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Vaccines - When Is It Enough?

I have been having some doubts about the Vaccines my children are receiving. I believe that Vaccines help to prevent the spread of terrible diseases, I also believe that there are unsafe, unnatural ingredients in these Vaccines. So what to do? My 15 month old daughter has had 23 immunizations so far. 23! That's more than the amount of months she has been alive!! When is it enough? How many times do these Vaccines have to be given to offer protection. Because every time she is getting one I have no idea what they are injecting her with. Are any of the ingredients linked to problems later? Like allergies or diseases like cancer, etc. Now my 5 year old is ready for kindergarten and they are telling me she has to have all these boosters. I thought she was already protected. My healthy 82 year old mother-in-law and mother of 9 children could not believe the amount of immunizations my baby has had already. I believe in protecting my children from danger but I'm not sure I am by getting these vaccines that have some of the most toxic things in them (aluminum, Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Mercury). So anyway when do you finally say ENOUGH!?

What can I do next?

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While I don't believe vaccines are perfect and would never allow a LIVE vaccine (ie. inhaled through nose, we go with the dead shot), IF the Prevnar vaccine HAD been available when my daughter was born, she wouldn't have gotten pneumococcal meningitis which nearly killed her and resulted in severe learning disabilities we have struggled with through school since (she is now 16).

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OMGosh--I just looked up all 3 of my girls' records and they all have only had 25 total--including the triple and quadruple doses of the same vaccine--the absolutely mandatory ones for them to go to public school around here. My oldest is 9 and my twins are 5 1/2...If I were you--I'd stop right now.

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Hi C.,

Research the laws in PA on vaccinations. I homeschool in one state and have an umbrella school in another and all I need is a written statement.that vaccinations contradict my beliefs. Whether there is any religious belief there or not, you certainly believe that they have had enough. This is America. You are not required.

I said enough on my oldest's 3rd birthday. My second child has never had a vaccination. They are both healthy, never catching colds or flus. PROVEN:The blood brain barrier for a small child is not as strong as an adult. PROVEN: The vascular system carries everything in it to every organ of the body. ANY doctor, researcher or not, will tell you that. Whether the "disease" they are injected with is dangerous to the brain or not, the synthetic chemicals that you mentioned, along with others, are dangerous.

The most common argument I hear from "pro" vaccination people is that my kids will get their kids sick. How can that be if mine don't get sick? They are riding on the coattails of someone else who has made that leap. I stopped cold turkey with my now 18 year old. She's fine. If anyone thinks this is genetic you should look at my medical records. I was the sickest kid in my school, in and out of hospitals all my life. Everything is related, everything.

C., you are the Mom God gave these children to. You research and you decide as a thinking woman what is best for your kids. If you want a pediatrician you can find one that won't force these on your daughter, even if you have to drive a few more miles.

God bless,


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I'm in a little different position, my kids are almost 20 and almost 16 YEARS!

Up until about 5 years ago or so, both kids have had everything recommended, except flu shots. None of us have ever had a flu shot!
As a traditionally trained RN (with over 25 years experience), I often tell people that I do believe in the benefits of some vaccines but worry about the overall need/safety and efficacy of ALL vaccines! And I believe you have every right and should be asking these questions! Good for you!

If I had small kids right now, I would be asking more questions. I would flat out refuse a few and at the very least seek a doc who agreed to a delayed schedule.

I do question the allergies and illness and wonder not only about the increase in the # of vaccines, but also environmental hazards and chemicals in or food products. I can tell you that when I started nursing in the early 80's childhood cancer was very rare.
Yes, as one poster said, there are toxins in our water, sweeteners in food (which I don't buy or consume knowingly) BUT not in the concentrations of the vaccines!

I also think the Dr. Sears books and website are a great source. OK, so he may have an employee update the website, but I have met him personally and know that he does put a lot of research and thought into his projects. AND I trust a man and his integrity who has raised 8 children of his own and continues to have a very successful practice for many years side by side with his nurse wife and now practices with 2 or 3 of his sons.

The www.nvic.org website someone mentioned is also a great resources.

Bottom line, again as so many others have said, YOU need to read and research and do what is best for YOUR family. Once you make that decision, either way, do not apologize. Continue to read and ask questions.

In good health,

L. K

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This is the answer I gave a month or so back to a similar question, but my opinions haven't changed at all:

Only you can answer that. You will get a different answer for every responder on here.

We do selective and delayed vaccinations so almost none of the recommended vaccinations are done on time in our house.

You need to decide, on your own, after good research, what vaccinations you feel you want for your children and which ones you don't. And then make a schedule for those.

