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I've had a few things in the back of my mind that I would like your opinion on, please:

1) How does one watch the Monster High cartoons? My daughter sees these dolls and is interested. We looked on TV - no cartoon listings. We went to their web site - no videos - only previews of episodes. Do I have to purchase DVD videos or sign up and pay a membership? I'm totally confused.

2) Why is Duct Tape so popular and what on earth are kids doing with it?

3) Have you ever washed Barbie clothes? I've given my daughter my Barbie things from 30 years ago and they could use a good washing. I wouldn't put them in the dryer, but do you think a gentle, short washer cycle would work?

4) I saw on Pinterest that putting pancake batter in an old squeeze bottle (like a ketchup bottle) would make easy preparation. Perfect with school coming! How long do you think made-from-scratch pancake batter would last in the fridge? Do you think the boxed powder would last longer? I've tried making them and freezing them, but they always come out rubbery.


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#2 Duct tape is popular because of the high school prom outfit contest they sponsor every year. It's easy to design and make colorful things. The youtube.com is full of videos to make stuff.

#4 My kids use to love pancakes for breakfast but really who has time to make them fresh when you have to get 4 kids up, dressed, groomed, and on the school bus. We use to make a huge batch of pancakes on Sunday and put them in the fridge. In the morning the kids would pop them in the toaster to heat up. They came out better than in the microwave; a little crispy around the edge and not rubbery at all.They'd usually have enough to last until Wednesday or Thursday.

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Only have answers for questions 2 & 3.

2) Kids in school are making things like wallets out of Duct tape. I'd be sure that's what your child wants if for!

3) I think you may be able to put the Barbie clothes into one of those zipper pouches made for washing lingerie in the washer. Then hang to dry

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For 2, some ideas here:


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Dear L.-

I only have an answer for #3. I recommend hand washing with woollite, or something similar in the sink. If you want more agitation, you could probably re-purpose a salad spinner, or plastic mayonaise jar and give everything a good sluicing. The clothes are old, and delicate. It won't take much time, and I think it is worth not ruining them.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.

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1. No idea.
2. Crafts.
3. When I was a kid I washed all of my doll clothes and Barbie clothes by hand in the sink with mild laundry detergent and hung them to dry. This is something your daughter might enjoy doing for herself.
4. 72 hours. If freezing pancakes I reheat in the toaster, not the microwave.

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1) I think Monster High is a Nickelodeon show... But doesn't play very often. It is a fun show, I have caught it a few times while watching a friend's daughter. :)

2) The colorful duct tape is typically being used to make/decorate things... I have seen kids make prom outfits, jewelry, accessories, cover shoes, cover notebooks, decorate backpacks, etc.

3) I washed regular doll clothes, and they turned out fine.... But I think you would have a better bet using a big bowl. You could give your daughter a wood spoon, and have her agitate them. She might find it fun. Lol.

4) it doesn't hold up too well... I have found that leaving pancake batter slightly lumpy makes for fluffier pancakes... If the batter is left in the fridge then the lumps I leave would get too soggy, and my pancakes would tart tasting like my grandma's. (not a good thing! Lol.) I think mixing the dry ingredients ahead of time would cut down on time though.

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1.) The movies appear on Nickelodeon sometimes. I was able to record them a few months ago when they had a marathon of the movies playing. It is not a regular tv series so they aren't on regularly. Otherwise yes, they do sell them on DVD.

2.) I have no idea what the big fad is but I've seen people make a super hero tool belt thing and some hair bows with them. Ive also seen a women's wallet made out of it. (Still don't get the fad)

3.) I got out my old barbie stuff for my girls too. I had a lot of clothes. I threw them in a pillow case and washed them on gentle with detergent. They all made it through the wash.

Not sure about 4......

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3) Try them on a soak cycle with virtually no agitation, or do them in the sink with Woolite. Watch the spin cycle too - even after a very slow agitation cycle, that spin thing really whips them around! I'd also separate carefully by color - I don't think manufacturers gave much thought to colorfastness in doll clothes. You could air dry on a drying rack or even on a sweater dryer to let the air circulate over and under at the same time. I think it's neat that you still have stuff from your childhood!

4) I don't think it holds up well once the eggs and milk are added. Raw eggs don't keep long outside the shell, so I'd use it by the next day. I don't think it matters at all whether you make from scratch or use the box - but in general I think it's wise to get kids (and adults) off as much processed, long-shelf-life products and mixes as possible. I always froze mine between layers of wax paper, and my son never cared. I also used pancakes as a great way to hide a lot of healthy additions without him knowing - oatmeal, flax seed, even broccoli (I kid you not!).

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