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Transverse Baby

I am tring to find out the risks of them turning the baby at 36 weeks and I want to know the truth on the pain involved. Im very scared this baby is not going to turn and Im terrified of a C-section.

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Well after many of your responses I have decided to go see a chriopractor tomarrow to try this websters technique. My next ultra sound is scheduled for Ocotber 22nd at 815am then I go see my doctor 2 days later on October 24th at 1pm to decided whether or not to do the turning of the baby or a c/s but Im hoping and praying that this websters technique works. I can definetly tell hes laying trasverse Im never comfortable and very tired all the time. There is no room for me to move I cant imagine what this little guy is dealing with inside. At this point I cant even get a nights rest becuase Im always up in pain becuase hes laying on my nerves that run to my legs and my hips hurt so bad due to the way hes laying. I was never uncomfortable like this with my other two but this one has been rotten since the day I got pregnant :) Im so anxious to see him and hold him I really cant wait. Thank You all for your responses I will keep you up to date on how things go. If you have any more advice keep it coming please. Thanks again.

Well I went to the chiroptactor 2 different times to have the Websters Technique done and went to my ultrasound today Ocotber 22nd and the baby did a nose dive and his finally head down. Im so happy and so excited that he finally went head down and I dont have to have a c-section. I dont know if it was the Websters Technique that worked or not but something made him turn. It also couldve been the prayers Im not sure but whatever it was it worked praise God. Thank You all for your advice and help.

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The baby can change position at the last minute, while you're in labor. I would not let them schedule a c-section before you go into labor... if you want to avoid a c-section.

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I haven't been through it, but here's a lot of info including what you can do at home:
And keep in mind that if it turns breech, vaginal delivery is still an option! Especially when you've already birthed 2:) Good Luck!!

A., i have NOT read any other responses you got, so i have no idea if any are like what i am about to tell you. and if not, you might think i am absolutely crazy.

i was preg with my #4 baby and he was a BIG boy!! TWO weeks before i was due he turned breach. i was almost at the panic stage. horrified of a c-section was such an understatement!! dr's said with as big as he was, there was no way he'd turn, he was pretty well packed in there. but then i was watching some preg/baby show, and it showed a doula using a big wedge pillow for just that. they had the mommy lay in the upside down position on the wedge. well i didn't have a wedge, and as ridiculous as it sounds, being desparate, i put a comfy pillow in a corner, and stood on my head!! LOL LOL i did this repeately. let me tell you, it is a little hard to breath! LOL and awkward...oh my gosh! LOL..but hey! it worked!!!! he turned!! the dr's were shocked!! i delivered a 9lb 5 1/2 oz baby boy 2 weeks after i started this!! maybe a coincidence?? who knows! but with how freaked out about a c-section that i was, i was willing to try anything!! LOL

anyway, hope you find something that works for you!! take care, good luck and best wishes!!


Hi A.,
Both my children were breech but I didn't know with the 1st until my water broke, so turning wasn't an option. With my second, I asked my doctor about the possibility of turning even though I wasn't really interested. I was too afraid. I had heard from people that their experiences were very painful and there are risks involved. My personal doctor said she would try if that is what I chose, but she did say I wasn't the best candidate, based on my history, baby size, baby position, the possibility of her turning back, etc. She also said she would do the procedure in the OR in case an emergency c-section was necessary if things didn't go smoothly. So, I would ask your doctor what he/she thinks YOUR success rate would be and go from there. Every situation is different and it is a personal choice. I ended up having two c-sections, which I was very disappointed with, but I had no choice. Whatever you choose good luck. I was scared BOTH times, but you will make it through it.

I highly recommend the chiropractor and the www.spinningbabies.com route. I was pregnant with my twins, both of whom were in weird positions for a long time. Finally, one went head down and the other, we were concerned that one was transverse.

What's really funny is that when I started labor my husband and I went out to lunch for the last time (in a really long time, it turned out! LOL) and the babies totally switched places! It was very quick, like two little seals doing tricks in the water, and it wasn't painful, just weird. After lunch we went home and called the midwife. When she got to the house, she did a vaginal and discovered that the one that we thought might be transverse went head down and the other one was up-and-down - he turned out to be breech, but that was okay, much better than transverse.

All that was to say that the baby has the opportunity to turn RIGHT UP TO THE MOMENT OF BIRTH and don't let your doctor scare you into thinking differently. Try to relax - if you're relaxed, the baby will be and will do what it needs to do to get into position. And if not, well, babies can be delivered in all sorts of positions! Good luck!

I didn't have a chance to read all the responses and I don't really have advice other than to say that if you do need a c-section, don't be scared. It's not that bad. Sure, it hurts to recover, but after only having two c-sections, the thought of a vaginal birth is what terrifies me. I think that delivering a baby is the most amazing and horrifying thing imaginable. Just be reassured that you'll be in a hospital, so no matter what happens there will be experts there to take care of you and to make sure you deliver a healthy baby. Good luck and congratulations!