Check out Dr. Sears and his insights on vaccinations. I like him because he is very middle of the road. Not really pro, not really con, but pretty much down the middle. He offers alternative schedules to the traditional ones. Here's a link.

Don't let either side scare you. This is a very passionate topic and you will probably get those that tell you your child will die if you don't get every shot on time and you will get those telling you that your child will die if you do get any shots anytime ever. So, take them all with a grain of salt and come to your own conclusions.


I agree that it seems like a lot. If you decide to continue to vaccinate, then talk to your doctor about delaying or staggering the vaccinations so that your child isn't getting all of them at once. That should be something that your doctor, conservative or not, will be willing to do for you.

And of course you should listen to doctor's OPINIONS! It is all opinion until something is proven fact and even if it is "proven", another study will come along proving a different "fact". If you educate yourself and ask thoughtful questions, the opinions you will get will be valuable. Just take them all into consideration and make a decision that is right for your family.

Good luck!

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Hi C.,

I would definitely recommend doing some research on vaccines and fully educating yourself on what vaccines your child gets. You want to know what's going into their bodies, right?


Also, have your daughter's titers tested to see if she even needs those boosters. She could have full immunity and not even need them. I don't think it is covered by your insurance, but worth the money if you don't want her to have unnecessary vaccines.

I was looking in my baby book the other day and I think I got 5 vaccines and their boosters. Wow, I'm healthy....today (28yrs old).

Anyways, the more informed you are the better (although reading all this information is exhausting and will always have you hoping you made the right decision about anything).

I don't plan on giving my son the Hep A or Chicken Pox vaccine. If you read about Hep A it does not cause permanent liver damage, like Hep B. And as far as Chicken Pox goes, well I'll just wait and see if my son catches it and if he doesn't by a certain age then maybe I'll give it to him (cause the disease can be harmful to adults).

Good luck with your decision!
This is my favorite vaccine website:

Oh and one last thing, you can google the vaccine product insert and view it as a pdf, for example type in mmr product insert. That's the ingredient list that comes with the vaccine packaging. The MMR insert is about 8 pages long and I read the whole thing, very interesting. I'm sure you can google any vaccine.

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Ask your Doctor to perform a antibody titer test. This will tell you if re-vaccination is necessary. If re-vaccination needs to be performed than split them up. 2-3 virus' at a time.

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I'm so glad that adults are waking up to see that this crazy vaccination situation in our country is over the top. You are right to be concerned. You are right to research it. Read, read, read. Then, read some more. Find out what you are injecting yoru daughter with and *then* decide what you want to do about it. We supposedly give informed consent to vaccinations, but none of us are really informed by the doctors. Do they give an ingredients list? Were you ever shown a package insert? Probably not. I have had to educate our doctors about what is in these things (like aborted baby tissue/DNA in many of them). They had no clue. It's right there in the package inserts. Aluminum is a huge contributor to Alzheimer's. In vaccines, as you mentioned. Oh, I could go on and on, but I won't. (Feel free to email me privately if you want websites or more information.) I have spent years studying this topic. We used to vaccinate, but don't anymore. Our youngest children who have had no vaccinations have the best immune system. They are very healthy! Good for you for asking!

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We are on a modified extended schedule. Not entirely Sears, but not the current recommended schedule. Many people are doing this so your pediatrician shouldn't be surprised when you ask. They recommend more vaccinations now than they ever did, even more now than when my stepkids were small. My daughter is up to date (except for the MMR, on a technicality, but the pediatrician and I decided she can wait). Where it's been possible to split a mixed vaccine we do. Where it's not (they no longer make the MMR as seperate parts, which I think is stupid), we do that one just on its own. I think that having combo shots is misleading. There could be 4 vaccinations in that one shot. More visits? Sure. Peace of mind? Yes. I personally think that vaccines are important, but you need to prioritize them, consider them, and do what works for you. If your child is not in daycare, then consider holding off some of the shots til she goes to school, for example. We also had some shots done because we travel and we live in an international area. We chose to get some of her vax because of where we live. If I lived back where I grew up (tiny midwestern town), I might not have done so. I don't think vaccines are all or nothing. You just have to get informed and have an ongoing discussion with her doctor.

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I have 4 boys. The oldest 2 have had all their vaccinations, then the whole swine flu debacle made me do some research. All I can say is do your research and come to your own decisions.

For myself, what convinced me the most against vaccinations was the website for the CDC and the FDA. When they say something is safe but admit they have never researched it, makes me suspect whether they have my health in mind or the drug companies.

Read the inserts and see what the company recommends and what the govt recommends.

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