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2 Year Old with "Bug" in Eye

Last weekend, my kids were at Grandma's house. The 2 year old covered his left eye there and said it was too bright outside. He left it covered for the entire time he was outside. We didn't think too much about it, but now he is telling us he has a "bug" in his eye. He is constantly blinking and rubbing his eye like he is trying to get something out. He also will tell us that his eye hurts. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? Would you make an appointment with his regular doctor or an eye doctor?

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Thanks for all the great advice! I took him to the opthamologist and there isn't anything in the eye. He said he thinks its just dry eyes from him not closing his eyes all the way when he sleeps. The doctor gave me some drops to put in his eye at night and said to come back if it gets worse.

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Sounds like he scratched his eye. This can happen from the most benign things like even just rubbing the eye. Being senstitive to light or "myopic" is very common if the eye or cornea is scratched. Also the feeling that there is something in it would indicate he is probably feeling the scratch. I would absolutely take him to see an eye doctor. The sooner the better, as some things contain bacteria that can cause major complications (for instance- certain kinds of tree branches). The good news is the eyes are one of the fastest parts of the human body to heal. Best of luck.

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Take him to a pediatric opthamaologist (not your pediatrician), and do so right away. An optomotrist may be OK, they can screen for problems and will refer you to an opthamologist if needed.

Your son's behavior is unusual, and the sensitivity to brightness is important. For example, he may have a cataract. They are more common than you'd expect in children. They also require a different treatment regimen than adults do. At this age, treating it quickly is necessary. When you call for your appointment, let them know that something is wrong, and your son has pain. Ask how quickly you can get in.

In the meantime, try to keep him from rubbing his eye, in case there is something in there. Since bright light bothers him, sunglasses may help.

I have dealt with this; your next step is to find out what is wrong, exactly. Let us know what happens.

It sounds like he might have scratched his cornea. Two of my children did this and we went to their pediatrician. He used an ultraviolet light to see the scratch after putting some type of dye paper in their eye. Then the doctor put some type of ointment on the eye and then patched it for a day or two so it could heal. I know my kids were very sensitive to light when it happened and also it hurt. I'd get it checked out with either but the pediatrician might be faster to get into. K.

If you can get him to use a saline eye wash I would try that, but it's probably that he had something in it which I'm sure by now has fallen out but the irritation is still left there so it will hurt. If you can get him to stop rubbing it for awhile it will feel better and give it a chance to heal.
It's probably a good idea to take him to the doctor.. (the regular one would probably be good enough) to have them look to see if there is in fact something left in the eye, but I would almost guess there isnt, just irritated.

I would try a saline solution to wash out whatever may be in his eye. If this doesn't work, you may need to take him to the Dr. to have it checked out.
I once had a "corneal abrasion" and it was hard to even open my eye. If he would have something like this, that would explain his constant blinking. It could be possible that if something was in his eye, he had scratched his eye with it by his eye rubbing.
Good luck to you and your little guy. I feel for him and hopes he gets better soon. Hugs to him.

Get him to a doctor, probably eye doctor. Last year when I scratched my eye my vision was blurred and it hurt. When my husband looked at it he couldn't see anything wrong. I went to the eye doctor and I had an abrasion. They gave me antibiotic drops to prevent infection. Be on the safe side and take him in. This is his vision you are talking about!

both- first take him to an eye dr. follow through with treatment plan for no more than a week before you take him to your regular dr. just tell dr you are following up and want to make sure nothing secondary is going on. no good dr will get attitude about you working with two of them. they like it when patients are pro active and full of actual medical information of the situation.

Have you taken him in yet? I would take him immediately to any pediatrician !! Don't delay.

I'd call a his regular doctor and see what they have to say, but no matter what get him to a doctor. I am not sure what this could be, but if he is having sensitivity to light and it hurts all the time then he needs to be seen by someone. We only get one set of eyes and this could be something serious.....JMO

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