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I just need to vent a little. I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I spent so long worrying about maternity leave and money and all that stuff and now everything just blew up in my face basically. I put in my request for time off of work for 4 weeks and then I changesd it to 2 because I just cannot work there anymore. I have insurance from my work, and while I am off I have to come up with the money to pay for it, and I dont get any type of paid leave and I dont get any Family Medical Leave either cause I havent been there for one year. So, I was trying to figure all this out and what happens?? My husbands car died. The motor is dead and I am not running out to buy a new car when I am going to be off in 2 weeks. So, now today I have to call my work and tell them I have no way of working for the next 2 weeks. There is no way I can get my daughter to daycare and me to work, I work really long and weird hours. So I dont know if I will have to quit or not, which really doesnt bother me cause I am not gonna get paid while I am off, but I wont have insurance and I am due in June. Everything is happening all at once and I dont know what to do. And now the baby has dropped already and I have to wait till next week till I go back to my drs. But I think the baby is coming early, which kinda scares me. I have to figure out how to pay our bills on one income now instead of two, and I have to see about insurance. There is just so much stuff going on and all I want to do is relax and clean and spend time with my dd before the baby comes. Thanks for listening! I just needed to get that off my chest, lol!

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Thanks everyone for your help! My work let me take my leave early. So I still have my insurance from them for now. The welfare office doesnt seem like much help. They are gonna go by my income from my job even though I am not getting money. So, I have to fill out and copy my life bascially to see if I can get medical assistance. They cant tell me now cause everyones situation is different as they say. The WIC office is going to try to work and see what they can do to help me, I have to go there next week. Just because I am on leave they still count my income also. Which I think that is crap. Now I am sick. I am debating whether or not to call the doctor. I have a head cold, but I am sooooo hot, with no fever, nausea, and dizzy. Its probably just a cold, but as my due date gets closer I worry. Thanks for the help everyone!!!!!

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stop stressing first of all, go down to board of social services and apply for medicaid, then since you did work it doesn't matter how long you have worked at a company to get temp. disability. and they have to by law give you 4 weeks before your due date and 6 weeks after. they don't have to pay you but they do have to hold your job. and you have another 30 days before they cancel your health benifits.

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Family and medical leave in this country sucks!!!! In France they get 16 weeks paid! fathers get leave too. BUT...if you lose your insurance due to the loss of a job, you can apply for assistance. They raise the income limits for a pregnant family. You will get dropped 8 weeks after delivery, but at least it is something. Once you get dropped (assuming that you wouldn't have qualified if you weren't pregnant), you canask your case worker to put an application in for you for adult basic insurance. It is cheap, but it doesn't cover prescriptions.
I hope this helps some....and come here any time to vent any time...youwill always find someone who agrees with you!!!

D. - congratulatons on your pregnancy! You may be eligible for SSI, www.ssa.gov/ please go to that link and apply - it isn't social security disability but it is supplemental income that if you are disabled (pregnancy and childbirth are disabilities) you may be able to collect for 6 - 8 weeks afte the birth of your child.

yeah they are right , your insurance doesnt get cancelled until after 30days, and you can apply for Medical assistance they pay for all your medical expenses and it will help you for after you have the baby and you can apply for the baby once he is born if the kids dont have insurance either, well congratz and good luck let me know if u decide to apply for MA and if you need to talk or vent whatever i'm here....

I know how you feel and I think it is perfectly naturaly to freak about finances when you are expecting. I too had unpaid maternity leave, and like you rely on my income as well as my husbands to make ends meet. It was our first so any spare money went to getting the things we needed instead of into savings. I contacted all our creditors, including our mortage co. and the bank regarding our car loan-many people don't realize they offer hardship extensions with no penalties. My car payment let me skip 3 months and just will tack them onto the end. My mortgage company was great too. Its better to call and discuss it before hand so they know exactly where you stand. I found that they were actually very understanding. I hope this helps. It does get easier. We are pregnant again and have actually saved enough that I am taking 12 weeks unpaid leave. I hope this info helps and you creditors are as great as ours were. Good luck and congratulations.

Well Im sorry things arent going so great right now. Im sure they will get better. Just try and not stress, because that can bring the baby early. I know bc i had a preemie (34weeks) and it was all the worrying I did. Worrying about everything but bringing a healthy baby into the world. But I learned that lesson lol.
Just work with the money that you have. If you have to cut corners, give up cable or eating out, then find a way to make it work. There is always a way, you just have to find it. We all go through difficult times hun, it builds character in us. And yes, even patience. Have faith, and just take a good look at how blessed you are, that always seems to help me :)
I wanted to ask you, my son is 2 1/2 and everyone seems to think we should have another baby soon... He would be 3.4 yrs when the "new" baby would arrive.. Do you think with your lil girl being 4 she is at a good age for another one, or do you think they will be in 2 different places?
I would like another one soon, we have been trying for 2mos, but I dont want to feel pressured by outsiders telling me that my kids will have nothing in common because they are 3-4yrs apart. What do you think?
Best of luck to ya and congrats on your baby :)

Apply for CHIP for your unborn baby right away if possible. It's a great program and is offered to PA residents. You can apply online, in writing or over the phone. www.chipcoverspakids.com They can also send you info about WIC and other programs you may be eligible for.

Hang in there, remember things always have a way of working themselves out!

hey, just wanted to let you know we had insurance issues too while I was pregnant I was told they can't cancel your insurance while your pregnant because it's considered a prexisting condition and other insurance companies usually won't pick you up if you they know your pregnant.There are laws to protect you they cann't fire you for maternity leave, you could possibly get a note from your doctor saying you need to stay home and rest, that could help out with the situation too. Try not to stress I knows that sounds impossible right now and I am sure it feels like what else could go wrong but things will turn out okay, they always work themselves out. I was in this situation last year and was so worried.we struggled but we made it through, I feel for you. Anyways congratulations and good luck to you everything will work it self out.

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