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Vaccines! - Hersey,MI

Such a controversal topic...
History: I have 4 kids, ranging 7-1 years old. Up until last friday, my kids have been "up to date" on their shots. My older 2 are still, but now my younger 2, (a 4 year old also) is not. I have a friend who is very very very against shots. She told me some things that made me change my mind and now, my husband and I have decided to not get the children any more vaccines.
How do you mom's feel about this topic and those who chose to NOT vaccine what do you tell the doctor/nurses when they want to know why and try to convince you to do what they want?
Thanks to you all :)

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Oh boy, this sure is a controversial topic! In my opinion, there is no credible evidence linking vaccinations against any serious effects (other than those rare ones listed on the CDC's handout for each specific vaccine.) Of course, as a parent it is your right to determine what enters your child's body, but I believe the anti-vaccine movement has become a public health problem in that those of us who are doing our part to vaccinate our children and help eradicate life threatening and debilitating diseases are being thwarted by those who refuse vaccines and whose children come into contact with ours.

Diseases that were once eradicated in the US are now seeing a resurgence, because a significant segment of the population is no longer vaccinating their children out of fear of vaccines (or even as immigrants from non-eradicated nations.)

My ped discusses each vaccine with me, and lets me know which ones he REALLY thinks are unnecessary. My husband is a physician, and he strongly advocates for vaccination. Whenever our ped mentions the scheduled vaccination, my ultimate deciding factor (after doing our own research) is whether or not his own kids received the particular vaccine. He also lets me know when he believes that seasonal flu shots are really necessary.

I don't believe that anti-vaccine parents should necessarily seek out like-minded physicians, as I believe in having a diversity of opinion and always having a physician who is not just telling you what you'd like to hear, but giving you their best professional opinion.

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HI S.,

I have two daughters and my oldest was vaccinated to the age of three and my youngest has never had any vaccines. I not only studied vaccines but also all sorts of synthetic chemicals that are on the market today. When I was a kid, we got 3 vaccines prior to kindergarten and they were preserved by refrigeration. Now the vaccines have multiple preservatives and there is evidence (I've seen it firsthand) that vaccines cause many issues. I believe my children are healthier because they have not been exposed to numerous toxins that coincide with all vaccines. My best friend's 24 year old son-in-law who WAS military went through a battery of vaccines and is now functioning as a 10 year old. The condition he has, ADEM, is linked to the MMR. Even the medical community will verify that.

To answer your question I told the doctor that this was our child and our decision. If he had any information that he wanted me to read, I would be willing to but it was not his job to convince me of anything. Our doctor respected our wishes. The firmer you stand your ground the easier it is to do things your way.

Hope I helped!


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There's an increased incidence of autism in children of parents who were elderly when they had kids. There's an increased incidence of autism when certain drugs, such as thalidomide, are taken during the first trimester of pregnancy. Exposure to rubella virus (German Measles) during the first trimester can also affect that developmental window when autism can develop. They think there is a genetic component to autism, like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease.
Vaccines do not cause autism.
Thimerasol (a preservative) does not cause autism.

By not immunizing, people are increasing the odds that women will be exposed to rubella during their first trimester and that will increase the chances for that unborn child to have autism. The persistence of this vaccines-causing-autism myth would be laughable if the ignorance were not so dangerous to other people's children.

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I agree that you should do some hard research. While the autism concern is legitimate, there simply has been no independent research to show one way or another (although for me, the risk is higher than the benefit of the vaccine so we did not and will not be giving the mmr.)

Another aspect of vaccines that is concerning is the fact that most vaccines use aborted fetal cells from a line of cells that came from a forced abortion. (The baby was killed because the mother had mild retardation and the court system agreed the baby should be killed rather than the mom allowed to complete the pregnancy.) That is simply not something I want any part of.

And mercury isn't the only toxin in vaccines...there is a laundry list of things that are all known toxins that cause all sorts of problems.

There are also NO long term studies on the efficacy and safety of our vaccines. None. That scares the stew out of me. We do long term studies on everything else (chemo, pain relievers, etc) but none on vaccines??!!

Did you know the N1H1 vaccine was never even put through normal testing in the US before it was being given to patients? The manufacturer simply used the test results they got from the regular flu vaccine as their supportive research. That's like insisting you pass the 5th grade in math because you took a 3rd grade math test two years ago and did ok. It makes no sense and is an entirely different vaccine.

Do your research. If you decide not to get your children vaccinated, as a parent you have that right. People who complain and worry, I usually tell them that since a vaccine only protects the person who gets the vaccine, that their kids should be fine if they decided to get the shot regardless of what I have decided is best for my child.

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I am doing an extended vax schedule and skipping some like H1N1. We are also doing MMR later. I discuss each one with our pediatrician and weigh which ones need to be at what time, which can be split, etc.

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In my opinion the best book on this subject is the Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. It really breaks each vaccine down and gives good information. I selectively vaccinate my kids. I have an 8th grader, a 5 year old and I am pregnant with #3. As far as discussing my decision with doctors or nurses, I don't. I tell them I have done my research and the topic is not up for discussion. I am paying them for a service and I will not be harassed.


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I recommend that you do your own research, not only on this sight, but on the Internet, paying close attention to medical information as well as personal opinions. Once you know why you're not having vaccinations you'll know what to tell others. If you're convinced that you decision is the right one, you won't need to convince anyone else. A brief statement is all that you'll need.

My daughter's sister decided to not give vaccinations but ended up doing so because of the school districts requirement. I don't remember now why she wasn't able to just say she chose not to give them. So, I suggest that you find out the school district requirements and learn how to deal with them, while you're doing your research.

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I'm not going to try to sway your opinion on this one. I am not well researched enough to back up everything I believe, or I don't remember where I got my info and don't really care to go searching right now. But I will say that I hope you got more information and research on this that just what your friend told you. Why do you trust what your friend says over what your doctors say? Is she an expert? I'm not saying doctors are right all the time at all, but at least they have the schooling and background to back up their opinions. I can't tell you how many things I have heard and read that are supposedly "facts" that just aren't true if you look into them deeper. I hope that if your doctor wants to know why you are choosing not to vaccinate and putting your child at risk of preventable infectious diseases (as well as other people), that you have a better answer for them than "because my friend told me about this stuff...". Just do the research for yourself, from credible sources. There is a lot of crazy nonsense floating around out there. I'm not saying there is no risk involved in vaccines, and there is lots of data out there to back up your decision, but do your own research. Including getting your doctor's opinions.

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