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Wondering If I Should Get a White Noise Machine

Hey guys, I have a son that is 15 mos right now. We found out a few months ago that we are having our second child, and my boy will be a year and 9 mos when this new baby is born. We live in a four bedroom house, with two bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs. We are upstairs. My son sleeps across a very short hallway from our bedroom. I want to stress that everything is so close together that we sometimes don't flush the toilet at night for fear of waking him up. I was planning on having the baby in our room with us until he/she is old enough to sleep in the room with my son. What I'm wondering is if I should get my son a white noise machine for when the baby is born to help deter him from being woken up by the new baby. I used a mobil when he was really little but I've since taken it down, and it doesn't play all night. So what has your experience been, and what do you think the best kind of white noise machine would be to get? Thanks for the input.

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I didn't allow my kids to have white noise because I was afraid they'd get "addicted" to it and we'd have to have it on vacations, at sleepovers, everywhere so I never started it. Just my opinion...

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LOVE LOVE LOVE a floor fan... It drowns out all noises! "I" can't sleep without it.... And neither can my son. HIGHLY recommend it :)

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Just try what you think you want to try.

But bear in mind, that every baby is different.
AND... even a sleeping SNORING parent or a noisy sleeping parent... can wake a baby. Too.

My daughter was/is noise sensitive. A flushing toilet would wake her. A phone ringing would wake her. A car driving down the road, would wake her. Any noise would wake her. So I turned off the phone, whenever she napped.
However, when I had my 2nd child, (my son), even if he was crying and I woke for nursing him at night... my daughter could sleep through that.

My son, could sleep through noise.

But I have used, since they were babies, a fan.... turned on low. It masked enough of the common normal sounds.
I still use it, though my kids are now 5 and 9.
They just like, it on, as they fall asleep.

Not all children, can sleep together in 1 room.
And the "elder" child, cannot mind or manage, the baby. Nor their wakings.
Age stages are different in babies/kids.

If a baby sleeps in the same room as the parent and the parent is woken up by a baby's usual cries/needs for feedings etc., then it would wake the sibling too.... most likely.

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I agree with the posters to get a fan. My son has either a fan or airconditioner going in the warm months and a cool mist humidier in the cooler months. It supplies white noise and keeps the room moist and he doesn't get sick often. I disagree with the posters that imply that you either create or do not create a good sleeper. Being a light or heavy sleeper has nothing to do with the mom stomping around a lot. My son was a light sleeper from the beginning. Any little thing woke him. Now we use the fan or humifier on really low and he is so much better. Your son will probably become a deeper sleeper over time too but having the boys share a room sounds like it might be a bit of a fantasy.

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I think you are onto a good idea. I use white noise with my son. I always planned on weaning him off it when he was one, but didn't. I have found he can sleep with it and without it,but I feel it helps to minimize the distractions of our nighttime activity while he is trying to settle down. We used the TMSoft white noise app on an ipod touch, hooked into some powered speakers.

Personally, I feel that it is important to use white noise that it rhythmic (i.e., not just a continuous tone like white, pink, or brown noise, but something like the sound of water running or of waves crashing). I actually read in Baby 411, that using a constant tone was not good for brain wave function of infants ( I just figured, why use it at any age?).

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I think a white noise machine would be a great idea for your older son and the new baby when it comes. I think you should also experiment and start purposefully making small noises at night so your older son can get used to you moving around during the night. With a new baby you can't help but make some noise while you move around during the night. The new baby is also going to cry and a white noise machine might not be enough noise to cover the crying. I wanted everything absolutely silent when my two were infants but I chose to make noise to get them used to things making noise in the house while they were trying to go to sleep and to stay asleep. Neither one has any problems staying asleep. Not sure which machine to purchase but I wish you the best of luck.

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Okay first of all start making noise. If you don't get him used to it from the get go you will have a light sleeper for life! Trust me on this one, mine could sleep through an elephant stampede!

Having said that clearly I don't think a white noise machine is a good idea, he needs to get used to noise. Honestly you don't learn to be a good sleeper, it doesn't come with age it comes with hearing noise and it not registering to a sleeping mind because you are used to it.

Another bit is a white noise machine works both ways, he won't hear you and you won't hear him. I love our air filter because it gives off white noise, I can't hear a darn thing my kids or cat does and I sleep like a rock. I sleep pretty good without it but I have mom ears so kids getting up will wake me up and my youngest is ten there is not reason why I should care if my kids get up for water.

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white noise machines are GREAT!! I love ours! They're pretty portable, too. We got a cheapy from homedics.

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We use fans in each of our rooms. They are multi-speed so we can make them louder or softer. We just point them away from us...unless we need them in the summer.

They are easy to use, and are much cheaper than a sound machine. Get one that is on a stand or put up high on a dresser if worried about fingers. We have an almost 22 month old and she had never gone near the fans.....and the ones we have have very small openings.

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When our daughter was a baby she slept int he same room as us.
In our bed.
We would sometimes lay down with her, let her fall asleep and then get back up, lining her with pillows.
It ONLY started working after we started running a fan in the room.

If it was coldish, we would face the fan to the wall.
But, if the floor squeaked, the bed creaked, or ANY noise happened, she would wake up and cry, BEFORE we had the fan.

Once we had the fan, she slept through the night most nights, form very early on.
We got quite used to the white noise the fan created too.
It would block out traffic noise and dogs barking and things.

Now, 6 years later, daughter sleeps with a fan on in her room and we have a fan running in our room at night.
It's at the point where we can't sleep with out it, LOL

It's also nice in the mornings or int he evenings, when we are up after her or before her, the noise of the fan gives us a "buffer": and allows us to talk in normal voices and watch tv and stuff.

White noise is great, but addictive :)

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