My son was transverse for the last few months of my pregnancy. (Man, did I get tired of getting kicked in exactly the same place!) We discussed trying to turn him, but we decided not to. I couldn't shake the feeling that since he NEVER turned or switched positions, that there must be some reason for it. As it turned out, there was a reason. My uterus is bicornate - it's shaped like a heart. My son's head was in the left side of heart, and he really couldn't move due to the shape.

So, I had the C-Section. It terrified me, too. But, I came
home with my healthy baby in 2 days. I can't say I recovered as quickly as natural birth, but I can't complain either. A friend broke her tail bone during natural child birth. My mother suffered a rip from her vagina to her anus. Another friend had labor for several days before they had to have a C-section. And so on. There are pros and cons to every procedure.

Please contact me if you'd like to talk about it!

Good luck!

My third son was transverse until week 38. They were starting to schedule me for an appt. to turn him. He turned all by himself the following week.

I did ask my friend, who's now in charge of the entire labor and delivery floor at a hospital, to tell me the truth about how much external rotation was going to hurt. The doctor had told me that it was going to be "very uncomfortable". My friend said...that doesn't even describe it. It hurts. Just practice your labor breathing and it will be over before you know it. So, I never had to have it done but, that was her advice. Just practice your Lamaze breathing (or whatever method you are going to be using) and it will be fine.

Hopefully, your sweet baby will decide to turn on his/her own! I ended up having a C-section anyway cuz the cord was wrapped around his foot which caused complications in labor. It really wasn't that bad. The recovery is longer but, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be.

Good luck and just remember...no matter what you have to do to get him/her out...it will be SOOOO worth it when you see and hold that precious new life!!!

Well there are certain positions that you can deliver breech, for example frank breech. I recommend getting in touch with Henci Goer, Ina May or Pam England concerning this issue. If your OB is telling you that breech= c/s, your OB is not giving ALL the information. Remember OBs are surgeons. I would be happy to help you get in touch with one of these women. Henci Goer has a website and forum where you can go. Email me if you need any help! ____@____.com

Hi A.,
My 2nd was upside down & turned on her own. It was painful! It happened during the night & I just happened to have a dr. appt. the next day. I told him what happened & when he checked, he said the baby turned on her own. C-sections are painful, but not all that bad. H.

I was in a similar situation with my first. She was breech at 37 weeks and at 38 they tried to turn her. We were told to be prepared for an emergency c-section if something went wrong during the procedure. While no emergency arose, they were not successful in turning her. It was very painful. I have been through two c-sections (including hers). I wish I'd been able to have a "normal" delivery, but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I do not regret trying to turn her, even though it didn't work for us. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


My son was breech and my OB told me that we could try to turn him or it was a mandatory C-section. He was 36 weeks and I was scared, but I had them try and turn him. He wouldn't cooperate, so we scheduled a C-section for two weeks later. The transverse was not pleasant...I literally had bruises in the shape of my OB's hands on my belly. I have had two C-sections now and I can honestly say that they weren't that bad!! It takes awhile to heal afterward, but you will feel better eventually. Good luck and if you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me at ____@____.com.

This is an answer to having a c section (not the turning of the baby) I had a C section for my first and only. Well to be honest with ya, the first week after birth was TERRRIBLE. It was impossible to walk, move, etc without the help of someone or something. However, after that first week it was like so much easier. There is alot of pressure still for about 3 months due to the surgery but Im glad i had a c section instead of natural. It was really just the pain of the lower abdomen that subdued me, but it really wasnt as bad as i thought it was looking back on it. It was a great experience and for my next child, i wont be afraid of having a c section.

Hi A., I don't know anything about turning the baby, but I have had two C-Sections and they weren't bad at all. The best part about it is that you don't have to go into labor. It is major surgery so you have to be careful afterwards, but it isn't bad at all and the way the do it these days, the scar will be minimal. First they will numb you by putting a needle in your back and that was scary for me, but it didn't hurt at all, it really didn't so don't be afraid. Then you get to stay awake while your baby is born without any pain. I would suggest that you get some kind of binder afterward to help support your stomach and it will also help tighten your stomach back up too. The hospital didn't offer me one, I didn't know I had to ask for it so I used a sheet and wrapped it around my stomach real tight, but the binder is so much better. So, don't worry about it at all. I think I would much rather have a c-section then the other way any day. Good Luck and Congratulations on your new BABY.


Your baby still has time to turn around. I wouldn't worry about it too much for another few weeks at least. I had a c-section and it was very very scary, but I made it through just fine. If you do have to have a c/s you will definitely want someone home with you 24 hours for at least the first week.

