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Toddler Tummy Ache Remedy?

Hello Mommies! Does anyone have a good tummy ache remedy for a toddler? My 19mo old daughter had her first tummy ache tonight at bed time, and I searched all over the web for answers, only to have to lay her down w/ no solution :( I did read that laying on her stomach should help, and she did fall asleep easily, so I'm thinking it didn't hurt too bad(this time) I found tons of articles on causes, and a couple recipes for concoctions that I didn't have ingredients for. I'm assuming the tummy ache was from something she ate, she was pointing to the middle of her stomach. I know when my stomach hurts, I reach for the tums or gas-X, but what can we give a little one to soothe that aching tummy?? I want to be prepared for the next time. Thank you in advance!

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Mylecon is the "brand" name, but the active ingredient is simethicone. The store brands have a generic version that is half the price. It works for gas quite well.

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Tums is safe every once in a while actually. there are even toddler tums I think, but the adult kind are fine. I gave my little one them at that age- there are smooth dissolve ones but I just bought bulk store brand and broke the tablet into 4 pieces- he thought it was like candy...also mylanta is safe for even newborns- give a teaspoon & try to find the mylanta w/o any aluminum in it- it's mylanta cherry supreme- sometimes hard to find but even a store brand kind just check ingredients for no aluminum listed

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We used something called Gripe Water for our son. You can find it at health/natural food stores. All natural ingredients, safe enough for newborns and works really well. I even used it myself to deal with stomach issues during pregnancy.

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Mylecon is the "brand" name, but the active ingredient is simethicone. The store brands have a generic version that is half the price. It works for gas quite well.

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my daughter complains of stomach aches when she has to poop. usually, she will start eating and then complain. She will complain off and on until she poops. I don't know if that is the case with your daughter.

Also, I know that chamomile tea helps sooth my tummy. My 2.5 year old daughter drinks it, because she loves it. I've been giving it to her since she was little. I just prepare it normally, then put in in a sippy cup with enough ice to make it just a little warm, and she guzzles it down. Maybe it will help your little one. Chamomile is also in gripe water that could possibly help her.

Good luck.

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When my daughter was younger Mylecon was a life saver. She had a sensitive stomach. She grew out of it, but I like to keep remedies around that house. She does still complain of tummy aches from time to time, but mostly it's because she needs to go poopie.
I found children's pepto for ages 2-up. I also remember seeing something else on the shelf next to it for upset and full tummies. I just can't remember the name. The pepto wasn't with the children's meds. So make sure you look with the adult pepto.
There are also home remedies : mint, chamomile, ginger (ginger ale, ginger snaps anything that lists ginger as a main ingredient) even coke- but I don't really use that because of the sugar and caffeine.

God Bless

I use warm cup of milk to help soothe the tummy! Plus tummy kisses! If it is gas, I have and still use Mylanta. It doesn't hurt their little tummies! Good luck and I hope your angel feels better!
Kathy N.

I used either Mylicon if it seemed like gas or Baby's Bliss Gripe Water. Sometimes a little warm water with cumin in it helps, if they'll take it, or warm milk. Good luck! It stinks when they're not feeling well!

Hi K.,

I guess it's possible that your daughter's tummy ache is more than gas, but most of the time it's probably just gas. I can tell with my daughter, because sometimes she'll complain that her belly hurts and I can see that it's all distended. They make gas-x strips for children - they're like the little listerine strips that melt on your tongue. My daughter likes them and sometimes insists she needs belly medicine even when I don't think there's anything wrong. Now, I'm not one to run to give meds, and I prefer to find more natural solutions, but I even checked with Naomi's doctor, who said that gas-x is so harmless and non-medicinal that she wouldn't even be concerned if I gave her the adults strips, even up to 1 or 2 a day (the dosage for adults is 2-6 strips). We don't use them anywhere near that often............but it's a very safe option, if it works for you. My little girl is 28 months.

Hi K.,

Be careful using gas rememdies (for yourself as well). Symethecone or Mylicon or any of those gas/acid reflux remedies are dangerous for anyone in that they cause a rebound effect with the same problem. It gets rid of the immediate problem but it causes it to be worse the next time it comes around. (Tummies are supposed to have acid to digest food. If they don't, then the problems start.)

My first line of defense would be natural ginger ale. Ginger is a time proven remedy to settle the stomach and it is completely safe for anyone as it is just food. You can sprinkle ginger powder on food or like I said use the ale. Make sure that there is actual ginger in the Ginger Ale. Many companies now are just using ginger flavoring. If in doubt, buy it at a health food store.

Also, is your little one getting enough fiber? Fiber keeps things moving (not moving can cause an ache as well) so that if an ache occurs, it will subside quicker.

Hope I helped!


Apple sauce, banana, crackers, and lots to drink thats important oh yeah oranges without seeds n vegetables peas, carrots, n squash, I say spinach dark leafy veggies but do ask her doctor

if you look over by where the tums and gas'x is in the pharmacy there is a baby version i think mylecon? something like that and walmart has it's own brand. this worked wonders for my daughter when she was a baby. and it seemed to work pretty much right away. she was very gasy when she was little.

natural ginger tea does the trick - safe for all ages - boil water, grate ginger, pour over it, let steep for a couple mins (not too long for toddler), sweeten with maple syrup, let cool, drink! Repeat if necessary

sorry to hear that, hope she feels better soon. you could try the Infant's Mylicon or you can also try the children Maalox that should help her.

Heat - Get out a heating pad, fold a towel in half and lay it over the heat (this protects them from getting burned), set the heating pad on low and get them to lay on it for a while.

Water - When I have a really upset stomach I love to soak in a warm bath. Sometimes I can get my son to get in the tub but not always.

Whether the bath tub or the heating pad, one thing is the same: warmth. The warmth is soothing to the tummy. If it's a digestive issue (their stomach is having a hard time digesting something) it also seems to help - I find that my son normally has a BM within 1-2 hours and feels much better afterwards.

You can also visit a health food store and see what type of all natural remedies they have....There are teas on the market that are for tummy aches. If you can get them to drink the warm tea that maybe something worth trying.

My son is 3 1/2 years old and through the sicknesses and days of him just not feeling 100% he's learned that one of my solutions is "a grandma method" of chicken noodle soup. So my son will actually ask for it now when he doesn't feel good. I warm the soup noodles with a little broth. Then I pour some broth in a cup, add water, and warm that. He eats the noodles from the bowl and drinks the broth. It always made me feel better as a kid and even now when I'm sick so if it works for him, Great!

Pure, therapeutic grade peppermint oil on the tummy will soothe upset stomachs, reduce fevers, and really help. Let me know if you need some.

S. F.
Massage therapist/Reiki Master. Mom of two, 12 and 9, raised holistically with no meds, no toxins, nothin' but natural.

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