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Pregnant and Starving!

Mamas, I have a weird request. I'm at the tail end of my first trimester. This is my second baby. The first pregnancy was only two years ago, so I feel like I should remember how this works! My problem is this - I'm over the nausea, but I'm STARVING all of the time. When I eat, I make sure I eat until I'm not hungry, but I don't stuff myself. This used to keep me going for at least two hours. Now, I'm hungry every hour, if not more often! If I eat fresh fruit and veggies, I can be hungry within 20 minutes. What did you eat to keep you going through these starving weeks? I gained WAY too much weight the first time, so I'm trying to be more careful this time. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Thank you everyone SO MUCH for all your advice! I've been Starving Free for a week, and I feel great. My house is full of cheese and whole wheat toast now. Yummy!

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I like fiber bars (target makes a generic of the more expensive fiber one bars) and vitamuffins (in the frozen section at supermarket or at vitalicious.com.)Fiber makes you feel full for longer... so if not these two things, stuff with lots of fiber... or protein - try a handful of almonds or other nuts... good luck - these are great for taking the weight off too! I have a 4 mth old and am at pre pregnancy weight.

Look for protein-rich snacks. They're more filling and last longer than fruits which are high in carbs.

Drink lots of water and don't feel a need to eat if you feel a little hungry -- it might just be psychological and you don't need that many more calories than you would normally.

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Hello. Ask your OB if there are any shakes that you can take, like Ensure or those found in the health food store. I used to snack a lot on cut veggies and fruits. I also used to supplement my diet with heavier foods like peanut butter and avocado. I also drank TONS of water. I had the same problem. Be sure to do some moderate exercise as well. I hope this helps.

Drink lots of water and don't feel a need to eat if you feel a little hungry -- it might just be psychological and you don't need that many more calories than you would normally.

Lots of water, protein, nuts...you aren't expecting twins, are you??? :-)

Best wishes...

HA! I love this. Eat more protien - that should satiate you for longer, and it's good for the baby. I liked peanut butter and banana milk shakes (A banana, two tablespoons of pb and 8 oz of milk) YUMMY! I also ate a lot of almonds.


I agree with the other mommies--make sure that you are getting enough lean meats and eggs and dairy. Some times a glass of milk is what I needed to get me between meals when I was pregnant. The other thing I would focus on are things with lots of fiber, both grains and veggies. This will help keep you fuller longer. Plus will help keep away the evil constipation monster!!
If you eat whole grains, lean meats, veggies and fats in the right places (salmon, nut butters, olive oil etc) Your body will do what it needs to keep the baby healthy and prepare for breastfeeding. And it will be way easier to take off!
Good luck!!

Hi M.,
I had the same thing happen to me as soon as my first trimester ended. I was STARVING all the time. So I just gave in. If you eat right, you won't put on all that much weight, and with having to chase around a 2 year old you will be active whether or not you want to me. Just have granola bars on hand in your bag, and stack your fridge with fruits and vegi's and snack away during the day. Your baby is growing and if you are hungry then do what the baby needs. It will eventually pass. I think my starving streak lasted about 2 months. Good Luck! And congratulations!

Always keep healthy snacks nearby. Granola is great and they have it in lots of different mixes. Raisins and whole grain crackers are always good to snack on in between meals. Another good one that really fills you up is nuts (all kinds are good and also sunflower seeds are very high in folic acid. Eat up and stay healthy :). Best of luck to you and your new baby.

With both my girls I had to watch my weight gain not only because I was heavy w/my start weight but with the help of a nutritionist/dietician at the hospital I had to meet with because of my diabetes I only gained 12 lbs w/my 1st & 16 w/my 2nd - I'm not suggesting that they put you on a diabetic diet, but honestly I sometimes felt like I couldn't eat all that was required in a day. It was broken down for me as far as how many calories I could consume and suggestions for meals, etc. My husband followed right along w/the diet and it has been something that we have tried to follow through with so our daughters don't always go for that candy bar instead of a piece of fruit or something as they get older. Good luck!

try lots of protein, the baby grows the most during the last trimester.

