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In 5 weeks, we are off to Ireland for a wedding. I've met my husband's cousin a few times, but I don't know the couple that well. I would like to bring something "American."

You ladies are always great at coming up with ideas and things, so thoughts? This is a couple in their late 20s that have been together since HS. They have a house, but that literally is all I know.

I'm thinking of spending around 100.

Would something like a set of steak knives be silly?

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

My husband INSISTS that we just give them money. I hate giving money, but they are his cousins, he knows Ireland better than I (born and raised in Dublin), so I guess I will just go along with what he wants.

Of course we are broke since this trip is costing a small fortune, and we will have to spend more if we are giving cash....But we've yet to visit the in-laws since having our daughter, so in all fairness to his family, I really shouldn't complain about anything.

Thanks again!

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I know you said you are already giving money...but a fun gift...send pizza from Lou Malnatis or something similar...just a thought

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My sister gave a present to a friend of a friend for their wedding. It was a silver holder for their marriage certificate and she had their names and wedding date engraved on it. It was a nice gift for someone she didn't really know.

You could go with matching Cubs sweatshirts - or just pick your favorite team. When I was in Ireland this summer many people asked me about Obama and he seemed very popular there. So maybe along with the sports gear do some Obama presidential memorabilia. Coffee (tea!) mugs with Inaugural emblems etc...Or just do a whole Obama theme. Now, if that doesn't jive with your politics I guess just stick with sports. Have a great time at the wedding. You know, don't you, that these weddings can be a bit of a marathon occasion, right? And take that warm lined rain coat.


Sounds fun to go to a wedding in Ireland...hope you have a great time.
So here is a suggestion...what about making up a gift basket of things from the area...Frango Mints...always popular, a nice book about Chicago...showing lots of pictures. Maybe a Christmas ornament from Chicagoland. Magnets are always fun, stationary. The Old Navy shirts with the flags on them. Maybe some wine from a local winery. I don't know how some of that stuff might travel...I think they are happy you will be attending. Hope this helps you out.

I would not do anything that cuts. It is bad luck or least thought to be by some. Some believe it is a way of saying you do not support the union and it should be cut. So I would give them the money as they have a life that is established together and paying for a wedding is cumbersome. I don't know their financial status but while you always want to give a personal gift the cash is usually appreciated more.

Steak knives wouldn't be silly but..... "knives in your luggage" and traveling overseas? I don't know how comfortable I would be with that. Good knives are Henkel's (German) and Global (Japan).

If you want to do something culinary - a nice cookbook from an American Chef and maybe some kitchen tools.

Maybe even some kind of bedding, linens, towels, tablecloths. I like the thought of wanting to give something "American" but I would probably find out a little more about their color schemes, decorating taste and inquire about something that they would really desire, especially since you would be hauling it from the states.

Good luck.

I am Irish living here in Chi. Some irish are superstitious and say the "knives cut friendships." This tends to be more prevalent in my mother's generation. Another option would be a book on pizza especially chicago pizza, with pizza implements - I know a pizza stone is a little heavy to be carting off to Ireland but if you are there for a while before, you could buy one there if you will be in Dublin or Cork. Other nice American gifts are an Amish quilt or wall hanging. food products are tricky as Ireland is an agricultural hub and they are very fussy about what they will let in at the airport. good luck and have a great time.

We have cousins in various parts of the world, too, so I know the problem! Why not pick up a few good American regional cookbooks -- southern, Cajun, barbecue, Tex-Mex, New England, etc. -- that show off the great diversity of the U.S.? They'd be easy to pack, won't break, and won't give you problems with airport security! You might also want to add a set of US measuring cups and spoons since ours are a bit smaller than the standard in the UK and Ireland and could affect the results. Another favorite we take to our Dutch cousins is a Chicago pizza set, complete with baking stone, deep dish, cutter and recipes (plus measuring cups and spoons.)

Do post what you finally decided on!

Don't try to bring steak knives on the air plane.

I loved getting crystal pieces for my wedding...and I even got to keep them in the divorce! LOL!

How fun to go to a wedding in Ireland. $100 is a lot to spend and the best idea is cash or travelers checks, because it travels easily and they will be able to put it to good use. If you do decide on the steak knives, being married to an Irishman I know that they have this custom of giving a penny back if someone gives knives as a gift. i would want the cash to spend where I needed it.

Hi, J.! You have probably had a lot of ideas since your post. I'm concerned about your thought of the steak knives; would they make it through security? Well,in your luggage probably. Is there something of Chicago that you could take--glassware, picture, something? Good luck and have a wonderful time.

I would give money since you don't really know them and money is definitely what newlyweds need anyway.

Ahh the Irish are steeped in heritage and family! It may seem somewhat selfish but pictures of you! Already framed they can hang it on the wall. It can be silly like your hubby's or child's favorite eatery and you were all at! or a traditional family portrait, many photographer's keep on file for quite some time and reprints aren't all that expensive. And on the outside a christmas ornament from your town, perhaps with the year or just the town as a decorative touch and they will hang it on their tree for years to come.

Two ideas for you. One is a typed quote for the wall of their home from Uppercase living, you can find a rep on-line with a search. They are transferable designs. They have some that are great quotes regarding marriage or time that they could surround their own framed pictures around. In my home home I have one that reads "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away" Then they can add a wedding pic near it. There is also a friend of mine that has an irish saying printed out "May the road always rise to meat you... they are retty simple to transfer anyone can do it.
Cost about $55 for one that takes up a 5x4 foot area.

Second Idea was my favorite gift I received at my wedding. My Aunt printed out recipes on beautiful paper she bought from a scrapbook or paper store. Most of them her own some of them famous then she had them bound at a kinkos into a beautiful book that is personalized for us. I use that book all the time. In the front she even added a conversion chart for measurement.. You could print things like Nieman Marcus Bars, Lou Malnati's pizza, Greek Town Chicken etc., Italian Lasagna, etc. I think the fact it is personal to them is great but you don't have to know someone to share a bit of you. Ciao!

Okay, my family is German and Scoth-Irish...don't know where this silly wives tales came from but we are never allowed to give anyone a watch or knives as a gift because time will run out on your relationship or a knife will sever (how do you spell that?) the relationship.

And I'm not sure a knife set is really American. What is American but a culmination of the world's cultures?

A kit to make an apple pie?
A selection of American beverages?
A crystal vase by an American company?
A lobster gram?
Can you ship a Chicago style pizza?
A collection of American recipes...how to make pizza, apple pie, chicago style hotdogs....?

I know you said you are already giving money...but a fun gift...send pizza from Lou Malnatis or something similar...just a thought

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