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3D/4d Ultrasound Recommendations in the East Bay Area

Hi, I have my ultrasound appointment at my hospital in about two weeks, but it's not the 3d/4d one. Has anyone done research on this or gotten it done? Can you recommend any good places with decent prices?

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I went to 3D Baby Vu in Pleasanton with my first son. Its off of First Street i think. Kinda pricy but fun. Wouldn't trade it for anything. I went when I was 36 weeks. They said prime time is about 25-30 weeks.

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I do not recommend!!!The studies have shown that this ultrasound create too much heat and can damage the child... that is why they won't do it for a long extended period... I did it... And was not even worth it... later my child developed autism... I am not saying it causes autism but no one knows for sure!!! Stay with the natural ways, that is my suggestion!!! Love, G.. :0)

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I would be careful on having ultrasounds that are not necessary. Research it well first. I learned in my natural child birth class that unnecessary ultrasounds are not good. It heats up the amniotic fluid and the baby will tend to move away from the wand becuase of this.

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Hi, I actually own a place that does 3D/4D ultrasounds. My business partner and I are in the medical field. There is more about us on our web site. Ultrasounds are only one thing that we do though for pregnant moms. We have everything under one roof. Like belly casting, massage, prenatal photography, etc. Our web site is www.pregnancyjourney.com . If you go under frequently asked questions, we have a link that brings you to a site that will tell you all about ultrasounds and that they are safe. I believe that it is www.ob-ultrasound.net . It is a credible web site. It is research based. We are in Sacramento so we are a little far but we have heard good things about the one in SF also. Hope the web site helps!


Call DR Leach's office and ask where they recommend. I was really impressed with the professionalism for my 3d photos. ###-###-####


I went to a place in the city (SF) that was amazing. It was called San Francisco Perinatal Associates: www.sfperinatal.com

My doctor from CPMC sent me there for my 18-24 wk. screenings. They had 3D/4D technology, video, doppler, etc. and we left with a DVD of all the pictures AND video. It was a great experience.

Hi L.,

First off, Congratulations! I had a 4D ultrasound in November from 4D Fetal Imaging, there in San Jose and they have a variety of packages and you can even buy things separatly. There very nice talented people and make you feel comfortable. My doctor said the best time to get it done is between 24-32 weeks. I had it done at 32 weeks and I can't believe how cute the pictures were. I feel that it was well worth it. Good luck and hope this was helpful.

4D Fetal Imaging
(408) 249-BABY

I inquired about this type of ultrasound during one of my visits to Stanford for ultrasounds. The doctor there indicated that they are not as reliable in the medical measurments as the tradition 2D. Consider this in your decision if it is one of chosing between 2D and 3/4D for one of your more important visits. As a fun extra it may be nice if your budget permits, but for a critical ultrasound you may want to stick with the methodology that is proven most effective for the time being.

Hi there! Congrats on your pregnancy :)
I did the 3D/4D ultrasound with both of my children and it is amazing! There is a place in Pleasanton called 3D Baby Vu and the number is (888)332-2298. Packages start around $150 and go up to $285 but it is worth every penny! They also have a web site www.3DBabyVu.com I hope this helps.

Try calling Good Samaratan. They are really good. I don't know about cosr tho.

Hello L.,

We went to A Little Insight 3D 4D Ultrasound in Vacaville, CA. They were great! On there website in the F/A questions section they have safety info plus links for you to check it out. Studies over 35 years have found that ultrasound has not been shown to cause any maternal or fetal harm. Routine diagnostic scanning of all pregnancies is now a normal procedure. They recommend that parents discuss with their doctor about any safety concern on 3D 4D ultrasound. Which we thought was very cool. Our daughter was born last year and she look just like the 3D Ultrasound. We will be going there again on our next. Their website is www.alittleinsight.com

I went to 3D Baby Vu in Pleasanton with my first son. Its off of First Street i think. Kinda pricy but fun. Wouldn't trade it for anything. I went when I was 36 weeks. They said prime time is about 25-30 weeks.

FYI: They are not that impressive and truly not worth the money. Plus, you have to make sure that the facility is certified to do this and that they are safe; it could affect your baby. Good luck!

Hello L.:

Here is some info on a great place that two of my friends have gone to in the past to get their ultraounds done.

3DBabyVu - 3D 4D Ultrasound Baby Photos

4713 1st Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(888) 332-2298

Hope this helps!!

:) Natalie


i had it done for both of my pregnancies at 3d baby vu in pleasanton. www.3dbabyvu.com

it is kind of expensive, but it was worth it to me. what i did was buy the smallest package that includes the video and then by all the images on a cd. that way you can have the photos printed yourself. and they'll be on photo paper rather than the ultra sound paper that will turn black if it gets hot.

hope that helps!

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