I had the same problem, I just ate what I wanted...within reason. Try to eat wheat, good carbs, etc...Do you have time to walk? I kept active throughout my pregnancy while eating whatever I wanted. If you're craving something in particular, eat it because you're body is telling you that you need it. I also ate a lot of fruit but it's not that filling. Try some wheat english muffins with jelly or ricotta cheese (or both!) turkey bacon, turkey burgers, PBJ, egg salad sandwich on wheat, drink lots of water, it helps make you feel full.
Also think about joining a women's fitness center, there are tons of exercizes that you can do while pregnant. I use to train preg. ladies in the pool! Good luck to you :) R.

Make sure you start the day with protein, not just carbs (like a muffin or toast.) I would try to get some protein, lean meats or cheeses, maybe lentils or edamame with every meal or snack. Sounds like your body is asking for you to graze rather than eat big meals. I would also recommend drinking lots of skim milk. This is a great source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D but has no fat. Three 8 oz glasses a day goes a long way towards filling you up. If skim is unpalatable to you, 1% is a-ok too (I hate skim milk myself). Also lots of high quality, fiber rich grains will keep your belly full longer but provide excellent nutritional benefits.

I love Thomas' light, multi grain English Muffins. They are lo cal with lots of fiber and toast up with lots of nooks and crannnies. One of this with a tablespoon or two of peanut butter plus an apple and a glass of milk would make a great b'fast or lunch.


Look for protein-rich snacks. They're more filling and last longer than fruits which are high in carbs.

Have you tried eggs, lean meats, nuts such as almonds, or yogurt? I think you should listen to your body but fuel it with energy. Fruits and veggies won't sustain you long which is why you are so hungry. I read something that you really can't have too much protein or calcium while you are pregnant because those are the foundations of the body you are growing inside you.

Protein: I eat a yogurt with granola almost everyday. Sometimes a spoonful of peanutbutter. Nuts - almonds & cashews. Fruit won't keep me full either. By the way, I'm due in 7 weeks. I hope these suggestions help.

i find that when i keep busy i forget the hunger. try to 'graze' eat many small meals throughout the day. this keeps your metabolism up and you wont get hungry. and eat more protein which lasts longer
good luck

Hi M.. Make sure that you're getting sufficient protein, that's going to help you to feel full. If you're snacking, try to incorporate some protein, whole grain and a veggie/fruit into your snack.

I am nursing and starving. A good snack for me has been wholegrain bread with almond butter and bananas. Good luck.

I ate a lot during both my pregnancies. I agree with the milk products being satisfying. I don't like drinking milk, but I found that cottage cheese or yogurt as a second breakfast/afternoon snack always got me through the day. I also found piles of dark green leafy veggies (spinach and collard greens specifically) also made me feel satisfied.

I could have eaten 24/7 when I was pregnant. I remember wanting to cry numerous times at restaurants when our food was coming out too slowly.

I'm a very strict person with my food. I only eat organic and I was very lean prior to getting preggers. But once pregnancy hit I could have devoured an entire buffet by myself. Luckily, I was able to control myself because my fear of excessive weight gain eclipsed my hunger. However, here were my healthy options when I was ready to eat the table...

WASA whole grain crackers smothered in raw almond butter

celery with cream cheese

brown rice and black beans and salsa

a giant baked sweet potato

an entire bag of baby carrots

chickpeas - as a finger food

blueberries with heavy cream

homemade trail mix- raw walnuts, raw almonds, heritage o's, dried canberrys, dark choc chips, cashews

homemade beef jerky with low sodium and no nitrates ( i have a dehydrator)

I only gained 37 lbs and lost 23 during birth.

