doesn't go away or it seems like he's been sick forever, I would take him back to the doctor. In my opinion, the $25 co-pay is worth peace-of-mind.

I hope this helps, even a little bit. :0)

My 3 1/2 year old son ran a fever of 100-102 degrees for over a week and was miserable with an terrible sounding cough. His doctor also said it was viral, and sure enough, it is clearing up on its own finally. My husband and 1 1/2 year old daughter also got this stuff, but I have managed to stay clear of it. A humidifier seemed to help the cough, and we just had to be tolerant of his grumpiness and give him some extra love and attention. His cough is still here after 3 weeks, but it seems to be getting better. Hang in there!

Have you had him tested for Mono? Sounds very similar to what mine had and it was mono.

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