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What to Buy for 50Th Anniversary

My in-laws are having their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend and I have no idea what to give them. Any suggestions? Any price range is fine.

What can I do next?

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I have an embroidery business and some really great guest towels and linens. A monogrammed item is a great personal gift. If you are interested, email me at ____@____.com


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You didn't menton if there are other siblings who would be willing to go in together on a trip/gift. Assuming not and you can afford it....

A bed & Breakfast weekend somewhere they've talked about visiting or place that you think would interest them.

If they like plays or musicals/concerts, season tickets to your local theatre or concert hall.

IF you have siblings to work with..... a cruise? Trip somewhere a little nicer. Orlando, NYC, Wa DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago.

Your time for the decision making is short so I hope these helped spur your imagination.

What do they like? A scrapbook of 50 years worth of memories may mean more to them than anything really expensive. What about a trip/cruise somewhere(or even a one night get away w/ dinner)? Or a donation to a charity or church that they care about in their honor?

I prefer gifts that the couple can use or go do opposed to stuff to sit around. After 50 years, they probably have plenty of stuff. Anyways, maybe someplace they love to go - get them a certificate for a weekend away. Or if there was a restaurant they have been to and loved, but don't go because of price or because its out of town, treat them to that. Good luck! And Congrats to them!

what about a weekend yard cleaning/house cleaning get together and top that off with a cook out or bbq?

I know my grand parents were given so many geegaws they had NO space for. My Mamaw packed them all up and there the geegaws stayed... wrapped and not enjoyed.

I know my grandparents enjoyed it best when my dad and Uncles would come and do major repairs and things their health would not allow for.

another thought would be a nice gift card to their favorite restaurant.

What about a weekend trip to Warm Springs Georgia and a tour of the Little Whhite House and the Roosevelt Institute.

Callaway gardens is close by there as well... about 12 miles away.

Savannah, Georgia would be a great place to send them for a weekend away.

I would do something other than another geegaw...

Hope this helps,


I like the video idea have seen it those are great and another idea not sure if they are on set income but gift certificates to a place they like to go for dinner (lame but my parents liked not cooking after years of doing so for us kids and they made it to 50 yrs).

I don't know what your time frame is, but we made a video for my grandparent's 50th. We had pictures through the years of each growing up, (my great-uncle told the story in the background)then when they met, had mom, grandchildren. All the while music was playing. We also had little video clips of family members telling funny stories.

Another idea that I did for my dad's 60th birthday was to ask every friend, coworker and family member, even neighbors to write him a letter...telling stories about dad and funny memories, even sending old pics, and I put them together in a beautiful album with his family and wife's letters at the end.

Also, if you could get a pic of their wedding cake, I'd bring a pic to a good bakery and see if they could make it exactly the same and have that at the party!

I'm a little sappy about stuff like this, hope it helps. Good luck!

I have an embroidery business and some really great guest towels and linens. A monogrammed item is a great personal gift. If you are interested, email me at ____@____.com


My brothers and I contacted friends and family, and sent them stationery on which to record their favorite memories of my parents, which we compiled into a scrapbook we presented to them at a reception with everyone in attendance. It turned out beautifully! People contributed stories of being with my parents when they first met and remembering their first impressions of each other (somehow they both knew). They also included photographs of happy times together, as well as wishes for their continued happiness. We all still enjoy looking at the scrapbook and learning things we never knew about our parents. My parents loved the gift and the reception!

My parents just went through this with my grandparents. They gave each of them $50 and had a picture of their wedding day restored and framed. Just a thought.

however many children they have take somthing from each of theme and somthing from their childhood and make a little memo boerd like thing. that is what i would do.

Plan a surprise get-away for them. Choose a B&B a few hours away, nearby to a museum, historical town, or state park (depending on their interest).

I see that someone wrote that they restored a wedding picture of the couple for their anniversary. For my in-laws we did the same thing, but in a frame that you could put side by side pictures. In one side we put the wedding photo and the other side we put a picture of them from their 50th Anniversay Party cutting the cake. They loved it.

Hi P..
I have a friend that owns a videography company. He created a beautiful video that I gave to my grandmother for her 85th birthday. I gave him pictures from her childhood, through her marriage, and her early family, all the way to her grandchildren being born. The video was about 30 minutes, and it was one of the best gifts ever! It is in DVD format, and we bought a few extra of them, so we handed them out to the kids as well... Let me know if you are interested, and I will send you his info.

Good Luck!

A gift certificate for a family portrait.

If you awant to stick with tradition...Gold is what is given for the 50th...my parents celebrated their's three years ago.There is this web site you can go to for ideas
www.happy-anniversary.com since you need it before the weekend there isn't much time to order online. Hope this helps.
Have a blessed day.

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