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Vacuum Cleaner?? - Birmingham,MI

Good Morning Ladies, I DESPISE my Hoover vaccum cleaner and desperately want to upgrade with my tax refund. I have two friends who swear by theirs. The trouble?? One loves her Oreck and one loves her Dyson. Both are very expensive and I want to invest wisely. We all suffer from dust allergies and my son has asthma as well, so I need something very powerful and comprehensive. We don't have pets. I like to use the attachements for draperies and furniture and such. We also have a long flight of carpeted stairs that requires cleaning regularly. Any opinions that might help tip the scale would be greatly appreciated. :-) Thanks in advance for your attention. S.

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Between the two I'd get a Dyson. I have an Oreck. I didn't even buy it, wasn't consulted. I have never liked it. More than even the Dyson, I'd get the one sold by Amway. But anything without the bags to have to put in. The Dyson is just better designed and makes more sense.

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Look at a good old fashioned style Royal vacuum cleaner and get the hepa filtration bags for it. The Oreck and Dyson don't even come close to vacuuming as well as the Royal. Plus the Royal model we bought has a 7 year warranty and was cheaper than the Dyson and Oreck. I know it looks old school and clunky, but boy does it clean! If you go to one of Banks vacuum, http://www.banksvac.com/, store locations you can look at and demo all those models and decide for yourself. I think their closest location may be Troy? Good luck!

We have a Kirby (vacuums and shampoos), and I simply love it. Surpasses many vacuums on the market and comes with plenty of attachments to do just about anything. It's a bit pricey, but well worth the investment if you like clean (really clean) carpets.

I use to have an Oreck--HATED HATED it! But that was a few years ago-and things change...I do have a Dyson and LOVE it! Well worth the money!

I LOVE my Oreck. I have the one with 10 yr warranty, all the bells and whistles. It is SO lightweight and makes the job a lot easier. I do have 3 dogs and I use it on a daily basis.

My mom has a Dyson, although she said it is good, she does not care for it because it is so heavy. She regrets not going with a lighter weight one.

I have a Miele. German made, expensive and works. I too have allergies and asthma. I use all the attachments for dusting, stairs etc. Had an Oreck--it became so noisy, I had to use ear protection. R.

Why don't you ask your 2 friends if you could borrow each of their's for a week (or maybe trade with you for a week). That way you can see which you like better by trial and error.

Between the two I'd get a Dyson. I have an Oreck. I didn't even buy it, wasn't consulted. I have never liked it. More than even the Dyson, I'd get the one sold by Amway. But anything without the bags to have to put in. The Dyson is just better designed and makes more sense.

I don't want to make your decision harder, but have you considered a Rainbow? It uses water to capture everything you vacuum up, so it can't get back out into the air. It seems like there is one other brand out there that does that.

My parents had a Rainbow when I was growing up, and when my husband and I were first married of course we couldn't afford one. We got one a couple years before our son was born. Day care lady has one, too. Everyone I know who has one is so surprised at all the stuff it sucks up. It is yucky to dispose of the water and clumps of hair/dust (we have a cat), but I feel it has helped with allergies and overall to have a clean home. There is a stairway attachment that is great for stairs, and other attachments as well.

As for the two brands you mentioned, I know a couple people with a Dyson. They like them, but one of them had a Rainbow demo and it got stuff out of her carpet even though she had just vacuumed with the Dyson. Still, the Dyson is less money than a Rainbow, so out of the two options you listed I would choose the Dyson.

HI S.---I would highly recommend going to your local vacuum cleaner store and telling him your needs. These stores carry machines that you most likely won't find at other retail outlets such as Target, Meijer or even Costco. Most importantly, these guys are experts and will be able to recommend the best machine for your needs and your budget. Not only that, you'll be supporting the local businessman, rather than large chain stores. You may pay a little more, but a relationship with a local supplier is well worth it. These guys can also repair your machine in the future.

There is a store on Dixie Hwy in Waterford, at the Waterford plaza, but I'm sure you could find a local supplier by looking in the yellow pages or 'googling' an internet search engine.

Lastly, go to your library and look at the most recent Consumer Reports to find comparisons of different vacuums. But, I really like to talk to the experts. They won't steer you in the wrong direction.

Good luck, D.

I have a dyson, It's the best thing I have ever ever spent my money on. LOVE IT!! I have stairs too works great. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats also I have the Dyson Animal and I am telling you its just beyond words. Go for the Dyson. You wont be sorry

I have never used an Oreck but I do love my dyson. I do wish the parts weren't so plasticy. I dont know what Jan means about them being junk though. Mine does an amazing job with my shedding machine german shepherd. Especially this time of year when he is shedding his winter coat. I also have a 3 yr old that gets her fair share of stuff on the carpet. I love the wand built into the handle. A quick click and I can reach cobwebs and any other hard to reach places. Its great in the car with the attatchable turbine tool. Its not light but I have no problems carrying it around. Maybe its because Im used to picking up my 35lb toddler/preschooler. It also has a really nice long cord. I didnt think I would like a bagless vacuum but its SUPER easy to just click the button and the bottom opens up in the trash can.

I have a Dyson, and I like it for the most part, but if you go over the max fill line even once, the dirt gets clogged (even though they claim it can't clog); if I had the money, I'd have a Kirby; my cousin had Cystic Fibrosis and his doctor told his parents to buy a Kirby vacuum because of how good it was at removing allergians, including dust mites from your mattress if you have them. It also can be turned into a shampooer and lots of other awesome things.

Both the Oreck & Dyson are junk!! I have both and neither one could clean as well as the one I have now after 20 years of using a vacuum we finally get one that cleans great and I will never buy those other 2 again. We bought a Sanitaire it may be a bag vacuum but it picks up everything even dog hair and the allergies that we all have here I wouldn't go back to anything else. We bought it at Mill vacuum in Downtown Milford the man's Name is Max and he sure does know his vacuums. Good luck choosing a vacuum...

I LOVE my dyson, it pulls out SO much from my carpets, it is unbelievable. I bought mine when t was on sale at Kohl's and I had a coupon. I plan to buy another for my lower level!

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