I have a 6 mo. and your post made me remember back to the crazy hunger. I was the same way. If it wasn't nailed to the floor, I tried to eat it. I would say that you should eat your heart out, just make sure you are doing the fresh, non-processed stuff. What did it for me was cold chicken and turkey. Not deli meat, but the actual meat right off the bird. I would buy rotisserie chicken and eat three a week. I am not sure if it was the protein or whatever, but I was in the mood for cold chicken, cheese and Italian bread. I was pregnant over Thanksgiving which was heaven. I drank my weight in water, which helped to fill my stomach, but please, whatever you do, don't diet while you are pregnant. You can and will loose the weight after but depleting your nutrients from your body can cause you huge problems. Fruits and veggies are a good idea, but expand your "healthy" food thoughts to meats and cheeses and it might help. I started at 128, gained all the way up to 160, and am now at 140 waiting to stop nursing to shed the final 15 lbs. It is hard being in a larger body and dealing with the self image stuff that creeps up, but it is temporary. Good luck and happy eating!

I too was Starving with my first pregnancy, so much so I woke up in the middle of the night constantly to eat....It happens. I gained 70 lbs with that pregnancy.....and fortunatly lost it all with Weight Watchers....Do not get too stressed. Go for low fat foods, popcorn helped me....Good luck

Just eat! You're lucky you're having your kids young - your body will bounce back. Enjoy being pregnant and having an excuse to take in a few extra calories!

fill up on fluids
eat your meal/snack and drink a ton of water (not ice cold though)
cold water turns all fats to solid that is harder for the body to break down, warm drinks are better for keeping the fats we eat moving out of the body.

but yes, try to drink more

Hey M.,
I can totally relate! I was hungry...seriously starving hungry all the time with my daughter (first pregnancy). I gained A TON of weight. But, what else could I do? I too would like to keep this pregnancy within the normal weight gain ranges. I HATED being a new mom and feeling fat. I about 7 wks and still get nausea on the morning, but after that it's like my belly goes full tilt the other direction. This morning I had a bowl of cereal, scrambled egg whites and a bagel with a little cream cheese. I could have kept going, but forced myself to stop. Some days I am better than others at keeping it under control. Suggestions are, drink water first. When you feel thirsty, drink a big glass of water. When you're pregnant you need much more fluids and thirst is often mistaken for hunger. So, drink and then wait 15-20 minutes and see how you feel. Also, try club soda with cranberry juice and a wedge of lime. the club soda is more filling feeling, but it's a way to keep the calories at bay. Keep lots of fruits and veggies at hand. Also, try having an apple with a slice of low-fat cheese... a nice carb/protein balance. The carbs fill you up and the protein keeps your belly busy...Don't forget a little fat as well. If you're hungry, eat, just opt for a healthy choice and then balance yourself out with some exercise! I'll be looking to see what others wrote. Good luck!! ---oh yeah, and look for high satiety foods like potatoes and spinach, etc. do a google search and they'll come up. They keep you filled up longer!

You made me laugh!!! I was so hungry all of the time with two out of three of my pregnancies. Get up and move, if you're out (much easier to do during the summer) and about you totally won't think about food as much, that doesn't mean don't eat, bring granola bars, wheat thins with some hummous, banana or apple with some peanut butter, high protein snacks that will fill you up and keep you that way for a bit longer. It's so hard, but as long as you're eating healthy and active, you can't really do much about the weight you gain, worry about it after the baby is born!

Hi M.,

maybe the baby you are carrying wants foods other than what you are eating ... what about more protein?

I see you have lots of responses, good luck figuring it out!

"...when she's naughty we all want to run and hide!" <smile>

Warm Regards,

(: have an awesome day :)

I like fiber bars (target makes a generic of the more expensive fiber one bars) and vitamuffins (in the frozen section at supermarket or at vitalicious.com.)Fiber makes you feel full for longer... so if not these two things, stuff with lots of fiber... or protein - try a handful of almonds or other nuts... good luck - these are great for taking the weight off too! I have a 4 mth old and am at pre pregnancy weight.

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