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Weaning Baby Who Won't Take Bottle, Sippy Cup, or Even Pacifier

I would like to wean my baby (11 m old) to cows milk, but he doesn't take bottle or sippy cup. I have been exclusively feeding him breastmilk since birth, ocasinally pumped and did bottles till 3 months of age. After that I was able to stay home and did not need to give him a bottle (I was always available for breastfeeding). He drinks water and juice from a cup just fine but has never learned to take a sippy cup. I think he forgot how to take a bottle and since we never used a pacifier, he does not seem to understand that he can "suck" liquids out of other things besides mommy's breasts. He now nurses only about 3 times a day and ocasionally once at night. How do I go about weaning him. Do I just give him cow's milk from a cup? How much? Thank you for your ideas.

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My son is almost nine months,I also breastfeed. A few months ago I started working p/t and had the hardest time getting rocco to take anything. He would flip out the second he saw a bottle. There was actually a few time where he wouldnt eat. I went through hundreds of dollars on bottles and sippy cups. Finally I found the sippy cup that worked for him. Its the nuby brand. The nipple is really soft and bigger than the others. Now he drinks from it with no problem. I started putting water and juice in it hoping later the transition from my milk to cows milk will be kind of smooth. But in your case this may work. Ounce you get him on a sippy cup he likes with your milk maybe then you can slowly put the cows milk in. I believe you are supposed to give him regular milk at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He should be getting alot of nutrients from the soldis he eats also. Hope this helps, good luck

We finally got out little guy to dirnk from a sippy cup that had a straw. You probably just need to try several differnt kinds until you find one that he likes. also don't give up an a cup if he doesn't like it the first or sencond or thrid time. it can take then a while to figure it out. As far as the milk give it to him any way he well drink it. if it is out of cup then give him a cup. Most of us just use bottles becuase that is what babies already know how to use.

try the BORN FREE cups. the nipple in that doesn't require lots of sucking. my son was the same way and he figured those out pretty quick. good luck:)

Hi J.,
I had to try about 6 different sippy cups until I found one that my daughter liked. You could also try a straw cup like one of the other moms suggested.

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