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What is the ideal Miralax dosage should you give to your child?

This is in addition to a previous request....
I went to the store to get Miralax for my son who has pooping issues. One the bottle it says not for anyone under 17 years old. Is there a children Miralax that I did not see or do you just adjust the dosage for your child? My son is almost 4 and 37 pounds.

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Miralax child dosage may varies based on the child age. A 4yr old and 33lbs is on it per the Doctor and he gets 3/4 tablespoon twice a day for constipation. Another mom gave a 19 month/26 pound daughter 1/2 the adult dosage which is 1/2 the cap. Some takes mineral oil mixed with the Miralax as per doctors order. We think the safest way is to consult your child's pediatrician.

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On Monday evening I gave him 1/2 teaspoon of the Miralax in his milk. Yesterday (Tuesday) he "went" FIVE times!!! Poor little guy! And each time it was quite a bit. I think I am going to stick with the same dosage every few days and see how it goes. Thanks everyone for your advice! It really has helped!!

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My daughter has been on Miralax for a long time. she is two and a half now, but started on it when she was a small baby. She also takes mineral oil mixed with the miralax as per doctors order. We have had better success since starting the mineral oil and it is much cheaper. www.livegreeneasy.com

Just the one kind of Miralax. My pediatrician told me to give my 19 month/26 pound daughter 1/2 the adult dosage which is 1/2 the cap.

My son is three and also had pooping issues. The Dr. had me get regular old miralax and give him half a capful once a day. That did the trick. She also said only give as needed because you can become dependent on it. Hope that helps.

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I know when my little girl had constipation issues we used Babylax- Liquid Glycerin suppositories. It is made by Fleet. Within 5 minutes of using-the problem was solved! They work great and the dosage is already pre-measured.
Hope this helps- good luck!

Hi K. -

I use Miralax for my 19 month old twins. You just adjust the adult dosage. We started (at around 1 year old) to give about 1/4 of a capful. Now we use about 1/3 of a capful. Your pediatrician should have let you know how much to use. Maybe call and ask. The Miralax works like a charm, but it took about 4 days after the initial dose to really see results. Good luck!


Did you try Karo Dark Corn Syrup? I have a 3 month old daughter and the doctor recommended 1 tbsp to 4 oz of water or formula (or milk in your case). It workes wonders! I give her about 2 bottles of that when ever she's having a little problem and she goes within a few hours of the second bottle.

My 4yr old and 33lbs is on it too per the Doctor and he gets 3/4 tablespoon twice a day for constipation. He does great b/c it doesn't change the taste of what he is drinking it in and he actually asks for it now b/c he knows it helps! Good luck.

I give it to my 6 year old and I have a friend who has given it to her 5 year old for a few years. I also work at a children's hospital and we use it there on our patients. I would give him no more than 1/2 a dose, less if it does the trick. Before you do though, I would run it by your son's pediatrician. Good luck!

Hi K.~ our pediatrician prescribed this for our 3 yr old son (he weighs 30lbs), to take 17 grams (which is equal to 1 Tbsp) I dissolve it in about 1/4 c of water 1st, then fill the rest of his sippy cup with juice. I dont give it to him every day, though. Just when I see that he has a hard time pooping. Call your Dr, get their opinion. I started out with a smaller dose, not knowing what the "out come" would be like! Rather be safe (& clean) than sorry!!
Hope this helps you & your little guy! :)

We have used miralax with my daughter who has issues with her system from being born 10 weeks early. The dose is the same as the adult dose. I questioned this myself also.
My husband is also a pharmacist so I also asked his opinion. We have switched over to dried fruit like apricots and plums with drinking seltzer water. giant Eagle has some flavors and they have no sugar or calories. This seems to keep everything working pretty well most of the time. We only use the miralax now if we have a problem. Hope this helps.
L. R

I am a pediatric nurse and give the stuff almost every day at work! It is safe and works really well for most kids. The dose is the same (a "capful" is 17gms.). Mix it with 4-8oz. of juice or water and they have to drink the whole thing. I find the best way to mix it is to shake it up in a bottle for awhile, it seems to dissolve better that way, giving you a better chance of getting it all in. Good luck!

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