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Traveling When 37 Weeks Pregnant?

My husband has won an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas. They will be sending us to the Wynn resort ( have heard it is "The" place to stay - very posh) , paying for everything including trips to the spa daily, excursions, etc. It will be for 3 nights / 4 days and we will leave on this Sunday. Also, we can only take this trip during this time. And its very exciting since we have never been to Vegas - but always wanted to go.The problem? I will be almost 37 weeks pregnant with my second. My pregnancy has been great so far with minor complaints. I had my first son via a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks ( surprisingly I was having contractions when I went in) and I'm planning on having another c-section. My husband is really worried about me having the baby on the plane or going into labor / having to force a landing and/or having the baby in Vegas since it is a 5 hour flight. I'm not too worried - I keep thinking 'its only 3 nights!' We have decided to let my Dr make the final decision at my appointment tomorrow - but I wanted to get your opinion. At my last visit - he said that he would write me an authorization for the plane ( so that they will allow me to board - I've already checked with US Air) and make a copy of my charts to bring with me just in case. We'll also be bringing our 2 year old son ( he's already been on 15 flights and is perfect on a plane) and be flying first class.Do you think this is crazy to want to go and what would you do? Its just hard to turn down a free trip that sounds like a wonderful
little vacation before we become a family of four. Any thoughts / advice is very much appreciated!

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I had my doctor's appointment this morning and he did the GBS test and also checked to see if I was dialated. He said "Okay, girl,you're Vegas Bound!" He said he is absolutely positive that I won't be delivering within the next few days and I will be fine to go. My husband even asked him a short time later, "Shouldn't I get a few tips in case she does go into labor on the plane?" & my Dr. said "No, because its not going to happen." So, this was very reassuring and we're planning our trip in 3 days. My husband also called the Wynn and they do allow children as well as the use of strollers ONLY for guests staying at the Wynn. I also got a note from my Dr authorizing me to fly - so we're REALLY excited ( or at least I am - my husband still keeps asking me 'Are you sure?')I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes and that we returned safely. Thanks for all of your input!!!! My Dr. enjoyed reading the copy that I brought with me this morning! UPDATE > > > We just returned home from an unbelievable trip -we had a great time and now I'm totally ready for baby #2 in 2 1/2 weeks. I still feel great, my Dr. was right and I didn't have the baby - Praise God! Thanks for all your advice!!!

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if your doctor says you good to go then there should be no problem, just be extra careful. i drove from west virgina to florida when i was 8 months and the doctors just said to get up an walk around at least once an hour to keep the blood circulating in your legs.

good luck and have a blast!!!

I don't think the Wynn resort allows children - at least they don't allow any strollers. we tried to go there last year with my then 2 year old and they made us turn right around and leave. double check that policy before you make any commitment to the trip.


Well let me put my 2 cents in with most of the other mothers. "GO FOR IT GIRL"!!! you will regret it for ever if you don't go and you will have a blast there!! My daughter went there on her honeymoon and they loved it! As far as them not letting your son stay there, well check and make sure he can go with y'all and if not get Grandma to keep him for those few days and you and hubby can really have a little vacation before y'all turn into a family of 4 and if your son has to stay home...don't feel bad about it because you can plan something really special for him when you get back...anyway if you do by chance go into labor in vegas and have Jack at least you won't have to be worring about who is watching Andrew if he is with Grandma at home!! Take the trip and have a blast and let me know what all happens!! Good Luck and Have Fun D.

If your doctor okays it??? GO FOR IT!!! It's not every day that you get a free trip like that. And Vegas, I'd LOVE to go!! I wouldn't worry too much, like you said, it's only 3 nights! Good Luck!! And have a great trip!!

I would go if I were you...but I really don't think the Wynn allows children. I know they won't let a stroller through the casino. You really might want to check before you go out there. Good Luck!

