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2Nd Grade Winter Party Game Ideas

I need some game ideas for my son's second grade Winter Party. He doe not want "Bozo" buckets, pin the tail on donkey type games, hot potato, etc type "Little kid" games. Games cannot invoolve food. Help!

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Hey S.,

How about sending them on a scavenger hunt if it isnt too cold outside or for my sons birthday party, I rented a magician and the kids loved it. Hope this helps. Have a fun party.


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We have done a cute relay race with marshmallows or cotton balls. Divide the class up in to rows. At the end of the row (usually a parent helping with the party) someone holds a christmas stocking open. Each person takes a turn with the cotton ball or marshmallow on a spoon and carries it to the other end and tries to get it in the stocking. The group with most in wins. The kids get so excited and it really is a lot of fun for everyone. You will need to time it, but then you can play it more than once. :) Cheap & fun!

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When I helped at classroom parties, the kids always enjoyed playing Bingo. I'm not sure of the website but one of the other parents went online and printed out holiday themed Bingo cards. We also had a tray with about 15-20 holiday themed items on it, had the kids look at it for a certain amount of time & then covered it up. Whichever child was able to list the highest number of items on the tray correctly won a prize. When she was in 2nd grade we played musical chairs with holiday music. The kids loved it but it did get rather loud. We also did a relay race that involved the kids running to the other side of the room, putting on a large pair of gloves, opening a Hershey kiss with the gloves on, depositing it in a ziploc bag or eating it (their choice) then running back to the other end & handing the gloves to the next person on the team. With the no food stipulation I'm not sure that they would allow that. My daughter's school eventually got to the point where the food could not be used in the games or crafts even if it wasn't to be eaten. Good Luck & have fun!!

You could do a winter bingo, or if you think they could mangage, put them in teams and see who can wrap a present fastest, with bows and all.

One of the games we played last year at my sons party was a big hit. "Toss the Card" I bought 2 boxes of Christmas cards from the dollar store. Using only the cards each person, in turn, has to throw/toss 5 cards into a basket (i used a laundry basket lined with a big plastic bag). I had 2 teams competeing. Make sure they stand on the same side of the basket about 6 -7 feet away. This is much harder than it saeems. They had a blast doing it.

Hey S.,

How about sending them on a scavenger hunt if it isnt too cold outside or for my sons birthday party, I rented a magician and the kids loved it. Hope this helps. Have a fun party.


How about a poetry slam? (Hey, it worked on "Arthur"!)

Look into the "junior" version of a lot of board games for grownups, like Scattergories or Trivial Pursuit or Scene It? They're fun and will also keep the kiddos on their feet. Good luck!

We are doing Holiday crafts in our son's classroom this year. there will be 3 stations: a snowman ornament(from a kit), a haunakah menorah (1/2 a paper plate, some white pipe cleaners and yellow tissue, and a Kwanzaa kinara (other half of the paper plate, black red and green pipe cleaners and yellow tissue). All of this while they listen to Christmas music.

The teacher and I hope it will be a great learning expereince in which all will feel included.

Not sure how this would work for you but: build a snow man. You take everyone's hats, scarves, gloves, etc. One person is the builder and teh other is teh snowman. With a 1 minutes time limit, the builder puts the stuff on the snowman (in the right place). The team with the most wins. This is similar to closet but you have to put hats, scarves, gloves, etc in the right place. Another is to make an army of snowmen with styrofoam balls and toothpicks. The team with the most snowmen wins.

Antler toss--Find 2 sets of antler ear head bands, and get 24 brown pipe cleaners--loop two pipe cleaners together to make a ring. Divide kids into 2 groups, have them stand about 4-5 feet from the kid wearing the antlers who is sitting in a chair and do a toss!
Indoor snowball fight--use a ream of paper, let the kids make snowballs then declare war!! Bring a laundry basket for each team to hold the snowballs in.
Have a Reindeer Food making station: Mix 1/8 c. quick oats with a tsp of glitter, put in a ziplock baggie, and attach this poem to the top: Be sure to take this magic food and sprinkle on the lawn. On Christmas, Santa's reindeer travel miles before the dawn. The smell of oats and shining path will guide them on their way. And you'll wake up to Santa's gifts next morn on Christmas Day!

Good luck!

One idea is to split the class into two or three teams and have them build a tower out of plastic cups. Whichever tower is the tallest and still standing after a certain amount of time, wins.

Another idea is to have one person on each team put on some big clothes over their clothes (a boy works best) and then have their teammates fill the clothes with baloons. See which team can get the most baloons in within a certain amount of time.

Good luck and have fun!


Buy dollar toy items, wrap them and put them in a black garbage bag-bring a big pair of adult gloves-the kids line up put the gloves on and and try to get a present out of the bag and then they keep what they got.

Take astack of napkins and put them on two chairs on each side of the room make two lines, put a scoop of frosting on each kids nose and they have to go to the other side pick up a napkin with there nose.

I'm also doing the 2nd grade party with a no food restriction.
We are going to play Guess the Snowflake - I take a large white sheet and cover one person while another person is in the hall. Then the person under only says brr while the person who was outside tries to guess who is hiding. They might end up playing this only cause they each want a turn.
We are also going to make snowflakes - you use pipecleaners cut in thirds and make a six pointed thing then they use beads to decorate it. Leave one end longer to be the hanger.
I tried one year to do a snow fight using packing peanuts. DON'T!! They were everywhere and it was a disaster. Fun, but a disaster. LOL.

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