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Tubes Tied and Pregnancy (?)

I have 3 babies and I am looking for the most permanent solution to not getting pregnant again. My husband is considering a vasectomy, but not sure yet....

My doc recommended a tubal ligation based on my medical condition (type 1 diabetes- insulin pump dep). Here's my question....

Have you or anyone you know gotten pregnant even though you've had your tubes tied? If so, what happens? Can you go thru with the pregnancy? Do they HAVE to remove the embryo? What are the odds?

Any info or direction of where to get info is appreciated...

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I haven't had this happen but I have had a family member go through this. I don't know all the details but I do know that she had her tubes tied and then became pregnant with her 3rd son. She had a healthy baby boy with no problems. Sorry I don't know all of the details but I do know that it can happen.
Good Luck

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My mom got pregnant with my brother after having her tubes cut, burned and tied so it could possible to get pregnant. My mom had alot of health problems but my brother was healthy and nothing happend due to her tubes being tied.

Hi M.,

I have heard a lot of things concerning getting pregnant after taking permanent measures initially in preventing that from happening.

Honestly the best close to 100% way to permanently prevent pregnancy is for both partners to go under the knife.

A friend of mine is 25 y o SAHM she has 5 kids rangling in age from 12 to under a year. Her amd her hubby are SUPER fertile people. He now has a vasectomy and she had her tubes tied and burned!

I have in fact heard horror stories of the vas deferens growing back, and women getting pregnant although they have their tubes tied. Its very rare though.

But if it was me both my husband and I need to both get surgically sterilized, just to be SUPER sure.


After our second child, I had my tubes tied. I had a c-section so it was easier for me to have it done at that time. I can tell you that my periods are terrible (and this from a woman who has suffered through ovarian cysts AND endometriosis). I don't know for sure that it's from the tubal, but I didn't have these problems after my first c-section. If anything, my periods were really easy after he was born. Now, I get terrible migraines for nearly an entire week (I used to get them while on birth control anyway though) and the cramping is so bad that it makes me feel sick to my stomach. if your hubby can (and will) get the V, I'd go that route.

im not too sure about a tubal litigation.A friend of min had it done and her periods were excrutiatingly painful ever sinc.I considered doing it but when i had my c section at a catholic hospital,they do not allow the doctors do it there.I have 4 children,and my husband willingly went through a vasectomy.he says themost uncomfortable part was when they applied a local.after that it was over in 30 minutes.(we waited in the waiting room)we resume"normal activities in a week.)It is much less invasive then you having your tubes tied ad lets face it,youve been through birth 3 times,time fr hubby to tak one for the team!!(ha ha )good luck

My plan is to have my tubes tied as well after the birth of our second child in February. But, my sister had her tubes tied as well and she had a tubal pregnancy 2 years later. She began having severe abdominal pains and went to the er and found out that her tube had actually ruptured. Of course, they could not save the baby, but also, she was not trying to become pregnant. I know a lot of people, including my mom, who have their tubes tied and no problems. There's always that slim chance of some kind of complications with any procedure.

Congrats on your 3 babies! I also have 3 (12,10,8). First let me say that your husband should not have a vasectomy. Upon our research looking into it we found that it will diminish the man's testosterone levels. We want our hubbies to stay as manly as possible! :) Having your tubes tied is the most logical and easiest for both you and your husband. It will not affect your hormone levels. I had my tubes tied 3 months after my last was born. There were no complications then or now. I hope all works out well for you.

Hi M....getting your tubes tied is the best permanent solution, and the chances of getting pregnant are slim to none, however...my mother had her tubes tied and still got pregnant. The baby developed in the tube and she had to have an abortion. At that time, about 14 years ago, doctors said there was no chance of survival for either of them, so abortion was the only choice. I don't know what, if anything, has changed in the medical world since then, but keep in mind...she was also that .001 percent. Overall, it is a good choice and most women have no problems at all. Just discuss it with your doctor and do your research. Good Luck!

Have your husband get a vasectomy!! The recovery time is one afternoon nap and no bike riding for a week. It's his turn!

My husband just got a vascestomy - and any woman is crazy to not make their husbands go through with it! It takes all of 10 minutes, and they have to rest for 2 days with a frozen pack of peas on them. That is it! $25 copay as it is an office procedure - that is much cheaper than having your tubes tied... and haven't you been through enough?!

i had my tubes done,cut,burned,tied, 2 1/2 yrs ago, and i just dilivered my 5th baby..lol.. so yes they can grow back togrther, only if ur fertle, mertile..lol..good luck !!!!!!