Go, what's the worst thing that can happen.......you have a baby in Vegas.....your going to have the baby anyway! I traveled in my 35th week and had no problems (I do recommend you wear the most comfortable thing you own :) 5hrs is a long time on a plane when your not pregnant and a REALLY long time when you are pregnant) If you take the time to find a hospital and OB that will be covered by your insurance and plan as if the baby really might come.........you know you'll be having that baby May 14th as planned.............prepare for the worst and have a great last hurrah with your husband and boy#1

My sister in law was 36weeks and she was going to new york for some reason i cant even remember but in mid flight she started having contractions and by that night in new york city 600miles from home we had a baby boy to join our family. No one got to see him for around 2 weeks. I would give great thought to this. I know it would be awful to miss out but maybe your husband could take a buddy. Im sure las vegas has a great hospital but you have to make sure you are up to having a baby so far from home. Be safe and god bless.

S. - GO! No really, you should go and have a great time. I travelled by air until my 38th week when my dr. would no longer authorize. Have a backup plan in mind (and on paper) before you go - 1) get a reference from your insurance provider for a ob-gyn & hospital in Las Vegas. 2) have your charts forwarded to both of those 3) have your mother/sister/best friend on stand by to fly out - you will need some help with Andrew if it happens.

You might also want to contact the hotel and check into any wheelchair accessibility options they have - the walking around in Vegas can be extremely tiring (whether you are pregnant or not). And then consider renting one - I know that sounds obsessive, but my feet still hurt and I haven't been back to Vegas in 3 years!

I'm sure others will tell you to not risk it and they are probably right too - so I think you are right-on to let your dr. make the final decision - good luck!

Sigh...unfortunately, I'm with Kristi. My dr. wouldn't let me travel after 32 weeks. He said I risked blood clots and premature birth on a plane, due to the pressure. IF you do go, be prepared for a new baby. Bring baby clothes, diapers, breast pump, hospital bag, etc. just in case. I think the restrictions on kids being in the casino is that minors aren't allowed in the gambling areas. They kicked us out w/ my three-month-old -- like she was going to gamble! Good luck!

I have to side with Becky on this one, I probably wouldn't go. You take the chance on delivering your baby away from home. Check with the airline you'd be flying on, some won't let you fly the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy. Good luck on whatever you decide.


GO GO GO - have a great time and enjoy yourself these last few weeks before having another little one.
If your doctor is okay with it, then you should be too!!

Enjoy your trip! As long as you're not high risk or having any complications, go and enjoy. As long as you have all of your paperwork AND you do your research about the area hospitals in Las Vegas, then you should be fine.

But, please, make sure that you have the info about the hospital there in Vegas before you go and that you can get there with very little hassle.

Have fun!

J. B

You should call your airline NOW and make sure they will accept you on their flight. Some airlines have a 36 week policy of not letting you board unless it is for medical reasons and if you look like your ready to pop you could run into a pissy flight attendant or pilot that will pitch a fit to not let you on the flight. It is something to look into. Have fun!!

Wow, I'm really shocked your Dr is letting you go. I had one of my children at 37wks, one at 38 & one at 39, and with already having one, it's possible you could go into labor early. Technically, 37wks is considered full term. I really am shocked that your Dr is letting you go! I know that it's an AWESOME deal, and I would absolutely hate to pass it up, but I would definitely pass it up (even being a mom of 3, pregnant with #4, no family to ever help, and never a break). There's just so much that could happen, especially needing a c-section if you do go into labor. I'm even surprised the airline would let you board when your that far along, with or without a note. You also have to think about this, Vegas is a place for walking. You will be walking a LOT and I mean a LOT, you'll be exhausted, sore, and your feet will be killing you. (The plane trip alone will probably be miserable.) Also, with all of that walking, you could be inducing labor. Wow, that sure is a terrible terrible thing to have to give up....but, you really need to way the pros (as great as they may be) and the cons/risks. Do you have a friend or know of someone that could desperately use this trip that you could transfer it to? I just wouldn't dare do it for many reasons after 32-34wks, especially not at full term.

If you want to go I would definitely go. Just be sure to check everything out before you go - closest hospital to the hotel, quickest route there, be sure they take your insurance. Although you want to have fun and relax, you should be prepared for anything at the same time.

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