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1 Positive & 1 Negative Pregnancy Test?

Im so confused ladies, and I need just advice, comfort, support, I dont know... We have been TTC for the past 9 months had all the tests, sperm is fine, my hormones are fine, My HSG was normal. This month I have just felt weird, back pain, lots of discharge(TMI), and crampy. My period is supposed to start tonight, but last night I couldnt wait, and tested, AND there was a VERY faint line, BUT still a line. I was estatic, I just KNEW when I tested this AM it would be darker, but it was negative. I am DEVASTATED. How is that posssible? Has this happened to anyone, could I still be pregnant? What should I do? Im lost

Thank you, M.

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WOW! I was so suprised at all the support I got from you guys! Thank you so much for your sweet words, thoughts, and prayers. I still havent seen AF, and I havent tested again either. Called OB, and will go for a blood test Thursday, if AF stays away. Wanted togo sooner, but I can wait. Thanks again for everything!

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I would wait a day or two and test again if AF doesn't show up. I have had false positives with the Answer brand... and also, if you wait past the recommended timeframe, faint lines may show up. I know it can be frustrating. Good luck to you!!

I did a test and nothing showed up after 15 minutes or so so I threw it in the trash. I did another one a few days later and there was a faint line. I dug the first one out of the trash and there was a line.
With my first pregnancy after trying for 1 and a half years, we did a test and the line was very faint. We called the 800 number and they said no matter how faint a line means pregnant.
I bet you can get some one to do a blood test for you at work!!

I would try another precnancy test or two in the next few days.
My breasts started to feel very tender to the touch, and heavy, and they got bigger. The areola part where the nipple is was much darker, I was extremely tired all the time and none of my clothes would fit right. My 2nd pregnancy I knew I was pregnant from all of these symptoms. Good Luck! & Try not to stress out.

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M. - you crack me up only b/c I remember EXACTLY what trying to get pregnant the first time was like. Granted, it's been over 10 years ago but I remember like it was yesterday. I didn't know ANYTHING and read THE "How to.." pregnancy book that has sequels re: infancy, toddlers, etc. but it still doesn't tell you everything. But back to you - I have been told that you can have false negatives, but not false positives, the morning collection is the best time to test (I know what you mean about TMI), and that if you stop stressing about it (yeah, right) it will happen all by itself. With my son (my 1st), the dr. said he was going to put me on Clomid - I got pregnant before he could. I'm so thankful b/c from reading the lit/side effects you just never know. Also - what kind of birth control were you on? Sometimes getting it ALL of out of your system can take awhile. I had been on DepoProvera for a year and a half and it took every bit of 18 mos for us to get pregnant. The good news for you - everything sounds NORMAL for you and your hub!! Also - the discharge (clear, slippery, kind of like egg whites - I can't believe I'm telling you this) is PERFECT timing for ovulation. I had NO IDEA that's what that was until becoming pregant with my second child. Pay attention to all of that. I told my husband THE NIGHT of inception that we would be pregnant and he said NO WAY. I was SOOO right. I loved it!! At any rate - I hope this helps a little.

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Of course it is possible that you are pregnant! Back when I was pregnant (in the dark ages) we didn't have home pregnancy tests. I had missed a period and the doctor took 3 tests over several weeks and all came back negative. My then husband said "That doctor could take a test every week, and get his $15 each time right up until you have this baby!" I told the doctor what he said and the doc said, "This one's on me then," and that test came out positive! LOL

And even somewhere in between all the negatives and the positive I started spotting and thought I was starting a period, but the spotting only lasted one day.

Hopefully you will get a firm positive the next time. Good luck, dear :)

I'm sorry about the tests. Don't give up hope ... its just takes some women longer to get pregnant. It took me 10 months, and my husband and I are both in our 20s. After 9 months of trying, I became very discouraged, and I stopped paying any attention to my cycle ... I decided I wouldn't think about it for 3 months, then I'd go see a doctor. One month later, I was pregnant! Hopefully, you will be pregnant soon.

I would wait a day or two and test again if AF doesn't show up. I have had false positives with the Answer brand... and also, if you wait past the recommended timeframe, faint lines may show up. I know it can be frustrating. Good luck to you!!

I'm pregnant (for sure) and I had negative home preg.tests when I was really pregnant (early on in the pregnancy) I was like you, confused, because I had had a positive test or 2 (w/ faint lines). But sure enough, I had been pregnant all along. Go get a blood test at an OB and they'll tell you for sure. urine tests won't always be accurate, especially early on in pregnancy. God bless!


I was told by a doctor once that the at home pregnancy tests WILL give you a false negative, but NEVER a false positive.

Go get another one! :)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Hi M.,

I've always heard that a line is a line is a line. So, I'd tend to think like you - that you are pregnant. False negatives are possible, but false positives are much less likely. If you can hold off, wait another day or so and test again first thing in the morning.

Good luck!! Let us know what happens!

take a deep breath first of all.
Then after you have tried very hard not to fret over it all. Go ahead and retest,in a day or so.
Chin up!

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