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Tip a Hairdresser That Works from Home?

Hi Moms,

My friends and I go back and forth about this, so I wanted others opinions......

My son's friends mom is a hairdresser and works from home.. She has her own little room in her house set up for everything.. She has no overhead but does pay for her own coloring supplies.....

My son gets his hair cut with her and I tip.. She charges 10, I give 15.... Now my neighbor just went to her and didn't tip her. She said she works from home and you don't need to tip.. My mom thinks the same way and agrees on not tipping because she makes ALL the money...

What is your opinion on this?????

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks moms!!! That's my opinion also~ I will relay your responses as well :0)

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It does not matter if she is working from HER house or located in a salon of any kind.

She is providing a service and she deserves a tip. I would never consider not tipping.

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It does not matter if she is working from HER house or located in a salon of any kind.

She is providing a service and she deserves a tip. I would never consider not tipping.

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You are still tipping for a service, not a location, so it doesn't really matter where she conducts her business.

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I would tip. She still has expenses, and I'm assuming that utilities are higher because of the salon, at least her water bill. Plus the expenses of supplies. I probably wouldn't tip her as much as if worked out of a salon. For my daughter, I end up spending close to $20 a haircut at the salon, so to get one for $15 is a bargain.

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Tipping is still expected for any hairdresser...home business or not...

She DOES have overhead...Business license, taxes, cleaning supplies, utilities, water, supplies for cutting hair, such as combs, brushes, scissors, coloring supplies, rollers, hairdryer, curling irons...etc.

For anyone who DOES NOT tip an at home hairdresser, they are just being rude--

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I had a hairdresser once who started working out of her home and I still tipped. I didn't see it as anything different that rewarding a good job at a salon. She still has expenses running a business out of the house.

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Your neighbor is cheap...You should always tip. She has bills to pay just like a hairdresser who works in a salon, plus the salons person charges more than someone who works from home. The extra money you pay is what the salon gets, so it is about the same really...I used to go to a salon and pay $50 for a lousy cut and didn't even get a blow dry. Now I pay $30 to my in-home hairdresser and she cuts perfectly, and blow drys for nothing extra...I always tip!!

My SIL used to do this and not only did I pay her a fair price I tipped her aswell. She was always trying to tell me no but I did it anyway. She had to pay insurance, taxes, license fees and also for her time and talent.

When I lived in CA my hairstylist had an in home studio just for herself. She was amazing and cheap too! I would always tip. I can't imagine not tipping

How much would that haircut cost if you went to a salon? How much of that salon cost would she have gotten? How complicated is the hair cut? How long does the hair cut take? Is she paid in cash and not paying taxes as self-employed? There are many different factors to consider before determining whether I would tip a hairdresser who works from home...BUT I would think 15 bucks for a boy's haircut would be what I would expect to pay at a salon, so that's what I would do.

i would tip 20%. so $12. that's what i pay my hairdresser. maybe i'm wrong though?

You do not need to tip as she is the owner and she shouldn't expect it, but if you do like her work and want to its always nice. I tip my dog Groomer who works out of his house.

A tip is a gratuity....it doesn't reflect where a person works or how much wage they earn. If you felt their 'service' was good and you were happy with the outcome (be it your haircut, service in a restaurant or any other service for that matter) then tip accordingly. BTW, the hairstylist who works from home still has overhead...there's electric, water, business licence, and all the chemicals (colours, gels,hairspray etc) cost a fair bit and don't forget her equipment (most decent sissors start cost around $150.00 and can go up to $300.00 and the irons, blowdryers, clippers etc).
Tip your service people if they deserve it and if you don't, most are still happy with your patronage.

I have this problem also. I go to a girl who works in a salon. She charges $25 for blowdry and style. I always tip $5. but she also does from home and then charges $20. So do you tip or no? I always do but always think to myself I shouldn't have to lol. will be interested to see the answers to this one.

Any service provider should be tipped, although not necessarily 50%. 18-20% is usually about rights. The tip is for good service, so if the hair cut is bad, than no tip, but if it is good service and the end result is nice, than a tip should be given. Your friend is being rude.

Of course you tip! Its a service that she is doing-doesnt matter its in her home..

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