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Fever for 6 Days? - Lakewood,CA

hi my 6 year old son had a fever starting sunday night. i took him to dr on tuesday and they have him 5 day antibiotic for bronchitis. six days later he is still running a fever 1o2.7. i don't know what to do? i called doc yesterday and they said keep giving him fluids and rest.

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thank you so much for all your advice!!! i truly appreciate it! all 3 boys have finally come thru okay. bronchitis and a round of 5 day antibiotics. i think what happened was that we kept giving tylenol and advil round the clock and the fever didn't have enough umph! doctor said to only give it if fever is over 102 degrees. so finally on the 7th day he was okay. i can't thank you all enough!!!

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after the third day in a row that his fever has not broke I would of had him in the ER. if his fever has not broken at all meaning gone down to normal for at least all day long then at night went back to 102, and this is the 6 th day , is he eating drinking peeing, sleeping, maybe you should get another thermonitor, could be giving false reading

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My son had a fever that started last thursday for 4 days ...it seemed like he was getting better but he came home really tired on Tuesday and fell asleep at 4pm, he stayed home Wed, went back to school on Thurs and we got a call around 11am his fever was back...took him to the dr. he has pnemonia in his lower lung. They gave him 2 antibiotic shot right there in the office and is on a 10 dose of augmentin (its a little stronger that the pink stuff). You should really take him back and make them take an x-ray to see if it is pnemonia...he may need a stronger antibiotic. Best Wishes & Good Luck.

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A fever for 6 days is reason to be concerned and even more concern when he is on antibiotics and STILL running the fever. The antibiotics must not be working and the doc should be concerned. He should be running blood tests and a urine test (to check for UTI). I am not a doctor, but my daughter has had many complications and I have learned that you must be your child's advocate and be insistent when your instincts say to be. Last year my daughter had a fever for 2 weeks, after the 3rd GP appointment she sent us to Children's Hospital. Ended up that she had an abscess really far down in her throat. She needed really intensive antibiotic treatment through an IV.

Don't be afraid to be insistent. Our doctor did not believe us at first that she had been running a fever for that long. We finally showed her a calendar that marked the days her symptoms began, then took us seriously. Even great doctors can make mistakes about diagnosis (we have a great pedi and we don't hold a grudge against her).

Insist on another appointment. Document the symptoms on a calendar and when antibiotic treatment began. If you doc won't listen, it won't hurt to go to an ER.

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My eldest son had a fever lasting several days this winter as well. Fever is the body's response to fighting off infection. While it's uncomfortable, it is helpful. I know it can be scary. Giving pain releivers/fever reducers will only tell his immune system that it can take a break so it will inhibit his natural response. Check with your pediatrician to be sure, but I'll bet there's nothing to worry about. I let my kids stay hot with low fevers and only try to cool them when it gets dangerously high, which hasn't happened. Just be there to comfort him. Lots of reading to him, cuddling, baths, warm tea with honey. Maybe even some wholesome t.v. shows. Best Wishes!

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Why aren't they checking him for Pneumonia or something?
And WHY have they not had you come in for a follow-up? That is standard procedure at our pediatrician.
Your Doc seems to be blowing this off... I would think your child needs a re-evaluation... if anything.

IF he has had a fever for that long, despite being on antibiotics, you NEED to take him back to the Doctor. Sometimes, after taking antibiotics, a secondary infection can develop.... which something is going on because he STILL has a fever.

Or take him to the ER since they may be more responsive.

AND how is your son's disposition? Does he have any other symptoms- you mentioned only the fever. Is he Lethargic? Labored breathing? Blue tinged skin/nails? Wheezing? Any mucous? Coughing? Did they tell you whether it was a bacterial OR a viral Bronchitis?????
AND if he just is presenting a Fever... then why and how did they diagnose "Bronchitis?"

If anything, they should check him to see if the "bronchitis" is clearing up.... and with bronchitis, there is usually more than a fever....

Here are some links:

All the best,

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Take him to the E.R. immidiately that is too many days to have a fever period. Or see if your private doc can see him TODAY. If not, E.R.

ps I'm a nurse

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Hi N.:
I concur with SH. Your Doctor should have requested a follow-up,and because he still has a fever,I'd insist on getting an appointment. Experts say after 6 days,of fever,to get him back in.If your Doctor is to swamped, then take him to someone else.I wish your darlin son a speedy recovery. J. M

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after the third day in a row that his fever has not broke I would of had him in the ER. if his fever has not broken at all meaning gone down to normal for at least all day long then at night went back to 102, and this is the 6 th day , is he eating drinking peeing, sleeping, maybe you should get another thermonitor, could be giving false reading

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Hey N.,
You need a new doc. Call your friends and find a good one. Your child's body is trying to fight something off, it's important to find out exactly what it is, and what med. if any would be most appropriate. Your "mamas" intuition tells you something is wrong, find another doc. There are lots of them that would be happy to treat your child. :)
Good luck to you all,

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Fever of 102.7 is really high. I would get him in somewhere - anywhere. Further 6 days is a long time to fight a fever. That can cause brain damage, I know someone who cares for their 60 YO sister who was ill with fever for too long and she now has permanent brain damage. That was over 20 years ago. I don't mean to scare you, but get that kid in ER if nothing else. Maybe there is something else going on with his body.

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My daughter had a "mystery fever" a few years ago. Turns out it was a UTI that went unnoticed by the dr. I gave her cranberry juice and they had given her antibiotics (if I remember correctly) We haven't had any problems since and she drinks cranberry juice on a regular basis now. Good luck and get him to the dr to see if it is this or something more serious!