Hi A., I rally don't know about turning the baby, but what I wanted to tell is that, although a c-section is not the ideal scenario, its nothing to be afraid of. I had a c-section and I don't know if it was my obtetritian or my attitude (or both), but I had no problems what so ever. It was done on tuesday night and by friday morning I was going up the stairs of my appartment complex, no pain, a bit of discomfort but that's it. I was on my own less than a week after my baby was born and I had no problems.
So hopefully the doctor can turn your baby without a problem, but if not, don't worry, everything will be fine.
Good luck!

Nine years ago I have my daughter turned. I was 37 weeks. My dr. had a 50% success rate at turning. My daughter turned successfully. I will admit there was some pain while he turned her. There was also pain for a few days after. It just felt as though I had some black and blue marks on my stomach, but I didn't.
It was well worth the pain not to have to have a c-section.
Good luck to you and your baby.

Versions aren't comfortable, but they sure aren't painful enough to avoid the option. Remember, it will be a physician or midwife turning your baby, not a machine. Meaning, you can tell them to quit or ease up. Versions are by far safer than simply opting for a cesarean.

However, I would visit Dr. Nancy, a chiropractor, in Carmel NOW! She has HIGH success with turning breech babies simply through using the Webster technique. She does not touch your baby. Of course, moxibustion, homeopathy, ironing board, pelvic tilts...are also successful.

Sometimes a trip to a chiropractor can be very helpful. If your body is out of alignment (especially your hips) then baby does not have room to turn head down. You may want to see Dr. Heather Iannelli http://chiropractickids.com/
She has lots of experience with pregnant women and babies and has had great success with getting babies to turn. She can adjust you and give you exercises to do to encourage baby into a great position for birth. You are right in that you don't want six weeks of recovery from major abdominal surgery with 3 kids 3 and under if you can avoid it!

Hi A.,

This happened to my sister - also with her 3rd.
The Dr's attemped to turn the baby as well.

She said it was quite painful and it did not qork. She said she was still very relieved to have tried. She ended up with a c/s and had her tubes tide.
However, she didn't like having a c/s after 2 vaginal deliveries - the recovery period is more painful and is longer but she is completely fine nonetheless.

I know sometimes things don't work out the way we wnt but if you do try, then at least you tried.... wether it works or not. Ultimately, its about the baby being healthy upon deliver, he or she won't love you any less because he came out one way or another ;)
I had 2 cesarians and that's "all I know".
The first time it was very scary - unknown. The second was not as scary. My 3rd I assume will be the least scary - but don't be scared. The advantage is that your baby will be out. I can't imagine back in the day when they didn't perform c/s's if the baby didn't come out through the birth canal both the mom and child died! What an alternative

I am not sure about turning the baby but I had a c-section done with my last pregnancy(had twins and one of them flipped when i went into labor.) I was scaredat first but it wasnt really that bad, plus it was over in about a half hour where is when I had my other children naturally it lasted for what seemed days!!!!! The scar is the worst part but I had a really good doc who did it bikini style so I can hide it.
I hope everything works out for you and the baby! Good Luck!!!

The baby can change position at the last minute, while you're in labor. I would not let them schedule a c-section before you go into labor... if you want to avoid a c-section.

Go to a Chiropractor who can do an adjustment called the "Webster" technique. There is at least one in Pickerington, Manning Family Chiropractics, ###-###-####. You can also check this website www.icpa4kids.org , which you can search for a doctor in your area. Transverse is almost flipped, so these adjustments would work really well for you. For a breech, the technique is 80-85% effective. There is nothing done to the baby with this adjustment. The adjustment is on the mom, on the hips. Please do this! You will be so happy you did! Good Luck!

While they didn't need to do this for me, my baby a boy btw was doing cartwheels inside right up till his birth. It was not has bad as labor but was bad enough to disrupt my sleep. I actually was hoping he would stay breach because I had 56 hours of hard labor with my first so a c section would have been a blessing I thought. As it turns out I had a regular delivery.

My first was vertex then turned breech at 36wks. My OB talked about the eversion, but my son ended up turning on his own anyways. I definitely recommend you wait until 38wks, that way if something should happen where you need to deliver that day baby is considered full term. In any case, good luck!

my daughter just went thru this same thing. Her baby turned on his own within a week. I had two C sections, hated having my babies that way, but you have to realize that it is safer for you and the baby if he is transverse. After you go through it, it takes a little longer to recover and there is more pain after, but hey, you wont have the pain of labor, so that's a plus!
Try to stay focused on the positive!

My last baby was breech. I had the procedure to turn her. They give you some meds to help with it. It would not have been bad at all, if she had turned. The doctor kept trying and trying because he could not understand why she would not turn. He could lift her hinny up our of the pelvic area - but then she would go right back.

