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2Nd Trimester Weight Gain

Hello! I am about 17 wks pregnant with my second child, and I have gained almost five pounds this week. I was very ill up until recently, and I did not gain a pound until about 10 days ago. I was so nauseous that I could not eat anything, and when I did get something down I threw it up (no weight loss, but no weight gain).

But now everything is a different story. My hunger is so intense that I literally get hunger pains just a couple of hours after I've eaten a big meal. I am glad to put on weight and nourish the baby once and for all, but I know from my first pregnancy that it is important to be careful not to get carried away with the "eating for two" thing. My weight gain was pretty consistent throughout my least pregnancy, but I definitely went over the 30 lb. recommendation and it was just unnecessary. I worry that at this rate, I will gain WAY too much weight by the time the baby is born.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anybody have any tips to use in this case? Thanks so much in advance.

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With my second pregnancy I was gaining about 2lbs a week. Between 15-20 weeks I gained 8lbs. I lost all the weight in 2 years. I'm 34 weeks along with #3 and I've gained only 1lb a week. From 30-33 weeks I've made an 8lb jump, but this week I've stayed the same. Eat when you're hungry, just eat healthy.

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i gained way too much during my second pregnancy too. don't deny your hunger, as you wisely point out, the baby is clamoring for it. do be smart about it. keep lots and lots of lovely fresh fruit in arm's reach (yay that it's happening during the summer when so much great fresh food is available!) supplement the produce with whole grain crackers and other healthy carbs. eggs and peanut butter in reason are also great ways to get the protein you crave. if you steer clear of too much sugar, fats and meat you'll be okay. try to avoid big meals, but allow yourself to graze on fruit and veggies throughout the day.
good luck!

your stomach (pregnant or not) works on volume not calories. it reconizes and gets use to the same amount of volume. don't deny yourself food if your hungry just try getting your fill from lower calorie items. things your baby needs anyway. fresh fruits and veggies lean protien etc. and you're not alone in the weight gain! I was very malnurished when I got pregnant that my body was so desperate for food to feed my baby that I gained 70pds in my first trimester alone! and I was eating normally! I gained 125pds total, and had no problem such as diabeites during my pregnancy. and I have lost all but 15 pds of it so far (my son is almost 11mnths) but if you were having trouble keeping food down during your first trimester, maybe your body is trying to catch up on weight gain and is over compensating its normal for someone who hasnt been able to get the nutriants they need, because your body has gone into flight or fight mode, meaning that after not getting enough calories for so long your body is storing more than it would normally just in case its starts not getting those calories again, most likely you will even out. I gained less in my second and third trimester combined than in my first.

Most women have a month or so during their second trimester where they have a big weight gain. If you have not gained anything til now, then you have some making up to do. BTW, typical recommended weight gain for women starting pregnancy at a normal weight is 25-35 pounds, not 30. Also, it's normal to gain at least half your total pregnancy weight in the 2nd trimester.
You may do better, rather than eating a big meal, to eat small, healthy meals and snacks consistently throughout the day, and make sure that you are getting enough protein (it does not have to be meat products , fatty foods or whole fat dairy)
I gained about 34 pounds with my first pregnancy. My second, I gained 42 pounds and by my 6 week postpartum check up with my midwives, I had lost 39 of it.
Good luck!

Just so you know, that 5 lbs is most likely fluid weight. When you are sickly you need to stay hydrated...now that you are coming out of it, where your body temp isn't running so high, you will retain fluid like you are supposed to .Don't sweat it !

it's normal to get very hungry while pregnant but with both my pregnancies I only gained around 25 pounds with a pre-pregnancy weight of about 115. So I felt I did I pretty good job of controlling myself. A few tips is when you feel hungry eat something but eat it slowly and eat about half of it and then wait about 10 min. If you still feel hungry by then then eat the rest but sometimes you may find you just need a little food to make you feel better in between meals instead of a whole other meal. Also eat foods high is protein that will help to curve your hunger and there are lots of healthy protein rich foods like nuts, hard boiled eggs etc.

My OB told me that it depends on what you weigh before you get preggers... So, if you start out slim, gaining 40 or even 50 pounds is "fine". If you start out with 10 or 15 pounds of extra weight, then 30 pounds is a good target.

With my second pregnancy I was gaining about 2lbs a week. Between 15-20 weeks I gained 8lbs. I lost all the weight in 2 years. I'm 34 weeks along with #3 and I've gained only 1lb a week. From 30-33 weeks I've made an 8lb jump, but this week I've stayed the same. Eat when you're hungry, just eat healthy.

When you feel the urge to stuff, reach for fresh, raw fruits and veggies. You'll get lots of great nutrients to pass on to your baby, with only natural sugars and fats. Also, carry some carrot-sticks or something with you in your purse, so that when you're suddenly starving, you have something healthy and ready to grab.

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