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Washing Machine Won't Deliver Cold Water

Hi all, weird question. My Maytag washer (9yrs old) runs fine except that it won't put cold water into the basket. If I run a cycle on warm or hot, no problem on the first fill (the same place the cold water comes in at), but when it comes time to rinse, it just runs and runs with no water coming in. Any thoughts? Maybe buildup somewhere? Thanks

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sounds like Vickie gave you great advice! I had this happen once and it did need a repair guy and he put some part on it. Good luck. I had a friend who would cart cold water to her washing machine when this happened to her. Not a great way to do laundry, huh?

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You might try lifting/elevating the water house that is connected to the water source. This happened to my son's washer and we used a bunji cord to elevate it and problem solved. Good luck!

First would be to check to make sure that the cold water is actually turned on going to the washer. Someone may have turned off the cold water supply.

Just a thought.

Take off your cold water hose and see if u have a screen? I have one, we r on a well so it clogs sometimes? All u do is take the screen out, rinse & return! (my screen is in the cold water intake, which is in the washer! Good luck!

I had the same problem.
There is a filter in the hose where it attaches to the washing machine. You might be able to wash/clean it out but you may need to replace it. You can get those at any hardware store.
I hope that works for you.

OOOPS, sorry I didn't read the complete question before I sent my first response, the hose filter probably isn't your problem

You might first check the water lines on the back of the machine and make sure that there's cold water coming out of the cold line. Also, the hoses to wear out and get buildup, so you might want to check those out as well.

There is something called a pressure valve that tells the machine when to let water in-usually when those go bad it does it for all cycles, not just rinse, but that might be another place worth checking. The only way to know that is the problem is to order one and switch it out to see if it fixes the problem.

Hope that helps, good luck!

It could be a sensor problem. Obviously the machine is getting the message for the wash, just not for the rinse. Call that idle Maytag repairman and give him the job. lol Later, V.


Try undoing the cold water hose and cleaning or replacing the mesh filter that keeps debris from going into your washer. I think that is what was wrong with mine years ago, especially after the city would turn the water off and on to do lline repairs in the rural town we lived in.

Hope that helps.


The cold water solonoid is not opening and it is in the back of the machine where the hoses connect-about 25.00 part plus labor. My husband does this a lot. He is an electrician and repairs appliances. When you run warm water, it will aleays be hot because no cold is coming in to bring down the temperature.
My husband laughed and said, this is a 4 thousand mile diagnosis because we are in Spain. Haha
If it is not fixed before April 1st, call me at ###-###-#### and he will come, altho I forgot to ask where you live. We live in Arl.He charges about half what you will pay someone else, plus Maytag repairmen usually want to over sell you on the problem and tell you need a new machine, which is wrong, because I kept my Kenmore 26 years and my husband repaired it 3 times in that lenght of time. Good luck!

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