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Teething in 18 Month Old

My 18 month old is teething, getting molars. HELP ME :) He doesn't seem to want to chew on teething rings and things anymore so I am trying things like pear slices and today I will go out and get cucumber? I am thinking that might be soothing to him? I hate giving him Tylenol and Motrin all the time, will also try the Hylands tablets again. But really why I am writing, you hear so much about the teeth when they are little but not toddlers. The kid is in pain, did everyone else go through this? Teething with a toddler is a completely different ballgame I am finding.

What can I do next?

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You should try cucumbers.... my youngest son is 18 months and getting 4 teeth in at the same time right now and loves cucumbers. I put them in the feezer for about 15 minutes and then he goes to town eating them. I think it helps! Good luck!

Try frozen or partly thawed vegetables (i.e. bags of mixed frozen veg, peas, etc). They make a great healthy snack, and soothe the sore bits.

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You should try cucumbers.... my youngest son is 18 months and getting 4 teeth in at the same time right now and loves cucumbers. I put them in the feezer for about 15 minutes and then he goes to town eating them. I think it helps! Good luck!

The teething tablets always worked well for us. Maybe a cold smoothie would help take the edge off?

My son is 15 months old and he is now getting what looks to be his molar also and he has been sucking on an ice cube in a wash cloth for a long time now, he loves it. It it cold and refreshing for the gums. I have a daycare and a 7 month old who has just gotten his first tooth and his mom told me he likes to chew on a celery stick or I give him a sippy cup that has a rubber nipple he just chews on it now and the teething rings his mom is a pharmacist and doesnt want to give her children medication either so you just have to find what works. As for me I say if your child is really crabby and in really bad pain any of these suggestions will only help for a very brief period of time until the tooth completly breaks through the gums so giving mortin isnt going to hurt every so often. Mortin works beeter in my eyes then tylenol for my son. But try different things to see what will help anything that has been cold or in the freezer is a good option. Good luck, my son also at 15 months only has now going on 3rd tooth, he is very slow at getting his so we have just barely started.

We, too, have a teething toddler. She is 13 months old and has just recently popped her top two teeth out - a mouthful to go! She is in some discomfort - I think - 24/7. I have chosen to not medicate her - at all. We do offer cold chew toys and a LOT of distractions. She occasionally has difficulty sleeping - so that is our hang-up. I know it will pass - but it is so difficult to watch them suffer - at all. One thing that we've done is radically change our diets. We eat very nutritionally balanced foods - incorporating superfoods as possible. An awesome result - much less inflammation in so many aspects of our lives. For instance - our three year old is teething in those back molars. She has red cheeks - but no complaints whatsoever! She is trucking along getting them in - and tells me they don't hurt her. My son's allergies - gone - and my migraines - gone. Truly an inflammation issue on all counts - so perhaps trying a nutritional approach - such as visiting with a natural foods person - or a health coach - just to see if they have any recommendations... worth a try -

There are some items made by "Munchkin" that have a handle (small enough for little hands) on one end and a net compartment on the other end in which you can put fresh fruit or ice. I used them when my triplets were teething...I put ice in them and they sucked and chewed on them and they liked the coldness of the ice. It helped with teething pain. Good luck!

At walmart and target they have things that have a plastic loop handle and mesh at the other end. You can put fruit in them for Babies. I put ice cubes in them when my little girls teeth hurt, and she chews on them. Now when her teeth hurt she asks for ice.

We dispensed baby Orajel onto a baby toothbrush and let the kids chew away on it.
Popscicles/Icee's are messy but they work too.
I agree with Lori B.-get a Munchkin mesh feeder. If you are giving your child food slices this will reduce risk of choking. It's ideal for fruits, veggies, and meats and the handle doubles as a teether too.

You could try giving him yogurt tubes that have been frozen. They then work like "freezie-squeezies," only much better for them. I personally prefer Stoneyfield Farm's YoKids, but there are lots out there (like Go-Gurt). The shape and ice-coldness might help soothe those back gums. Good luck...teething is one of those things I can't wait to be done with!

All that I really use is teething tablets, I am lucky as they work for my Son. I think that there are different teething tablet brands out there. You might want to try a different one and see if that works too. Good luck! I know the teething with a toddler is not an fun for you or the toddler..

Try frozen or partly thawed vegetables (i.e. bags of mixed frozen veg, peas, etc). They make a great healthy snack, and soothe the sore bits.

My son is 17 months and we've had a ton of luck with two things: Orajel swabs (they are like q-tips with med in them so you don't get bit!) and frozen gogurts. I buy the organic yogurt tubes, freeze them, then cut them in half and give him one. He sometimes needs a napkin wrapped around it cuz it's so cold, but LOVES them!

I've heard there are natural teething pain remedies on the market but I still use baby Tylenol - it does the trick every time. At Target I found a cool device that looks sort of like a popscicle handle with a mesh bag attached. You put in a piece of fruit or ice cube and snap the lid shut. My 16 mo old is teething too, and he loves to suck on it. You can run it through the dishwasher for easy cleaning. We've also used soft stuffed toys and damp rags. My seventh child chews on everything (including people!) so I know how you feel. Hang in there!

SAHM of seven (23yrs - 16 mo)

My husband comes from an Italian family. He and all of his brothers were given sticks of pepperoni to gnaw on while teething. My daughter never had serious teething issues so we never had to try it on her, but my Father In law insists that little ones love it because it is salty. Hope this helps!

I wrapped up an ice cube in a washcloth tied off with a hair binder to hold in the cube, and if you get it just a little wet...it's a nice little sucky toy. It's easy to hold onto because of the washcloth material, and a child can actually get some satisfaction because they're getting liquids too. My daughter HATED all teething rings, and this is the only thing that helped, and she enjoyed it.

I'd use the Motrin-it's fine for them. We talked to our pediatrician about it when we were in last time and he said no big deal as long as you are following the directions and not giving more doses than the package says. We use it at night to help our daughter get through the night along with Orajel, she's 17 months. We use the Hyland's through the day. I know people feel like they don't want to give their kids medicine, but I try to imagine how I would feel if I was in pain and someone wouldn't give me relief just because. Give him some relief-he'll feel better, sleep better, and you will feel better knowing he's comfortable.

Have you tried numz-it teething gel? It's a local anasthetic instead of an all-over. Also, sometimes they want warm instead of cold--try a warm, wet washcloth and see if that works. And remember lots of hugs, as toddlers seem even more distressed by teething than babies are.

Best of Luck! tell us what works!

teething gel will be a life saver here...

try feeding yougarts, soups, those are the only things I could ever get my son to eat when he was teething...I went through many yougarts a day just trying to get him something

Have you tried a frozen washcloth?

I know what you mean when they are babies it is so much easier. The only thing different I did that I haven't seen mentioned is putting wet wash clothes roller up tight in the freezer. If the wash cloth is small enough it will reach back to the molar. Also Frozen veggies frozen are great!
Good Luck!

We have a 22 month old little girl and we use Baby Orajel which seems to help quite a bit. She also likes carrot sticks and apple slices. We usually give her Tylenol or Motrin at night before bed. Hope that helps some.


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