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4 Year Old with Red Rash on Her Privates

I don't know how to ask this or explain it. I have a 4 year old that has a red rash on her privates, close to the folds but on the skin. She said that it is sore sometimes. That usually means it is red. I have tried diaper ointment. Sometimes that helps but not always. I always make sure that she is dry after going to the bathroom or having a bath. I don't let her have a bubble bath as I have been told that can be a cause. Any advise would be great

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I must say thanks to all for your responses. I tried lots of things and nothing worked!! I took her to the dr. and got some cream which seems to be working great after only a couple days!!

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Have you had the doctor look at it? It could be a yeast infection in which case diaper creme wouldn't help.

Try to put baking soda in her bath. My daughter is always getting diaper rash, she gets baking soda in every bath.

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I have had this happen to my daughter when she was little. It is just like when they are babies it is caused by moisture in there panties. All you have to do is give her a draft bath a couple of times and it will go away. After that I don't recommend that you give her baths but for this to clear up you will need to give her a Draft bath. Draft has something in it to clear most anything up rash wise. Draft is just detergent for babies. Please let me know if this works for you as it has for me and many of my friends.

J. D.

Try to put baking soda in her bath. My daughter is always getting diaper rash, she gets baking soda in every bath.

Have you had the doctor look at it? It could be a yeast infection in which case diaper creme wouldn't help.

It's not uncommon, so don't worry. One thing that really helped my daughter is we "dry scrubbed" her private parts before adding soap to the washcloth (just had it wet with bathwater) and then washed the rest of her body with soap. This was recommended by her pediatrician and it's working great so far. No redness, and it's been about 5 months!

Take some acidopholus and mix it with a little cool water to make a runny paste and pat it over the area. It'll clear up quickly, usually within a day or two. My daughter (now 11) used to get it regularly, and even had prescriptions for it. Nothing worked as well as the acidopholus. If she'll eat it, give her more yogurt as well, but try to make it a healthier brand with live cultures.

Try baking soda sprinkled in her bath water. Does the trick for my four year old daughter. I probably use about 1/2 cup to a cup.

It could be a yeast infection! Try an over the counter antifungal cream first and if it doesn't go away, see your doctor. My daughter had the same thing on her bottom...it was red and bumpy and itchy. I called the nurses line and this is how they said to treat it. Good luck!

My daughter has the SAME thing BUT I have been catching her looking at her self down there so could your lil one be doing that. It freaked me out b/c she was sort of experimenting and wondering what it was all about down there and I was like UM AVERY you should not do that hun. I know my daughter is 4 and she will go to bathroom on own and will wipe but NOT good and it does get bad with that as well. I have kandoo wipes she uses and I try to tell her to go from FRONT to back but I know your concern I have been there. I have a cream my mom has I put on and it works GREAT. Good Luck.

My three year has the exact same problem! We just took her to the doctor a couple weeks ago for her three year appointment and the doctor said it was very common for girls this age because they don't do a very good job drying themselves off when they wipe. She recommended diaper ointment when my daughter complains about the rash but otherwise thought she'd outgrow it. So that's all we've been doing and it seems to help. But if you're wiping her everytime then it may be something like a yeast infection.

Likely a yeast infection...get over the counter cream and if that doesn't clear it up in 2 days take her to the Pediatrician. GL! A.

You may want to take her to Doctor and see if she has a yeast infection. They can be external on little ones.


Perhaps a little yeast infection? Give her some yogurt for breakfasts, should help clear it up, even if it's not a yeast infection yogurt is yummy.

Could also be a bit of an allergic reaction to your laundry soap, it might not be showing up anywhere else but there because the skin there is very delicate and sensitive.

When in doubt, take her to her Pediatrician, he/she would know best.

My daughter had a red "cirlce" area in and around her privates and it turned out to be a strep infection. She had no fever or anything but it was red and bothered her so I took her in to the doctor.

I'm guessing a yeast infection. Try Venician Violet, at Whole Foods and other natural remedies sellers, (be careful, it's messy) and if that doesn't help, take her to the doc and see if something like monistat cream is ok for her age.
Did it start after a round of antibiotics? Always follow up a round of antis with a round of probiotics (you can get children's strength next to adult's in the refridgerated section of the vitamins at places like Whole Foods).

T. -

My daughter also had this problem when she was young. It mostly seemed to occur when she had too much juice, which I attributed to being too acidic for her. We got an ointment from her pediatrician that we used when it happened. She did finally outgrow it. You may want to watch what your daughter has had to eat or drink prior to the outbreak.

L. L.

T., my daughter got them all the time when she was even 1 years old and i know this may sound weird, but i bet it's a yeast infection! It sounds unbelievable that a child can get them too, but it is possible! You can verify with an OB or pediatrician, but i just used monistat and it was gone in a couple days!

Hi T.! As a nurse, I can almost guarantee you that it's a yeast infection. I have a 13 month old daughter, who has had one the her creases in her diaper too. I spoke with my pediatrician, and you can use some over the counter Monistat. It should take it away. If it persists, check with your doctor. You can also clean the area well, dry it really well, then put some Gold Bond powder on it to keep it dry and from itching. Give it a shot, I'll bet you it helps a lot!! Good luck!!

Sounds like a yeast infection. Take her to the doctor, who will probably prescribe treating with OTC Lotrimin. To prevent yeast infections, avoid not only bubble bath, but soap with fragrance. Wash clothing in dye free/fragrance free detergent, and wear 100% cotton, white underwear. If you wash her hair in the bathtub, also use fragrance free shampoo and conditioner. California Baby has discontinued theirs, so I am searching for a new brand. If you find one let me know!

Try dusting her area with corn starch, if that doesn't help then you might want to check your laundry detergent.Her panties could be too tight and she may just be sweating excessivly

My little girl used to get a rash ther sometimes too...I stopped using fabric softener on her panties. It is worth a try. I hope everything works out for you and your little girl, there is nothing worse then having a rash there. Good luck!!


My thought was it could be a yeast infection. Yogurt will help - there's a special "icon" to look for that's Lac (Live and Active Cultures)...I know Dannon is okay and even the Dora the Explorer yogurt is okay too.

With my 2 year old, when she gets yeast infections, our pediatrician told us to use Lotrimin (for athlete's foot) and Bag Balm (usually in or near the lotion isle...sometimes in/near the pharmacy). That's always worked like a charm!

Good luck!

Sounds like a yeast infection. I know that yogurt usually helps but you might want to call the doc. They can prescribe you Nystatin. My daughter has been on it before. Its just a topical ointment and it really helps.

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