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4 Month Old with UTI

my 4 month old daughter was diagonosed with a UTI last tuesday. we did 3 days of an injectable antibiotic and now are on an oral antibiotic for the next 3 weeks until her renal ultrasound. She has been on antibiotics one other time which resulted in a horrible diaper rash. Presently i am wondering if we should do a daily probiotic in addition to the antibiotic that we are presently giving her. I looked probiotics up on webmd and got some mixed reviews. does anyone have experence with probiotics in young children while on antibiotics? anyone have experience with infants with UTI's

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I had to give my daughter antibiotics for almost 10 months and when i found out about probotics she started immediatly and her yeast infections started coming less frequently and then once it had given her a build up they stopped. she had kidney reflux and we had to do the ultrasound and vcug (x-ray of the bladder and kidney live so you can see it working)

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Yes! you need probiotics! The only brand i know of that is specific for babies is not available to the general public, you have to be a doc to purchase it. you may be able to get it online. The brand is seroyal, the product is called natogen. if you live in portland, you can get it at NHC clinic, 2220 SW 1st street just south of downtown.

on another note, why is your daughter getting uti's? no bubble baths! i would also switch to cloth diapers to avoid the chemicals in disposibles and make sure to only wipe front to back.

if you have anymore questions, let me know! good luck!

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My son has reflux and our Naturopath started him on 1/4 tsp of Ultra-Bifidus powder at 2 weeks old. At about 3 months his dose was upped to 1/2 tsp. When his diaper rash was really bad with teething, I used the Bifidus both internally and externally. You can apply acidofilus externally, as well. Just open a capsule and sprinkle it on her poor little bum.

We haven't dealt with UTI's, but have dealt w/ antibiotic diaper rash w/ my daughter. She is also on Ultra-Bifidus for reflux (clearing) and it helped greatly w/ the antibiotic diaper rash. I also used it topically while on antibiotics.

I know of two probiotics that are better for the infant system, the Ultra-Bifidus and Primadofilus (sp?).

Go to one of the natural food stores and they should be able to help you select an appropriate one for your daughter. With the powder, I made a thin paste and fed it to my son on my finger. My son doesn't like a bottle, so wouldn't take it that way. It can be put in a bottle, mixed with formula or breast milk and the babe wouldn't even notice. It is flavorless.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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Hi S.,
Poor girl! =0( Yes, anytime children , or adults, for that matter, have to be on an antibiotic, they should take a probiotic. I have a fabulous one that my kids actually take every day, whether or not they are sick; this was rec'd by our ped. to keep their insides healthy year-round. Anyhow, a few questions will help me know whether or not I should pop some samples in the mail for you. First, are you nursing? Second, does your daughter take a bottle (formula or breastmilk, either way)? I ask because this probiotic is in powder form and you can add 1/2 packet to a bottle of milk/formula. The probiotic we use doesn't need refrigeration, either. It's truly one of the best I've used, is certified organic, and quite effective.
I'm happy to send you some samples and see if it helps.
Let me know. I'd love to help!

I see many are able to give you advice on probiotics, I hope I can help with UTI's. My son was born with Spina Bifida. We did not know this until he was 2 weeks old when he started running a fever of 104 due to a severe UTI. He suffered from reflux in both kidneys. The renal ultrasound will surely assist you with this area. My son spent the first year of his life on Septra Suspension and had to have reconstructive surgery on both kidneys to reimplant his ureters. He is now 4 and has not had a UTI in 3 years!! Although this doesnt give any ideas or help, I wanted you to see your on the right track.

Jarrow~dophlis is a probiotic powder for babies. I purchase it from New Seasons Market. If you breastfeed, you can put it on your damp nipple prior to a feeding . If you do bottles, just mix it in. Its great stuff and you might want to take some too just for good measure.

Like many others have said, YES you should use probiotics!! Anytime my kids have had antibiotic diaper rashes, the probiotics start to work very soon after taking them. Also use a really good diaper cream .. California Baby brand uses essentialoils for both anti bacterial and antifungal properties ..it also smells great. Your baby should be feeling much better soon!!

