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18 Month Old Hair Not Growing....

Everyone keeps telling me to cut my daughters hair so it will grow. Is this true or not? We are very proud of our one curl in the back and are starting to see some whisps when she gets hot from playing. The front is the section that seems to be lagging in growth. Anyway - do I trim or not. It really doesn't bother us - it's other people who keep mentioning it. We hear that if we trim it we will be helping her by giving her thicker hair....you know all those opinions out there. Figured I'd ask other mommas! Thanks! H.

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Neither of my children had hair until 3 years. I wouldn't cut it until you ABSOLUTELY had too. Enjoy the baby wisps now - it won't last forever.

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My daughter is almost 20 mos old. I have trimmed her hair 2-3 times and each time it definately grew in thicker and faster. However, if it's not bothering you, then who cares what other people say. You do what YOU want.

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Hi H.,

I'm working on a PhD in Biology and I can tell you that this is absolutely an old wives' tale. Cutting the hair will reduce split ends, which I'm not sure are terribly common in an 18 month old as they are largely caused by brushing your hair, but it will not make your hair grow any faster. The timing of hair growth is controlled by two things: hormones and genetics. Your daughter's hair may also be fine (someone asked if she is blond, which is correlated with fine hair), which can be caused in two ways: 1) the hair shaft itself is thinner than average, or 2) there are fewer hair follicles than average. Both of these are controlled by genetics. Hormones also regulate when hair grows and when it falls out. I'm sure many of us experienced "shedding" after we gave birth, and it is thought that much male-pattern baldness is caused by higher than average testosterone levels. So I say leave your daughter's lovely little curl intact, and just say "thanks for the advice" to folks who suggest you cut it.

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I heard Dr. Oz (Oprah's Doctor) say that it is a myth to cut your hair to make it grow or get thicker. It will only appear a bit thicker, but in reality, it isn't. Also, he said that everyone's hair grows something like 1/2 inch a month regardless of who they are (unless, of course, they are bald). He said this for men and women, as well as kids.
Many kids don't get much hair until they are two or three, so I say, just don't worry about it, it will grow in its own time.

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Hi - yes - that is true. Same as our hair, if you'll notice how quick your hair grows right after you cut it.

I did not want to cut my daughters hair, but it would not fill in. One night I just decided to wack it off and it has grown back quickly and beautifully. It is very full, also. She was about 18 months when I cut hers.

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Yes it's true if you trim her hair a little it should grow thicker but I would only do it if you want to and not because of other people's comments, her hair will grow soon enough.

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When I was about 10, I asked my mom if I could shave my legs. She said you don't want to do that, it'll be thicker if you do. So I didn't, then in middle school, when we had to start dressing out for PE, I got teased about my hairy legs (I may be only 1/4 italian, but I got the hair genes). It wasn't dark, because I was always outside, but it was noticable. So I started using her razor in the shower...my hair is not thicker. It's darker because it's not sun-bleached, but not thicker. I don't think cutting or shaving hair makes it grow faster or thicker or stronger or whatever. It is what it is. Unfortunately, in the hair texture game, you gotta play with the hand you're dealt. If you don't mind it, don't worry about it. Tell the will meaning other people you want to leave it and see what happens.

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Hi, I have triplets..2 girls and 1 boy...I daughters hair grew fast..the other daughter people always asked if she was a boy till she was 2..I used to get angry as her ears were pierced as well as her almost always being in a dress..IT WILL GROW...Ignore ignorant people

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really it won't grow anymore. hair is dead cells. But look at your husband and your baby pictures at that age and look at the hair. It will grow eventually. She's probably blond is my guess. But gelitin makes nails harder or stronger, so maybe more jello. Only cut it if it's becomming scraggley looking.

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Hair is dead-so cutting it does not affect it AT ALL. SO this includes shaving and cutting...

If it doesn't bother you don't cut it. I would just wait it out for it all to get a bit longer then may try to cut the longer parts to even it out...

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