After 30-45 mins of trying - then it got very painful. Mostly because he kept working on the same area - and it was getting bruised.

Turned out that she had the cord wrapped around her neck 2 times and it was holding her into place.

I was able to deliver breech but vaginally - so no c-section.

I would highly recommend the procedure.

Hi A.,

I had a version with my first daughter at 37 weeks. They tried 3 times to the right she flipped back 3 times to the left she flipped back. So needless to say it didn't work I had a c section right after the version my daughter was 9 lbs 2.5 ounces she was to big to turn. During the version there was a lot of pressure and I mean a lot of pressure. It wasn't really painful to me at all. But I have a high pain threshold. My doctors were going to induce me if she flipped so she wouldn't have time to flip back. If the baby goes into distress they will deliver the baby right away so I would at least wait until your 37 weeks along if a girl and 38 weeks if a boy. The c section wasn't bad at all but if I would have had the chance to deliver vaginally I would do the version again if need be, Unfortunate that will never be an option I had twins in June and had to have another c section so no chance of me ever deliver naturally after 2 c sections. Good luck

I have heard wonderful things about chiropractors being able to turn babies and prevent C-sections. If you can, try this. I have a wonderful chiropractor in the Worthington/Clintonville area I could recommend.

I hope my response wont be tooo long! First, I had a baby natural delivery AFTER my dr. turned her! IT WAS NOT painful! If you want to talk to me, email me and I can give you my number :-)
For all others who may read this, my dr. said 1) if it hurts tell him and he would stop immediately! 2) if external rotation works it works within 5 minutes --- mine worked in less than 2 minutes! 3) you don't want to turn too soon as the baby can turn again; plus you don't want to turn too late as it is harder to turn the larger the baby is. I was almost 38 wks. My 1st baby was 8 lb 11 oz, so my dr knew she would be bigger too.
I lived in California then, and my dr was VERY low intervention, which was comforting. He did do this in the hospital vs. office and I would encourage that. He also gave me a drug via an IV to relax my uterus, THEN rotated. There was no discomfort and I literally "heard" my baby turn! It was amazing!
If your dr hasn't done this, I definitely would FIND ONE THAT HAS!!! Midwives seem to be experienced in this too. Let me know if you want to discuss any more :-) My thoughts are with you!

I had my baby flipped. It took about 30 seconds, was completely painless and it worked beautifully. He was completely breech and we were lucky because he was curled up in a very tight little ball. I went on to deliver and that also went well, no c-section (I'd already had one c-section: they are nothing to be afraid of). The hard part about this forum for procedures like this is that all these stories are anecdotal: obviously you need to talk to your doctor and others (midwives, alterantive care providers) and make an informed choice. I had a great experience and would recommend it, but that's just one story. Still, it is possible for it to go well and be painless.

First, it's important to work through your fear. You need to be able to be relaxed so that your body and baby can work together to get Baby into a better position.

From what I understand, an external version can be somewhat painful. If I remember right, it is definitely uncomfortable, but would also probably be worth it if it is successful.

Go to www.spinningbabies.com for more information on rotating a baby into a more favorable position. Also, you might try finding a local doula (childbirth assistant) who can help give you some more information and suggestions on rotating your baby. I didn't take note of where you live, but most communities have doulas. I live in Indianapolis and am a doula, so if you would like more information on our services or talk about suggestions to manipulate a transverse baby, please feel free to contact me.

God bless,

I am a nurse and I has always been told by the OB doctors that you cannot ever ever turn a tranverse baby. Have you taken a NST (non stress test) to check the variability of the heart rate? Hope everything works out great for you.

I have never heard good things about this procedure, in terms on pain and results. I'm curious why you are terrified of a C section. The procedure is so much better than it was years ago.
But it will be hard to come home to two children when your ab muscles are sore. You are blessed to have three children, regardless of how they came to your world.

Good luck and god bless

A., I can't tell you anything about your question about turning the baby, but I can tell you that you don't need to be terrified of a C-section (if it comes to that). I was scared too when I found that I had to have an emergency C-section to deliver my twins. However, I recovered from my C-section much quicker than two friends of mine who both delivered (without a C-section) at about the same time. My sister found that the same was true when she had her C-section. I know that this doesn't address your main question but hope that you find it helpful.

My daughter was breech. On the day I was going in to have the version procedure (37 weeks), my water and I ended up having a c-section. I was scared and really wanted to deliver my baby vaginally. My doctor knew this but reminded me that our goal was to have a healthy baby and everything else on my “birthing plan” was option.

In the end, the c-section was a very positive experience. They started the incision at 8:34 a.m. and by 8:43 a.m., my daughter was born. I had little pain and was walking several miles at day two weeks after she was born.

Good luck!

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