I suggest having him do the vascetomy. I had my tubes tied when they delivered my 4th child and I've had problems ever since. The monthly cycles change dramatically. There is a lot more pain involved, even during the off times. Having that done can even send some women into early menopause. There's a lot that people don't tell you. The only thing I've heard with the vascetomy is some have pain a little longer than others. I have a very wide circle of friends and I've talked to many people who've had both the tubal and the vascetomy. Unfortunately, none of them told me the details until after I'd had my tubal and started experiencing problems. It's not worth the risk.

I had a tubal ligation over 7 years ago and it's been great. A woman on our home business team also had a tubal ligation, but got pregnant anyway, and just gave birth to her 5th child, perfectly normal and no problems. I believe the chances of getting pregnant with tubes tied is .1%, but if you do, should not be a problem.

I haven't had this happen but I have had a family member go through this. I don't know all the details but I do know that she had her tubes tied and then became pregnant with her 3rd son. She had a healthy baby boy with no problems. Sorry I don't know all of the details but I do know that it can happen.
Good Luck

Not with the tube tied but my friend did fall pregnant after her husband had a vasectomy!

Everyone keeps saying to have your husband do a vasectomy! My father had his done, and a few years later had another child. Same thing happened to a friend of mine and her husband. My opinion would be to have him do the vasectomy, AND you get the tubal, that would probably be pretty effective. Or an IUD like the person below me said. The IUD definately is not for everyone, a lot of women have complications with it. I have had one for a little over a year and it works great for me. And it's as effective as a tubal, but only for 5 years, then you have to have it removed. Good luck on your decision!

Another option... I'm pregnant w/my 4th and I plan on having the essure procedure done. Evidently it is more effective than a tubal and simpler. However it a lot newer too. And your insurance may or may not cover it. But it is less invasive, not sure it's even considered surgery, though my doc does do it in the hospital. They go through your vagina, I guess it is supposed to be a little worse than having an IUD put in. My husband is a big chicken and I don't think he is ever going to get the V done. So I decided I need to do something! Anyways, google essure if you want ;)! I won't know how it goes till march or so. Good luck! ~E.

I have known of several women getting pregnant after their tubes were tied. Whether or not you can go through the prenancy or not depends on where the egg plants. Unfortunately it usually is tubal and the child can't be saved. Most of my friend's doctors have recommended vasectomies because it is a minor surgury. Depending on how it is does it can be reversed if you change your mind later. Occasionally women some women get pregnant after there husband has a vasectomy but the risk to the baby is less because your egg won't get stuck in your tubes. If your husband is willing I would have him get the vasectomy, their are less complications with the surgery, less risks after, and the recovery time is way shorter.

Hi M.,

Yes, I had a friend that had her tubes tied and she became pregnant with her 3rd child 5 years after. Her son should now be 9 or 10. It's been a while since I talked with her but she was surprised, so it can happen. It also depends on what type of tubal ligation you get as there are many different ones. Do a search on google to find out about them.


I wanted to get the most permanent solution after my last one I know that I am done. I was having a c-section so it was easier for me to have it done then. My dr did tell me that the chance of me getting pregnant after a tubal was slim to non but jsut the same cold happen. I had him cut the tubes on the shorter end cut and burned. I cannot even have them reatached.

Now we were also otld that it is easier for a man to get a vasectamy. That can be done in the dr office now and a tubal is major surgery. And the medical bills can be smaller with a vasectamy than the tubal and safer.

Yes, you can still become pregnant after a tubal ligation. My tubes had been tied 10 years before I had become pregnant with another child. The doctors states there is a posssibility after 5 years and a 1/1000 chance for the tubes to mend theirself back together.I am a witnesss to you can become pregnant after having your tubes tied, I have an almost 17 month son as proof. If you are a religous person you know the saying:Whatever god have for you, know one can take. He will not give you more than you can handle.

I'm looking for permanent birth control options also and vasectomy makes the most sense. Compared to tubal ligation it is much less invasive (it can be done in a doctor's office with local anesthetic), has very little chance of complications and it is WAY less expensive (about 5 times) even with insurance coverage. I've talked to lots of people who have done it and recommend it. That's my two cents!

when I had my tubes tied about 2 years ago, they said that there is like a 1 in 3 million chance that I can still get pregnant.
You do have a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy when your tubes are "tied". An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in one of your tubes, and it would have to be removed it is life threatening to you, once the embryo reaches a certain size your tube would rupture.
Most dr's now remove a large portion of you tube in order help prevent ectopic pregnancy. Where as before they would simply cut them and then burn the ends....
B/c of the amout of tube removed mine is not reversable... which I am fine with!!!
I think that it is great, I don't worry at all anymore...my last baby was a birth control baby...so I wanted something permanent.

You could also get an IUD placed, most of them are good for 5 years. Though the chance of pregnancy is probably higher.

Good luck with what ever you choose :)

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