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What's a Item You Used for Your Baby That You Couldn't Live Without??

I'm a soon-to-be 1st time gramma and wanted to make sure my daughter had some great things to help her
transition into parenthood with the new baby. Is there something you received as a gift or bought
yourself that really helped your sanity those first few months?? I bought her a cotton swaddler for the baby
from target as I hear that swaddling is the thing to do to help a baby sleep better. (wish I would have known that back when she was little.. I wrapped her in a blanket but it wasn't like these swaddlers out now.. and she was a colicky baby too) Any other ideas?
She received many nice gifts at her shower but wanted to know what other people suggested too!

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OH WOWWWW!!! keep the suggestions coming!!! Thank you SO SO much for all your helpful advice!!!

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VIDEO MONITOR: It was great especially for a firs time nervous mom because if the baby was crying, I could see if he was in a weird position in the crib or just being fussy. My mom also loved it.

FISHER PRICE PAPASAN INFANT CHAIR: Best buy ever. It has music and vibrated. Both my son and daughter loved it. My daughter was having trouble sleeping flat in her bassinet so I would put the chair and she was able to sleep in that. I help me through many rough nights.

Congratulations and enjoy. They grow up so fast!

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Pacifiers, night light and a good monitor with screen so I could see the baby if I need to go to the bathroom.

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A pack-n-play!!

A papsan bouncer.

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I would have LOVED a baby video monitor, I couldn't afford one so she slept in her crib beside me and my ex's bed for a long time because I was paranoid (we lived in an apt).
I LOVED the rainforest theme fisherprice bouncer. It was SO cute with the lights and music and animals, so cute and my daughter loved it... (I am actually guilty of still having it haha).
A nice umbrella jogging stroller that you can take to the store or take jogging.
A nice car seat like Graco nautilus
A high chair
One thing I seriously LOVED was the baby carrier that I wore so she was against my chest when I went to the store. It didn't look like these backpack looking things these days, it molded to my body. It made me feel safe and not worried about her safety because she was right there with me.
I would've loved a glider.
I loved the waterproof crib sheets, they don't cover but a portion of the mattress so I bought two, I still use them... love them so much.

Wow Joy P has some good people in her life. I would've loved that, my parents lived 7 hours away (by car) at the time, in laws were 3 days away (by car)

Update Oh my goodness I wish I knew about Moby wraps, those are awesome (looked on the site just now).

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One small but very hand item I have and love is the Mommy Hook. It is a large metal ring that opens and you can hang things on the stroller with it. I needed it not with a newborn but as soon as I wanted to get out and around with the baby. I'm sure she will choose a car seat and stroller she likes on her own.

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Hi J.-
The best things that helped me transfer into parenthood were not things, but people.
#1- Having my mom come to help out on Saturdays to help me with my twin babies while I did some chores. She also gave me adult conversation and it seemed like I got a lot less of that since I was no longer working as a teacher. (My husband also worked a lot of hours at the time.)

#2- Having my mother inlaw come and visit AND take all of my laundry to her house. She washed the babies clothes carefully and separately from my husband's and my clothes. She did this every Tuesday.

#3- My cousin was single at the time and she would come over 2 to 4 times a month to visit me and stay the night.(My husband owned a billiard room at the time and didn't get home until after 1:00 am.) Again... the adult conversation helped me and she also told me to run my errands while she watched the babies. She worked nearby so she slept in the extra bedroom.

Okay.... people from church stopped over with casseroles, etc... and that meant a lot to me, too.

But....let's see.... In case the above does not apply to your question, here are actual things that helped me a great deal:
*baby swing
*sling to hold a baby
*bouncy seat
*bassinet to have in the family room
*a glidder/rocker type chair
*a pillow that velcroed around the back of me.... great for breastfeeding
*a white noise device... helped my colicky daughter
I swaddled her too with a blanket because they didn't have the velcro kind 9 years ago.
And another great "gift" my mother inlaw and mom did was not to hover over me while I raised my babies. (They didn't constantly give me unsolicited advice... rather, they let me do things my way without constantly questioning me. I have heard from others that this stuff does happen with some new moms.)

Well good luck and enjoy your grandbaby!!

Edit- just an after thought.... the reason the visits by my mil, mom, and cousin were extra special were because I didn't get out of the house with 2 premature babies during the winter months.

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Pacifiers, night light and a good monitor with screen so I could see the baby if I need to go to the bathroom.

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This is a silly one, but I received a thermometer for the bathtub when my first was born, and I still use it (my 3rd is 2). I like to know how hot the bath water is, because I can tolerate MUCH hotter water than tender baby skin.

My second recommendation is a REALLY REALLY fast and good thermometer for the forehead. I bought one for about $50 with my first, and wish I'd even bought a better one. When your tiny baby has a fever, the last thing you want to do is a rectal or other slow thermometer. Fast and accurate and easy is the way to go.


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I LOVE the lightweight muslin wraps from Anais & Aden! I used them to swaddle, as a cover while breast feeding, blanket, wipe and stroller cover for naps and to protect from the sun. They are breathable and light weight...still use them today!
Breathable crib bumpers, the thick, decorative ones can be suffocation hazards.
Sleep gowns with 'mitten cuffs'! Easiest diaper changes and mitten cuffs keep them from scratching themselves & you don't have to try to keep those little mittens on them!

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I was never one for "gadgets" but I sure loved the swing!! I could put my babies in there for 15-30min and get dinner done!!!

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I loved my sling. My daughter always wanted to be held & the sling let me get things done and kept her happy. She also loved her jump-a-roo. I have a nice jogging stroller now, and I rarely use the older one with the carseat that attached. Congrats on the new grandbaby! Your daughter is lucky to have such a caring mom!!

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