Best Wishes,

GET HER ON A PROBIOTIC! I have worked for a suppliment company for the past three years and have learned a lot I believe very strongly in probiotics. Get a good one though. I would suggest Neonate powder from Pharmax (thats where I work) if you are in the seattle area you can find them at the Pharmaca stores or Medicine Man Pharmacy if you are in Kent you can find them at Key Pharmacy if you are in Bellevue area you can find them at Clarks Pharmacy or TLC Pharmacy. If you do decide to use a probiotic take it opposite the antibiotic. like if she takes the antibiotic in the morning give her the probiotic in the evening. Good luck! The reason why I really stand behind the Pharmax probiotics is because they are from a human source not a cow source so they are easier for the body to use them. If you can not find the Pharmax probiotics make sure the ones you use are kept refridgerated or in the freezer.

She definately should be on probiotics any time she is on antibiotics. There are some specifically for young ones, like this

Or you could give her yogurt. They have special yogurt with more probiotics. Also, miso is a soy product that has probiotics, so don't let it boil. Mix it with the hot water and don't keep cooking it.

My sister in law couldn't take any sort of bath as a baby/kid or she would get uti's.

You can get probiotics for kids, and I gave my 1 month old son some when he was on antibiotics. It's usually in a powdered form in the refrigerated section at a health food store that you mix into water. (the kind I had was Nature's Way Primadophilus for Children) It is only good bacteria, so can't do any harm and will keep her digestion working well.

I had to give my daughter antibiotics for almost 10 months and when i found out about probotics she started immediatly and her yeast infections started coming less frequently and then once it had given her a build up they stopped. she had kidney reflux and we had to do the ultrasound and vcug (x-ray of the bladder and kidney live so you can see it working)

Definitely go for the probiotic!! My son had acid reflux and yeast rashes when he was little (1-5 months) and the probiotic helped. We use Jarro brand acidophilus for babies. It's powdered, has virtually no taste, and you can add it to food, milk, or let them suck it off of your breast or finger.

He has never been on antibiotics, but I would definitely put him on daily doses of the probiotic as soon as I knew he needed the antibiotics.

It's also a great idea for you to get on the probiotics. If he has had a yeast rash in the past, then he could easily pass it on to you, even if it's not obviously in his mouth. My son and I passed it back and forth for months even though he never showed any symptoms in his mouth.

For the yeat rash on his bum, what worked best was using just water to clean up and an anti-fungal cream (over the counter--lotrimin) a few times a day.

Good luck--I know it's tough to have your little one be sick.

I sorry to hear! I do understand a bit of what you're going thru.
My son had two UTI/kidney infections by 2 months of age. (plus three renal ultrasounds and a VCUG reflux test). He was put on a daily prescription antibiotic called Septra (SMZ-TMP 200/40Mg) until he could have a surgery to correct his particular problem. And, yes the antibiotic after the first UTI gave a horrible yeast infection - diaper rash and Thrush in the mouth (for which we used cream and liquid Nystantin).

My advice is to talk with your doctor and if they don't help, get a second opinion or call Children's Hospital and ask if urology will see you. UTI's in young children are not something to take lightly...but I would be leary about self medicating with a probiotic on top of current meds without talking to someone.
If you would like to chat about this more, feel free to contact me - I can tell you about my experience with Children's Hosp Urology Dept, etc.

I do not now about probiotics, but I can give a bit of other advice. My daughter had heart surgery when she was 3 months. She got an infection in her incision on her chest. They gave her iv antiobiotics and she got 3rd degree burns on her bottom because of the dirreah. She was in the hospital and we had to leave her naked and bath her with wet wash clothes each time she had a poop. Anyhow, the next time she had to be on antioboitics we were told to use this ointment to protect her bottom. It works REALLY well. Her bottom gets irritated easily. When we use this medicine it protects her and she does not even get red. The problem is it is very expensive and only some insurances will cover it. It is called Econazole Nitrate 1%. Good luck!

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