Also do some research and see if your insurance covers you if you see Dr. Cornelsen 17822 Beach Blvd # 278, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, ###-###-####. I have not used him personally yet but he has been reccommended to me and it turns out his daughter was my daughter's second grade teacher. Small world :) If his daughter is any reflection of how he is professionally, I would have gone to him years ago! She is wonderful and I am sure he is too.


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Hi N.-

I also pretty much agree with Jennifer's advise. My son was getting extrmemly high fevers anually pretty much from ages 4-8 and I was taking him to the Dr & Urgent Care All THE Time. I remember one week I took him to the Dr.'s office Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, and then to the ER on Saturday, to be told by everyone that he had a virus there was nothing they could do except make him comfortable. It was explained to me that the fever is the body's way of naturally getting rid of the infection, and each body has a different temperature that works for that body. I do know it's hard to watch your little guy with that fever, but in my experience with my son, just waiting it out worked the best.

In your situation, I do wonder if he was diagnosed properly. If he has a viral infection, antibiotics won't work with it, just time, rest, and fluids.

Good Luck, I know it's hard!

How is his mood and activity level? Fighting an infection somewhere in the body and I agree with most of the replies that if he is in a good mood, and not lethargic then let the fever do it's work. Tylenol is not the choice in this house as it puts the immune system on vacation. We have had great results with Motrin and use it only when absolutely necessary.

Did he receive any shots in the past few weeks? That could be contributing as well. Urinary track infection, infection in a tooth, strep are all things that could be the problem here. How are the bowel movements going?

Antibiotics? A must to add in some good probiotics for kids. Sprouts, Whole Foods, Mothers, Henrys will all have good ones.

it seems that they gave you good advice, albeit only second time around. his immune system is working on resolving something, if he is in the mood to eat, give him fresh organic fruit and veggie, water to drink and let it be. our bodies are wiser than “modern “science” gives them credit for and can perform miracles if we don’t interfere.
Good Luck

I work for a pediatric office and we usually tell parents that a normal fever can last 3-4 days. Sometimes 5 days at the most. You should go back to see your dr if its been that high for the whole 6 days. Are you giving lukewarm baths and keeping clothing lite? Has the fever broken for a period of time at all and by that I mean atleast 1 degree to 101.7? If you can keep it under 101.5 then its not considered "high fever" for his age and its broken enough. Also you should be alternating tylenol (every 4hrs) and motrin (every 6hrs) if you are not doing so already. Always give plenty of water and gatorade to replenish fluids and urination every 6-8hrs. Hope your son gets well soon!

I did not read all your reply, but y suggestion is maybe check for a UTI-yes boys can get them. That seems like a long time to have a fever that high w/NO relief. Also Motrin works well for fevers and try Gatorade to keep hydrated. Call the Dr even though it is the weekend-our ped always welcomes all call even on weekends.Hope this helps. L.


The fever is the body's way of fighting the infection. Obviously the infection is not gone or he wouldn't have a fever.

If the doctor knows your child still has a fever after finishing the antibiotics and is not being proactive about caring for your child, go to another doctor.


Never good for a fever to continue for more than five days without being seen by a doctor. If your regular doctor won't see your son then take him to another one. It may well be a virus, but it could also be an infection of some sort that you don't want to let go untreated. So get him in tomorrow if he isn't better. And keep up the fluids!

I do hope he gets better soon. Take care.

Fevers are totally misunderstood. The reason the body has a fever (and it's normal for kid's temps to rise in the afternoon/pm) is that it's trying to rise above the survivability temperature of the bacterium.

For example, let's say that Strep grows really well at 101 degrees. It only survives in a 1-2 degree range, so the body increases the temperature to levels higher than it can survive, but then the parents freak and bring it down right into the range where your kid becomes the perfect petri dish and then they wonder why their kids are sick for so long. And remember that most of the articles reagrding fever are measured rectally, which is 1-2 degrees higher than orally...so be certain of what you are reading.

Our son had a fever at 3 years old that was at 106-107 for about 40 hours, but that's all it lasted and he's fine. I am not advocating you let it get to that degree, but we just watched him and let his body do what it's designed to do.

Here are some good articles regarding fever:




Does Cyrus still have the fever? I am so sorry. Astrid was throwing up and had terrible tummy problems up until Thursday night an then Friday she seemed alot better. I hope Cyrus is better soon. I would call the doctor again on Monday. How are the other boys?

Fever longer than a day....I would be at Urgent Care !
Or on the phone with pediatrician as soon as possible.

Demand additional testings be done !!!

That is just too long for your baby to be in pain !


Cut up a small potato in round somewhat thin circles... place them on the childs forehead. Potato helps by sucking out the fever...

Also, if your child has fever that high you need to bring it down with a WARM bath... not cold b/c the child can go into shock...

Also, you can use a warm face towel on their forehead...this also helps keep the fever low...

The Drs should not have sent your child home with fevers like that... Take him back!!!!! and demand additional testing...

Our entire family had this (one of us at a time) and it takes FOREVER to get over. I did not believe that my daughter could be sick for so long and then I got it, followed by my youngest. It took us 6 weeks to all be healthy at the same time. It is a virus. Fluids, rest, fluids, rest. Mine was sick for 2 weeks, and the cough lingered for at least a month after that. BTW - My daughter was done with fever for 5 days before I came down with it, so watch out for the rest of your family!

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