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How paranoid should I be about the sun when going on little jaunts and walks with my 6 month old? I have her wear a hat and sometimes sunglasses but the rest of her skin is "exposed" to the sun especially on walks with the dogs. She is a little hot box and sweats a lot so I keep her in skirts, shorts and no socks. Should I be using a sun block on her legs and arms? If so, any one have any recommendations? We will be heading to the beach in June so I might as well get a clue now!

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Hi K.,
Sun Screen and more Sun Screen most certianly. It's a tough job, I know, getting lotion on those wiggly little ones but, these days it's a necessity and a good habit to starting doing it every morning when you change her diaper and get her dressed all year long. As for brands, I'm still trying to find the best one for my 3 year old, my little one (21 months) gets vanicream because of her eczma--it works well, just a little pricey if it's not necessity.
good luck.

Dear K. I, My next door neighbor's little girl had a skin cancer area removed. It was very upsetting to the childs family at the time. Luckily they caught it in time and the girl, now a teenager, is fine. She is an advocate of sun protection. I have always used protection on my kids and they are fine so far. Hope this helped

Hi K., i have a 3 year old boy and have been using California Baby sunscreen since he was a baby. I pretty much put the sunscreen all over his body (or the exposed parts = arms, legs, neck, ears, etc) and face. You can buy this product at Whole Foods or order online at www.californiababy.com. It has organic ingredients, water resistant and no deet.
Have fun in the sun... ;-)

- A. p -

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Hi K.,

I am an RN as well as a home-based business owner of an incredible company - Arbonne International. I believe from a personal and professional perspective that you should be using sunscreen on the exposed areas of skin on your little girl. Research shows that it can only take one severe burn to predispose one to skin cancer. It also sounds like you are taking alot of other good precautions with a hat and sunglasses. My company has a really phenomenal baby care line of products that also includes a sunscreen with an SPF of 30+. Our products provide pure, safe and beneficial results. Our baby sunscreen provides maximum protection for sensitive skin with key incredients of oats, shay butter oils and aloe.
If I can provide any other information for you or if you decide you would like to try our products, please contact me. Good Luck! Enjoy every moment; they fly by!
L. Parker

She needs sunscreen if her skin is exposed. "They" say it's safe for babies 6 months and older and "they" also are thinking a little isn't as harmful as they thought to those under six months. So YES! Use sunscreen!

Yes, she needs sun protection AS WELL AS YOU! Even 6 months out you can still be prone to developing a 'mask' of motherhood due to your hormones and her skin is so new that she does not have any melanin to protect her. I understand your fear of putting 'chemicals' on your baby; trust me, I have had two premature babies & feared taking them outside of our house for months! But, everyone does needs some sunlight. I have done a a lot of personal research and highly recommend Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen. The stuff is fantastic! It is SPF 30 and I use it on myself, my kids and my husband who is a cop. He used to get horrible sun burns on his neck, even in winter but since I gave him the Arbonne sunscreen, no more sunburns. And he only applies it once a day! Check out Arbonne.com or feel to call me at home. I'd be happy to get some to you.
E. St.Clair
www.arbonne.com, consultant #16159984
P.S. I wouldn't sell it if I didn't use it - I swear by this stuff!

Hey K.,
You should use sunblock. Now that she is 6mos., use any one you like for kids. Coppertone(pink bottle)kids is safe for 6mos. and up. My little one was 5 mos. old when we went to the beach last year, and I covered her head to toe in sunscreen, hat, sunglasses..etc. It went well, no burns at all. Good luck!

sunblock is always a necessity....either way you look at it, it is something little we can do to help protect them.

You should be extremly paranoid when it comes to the sun. Teach them early that sunscreen is important. You wouldn't hold your child under scolding hot water would you? Then why let him/her fry in the sun and get a burn just as bad?
I was 32 when I was diganoised with Baisl Cell carmonoma.(a type of skin cancer) I grew up not using sunscreen, and had lots of bad burns when I was a child. I now have a scare under my eye to remind me to wear sunscreen and apply it to my children every day and I pray that there aren't more to follow.

Hi, K.! You are right to be concerned about the sun! I worked for my local health department in the cancer prevention department; this is what I've learned: Keep the baby out of the sun between the hours of 10 am & 4 pm. The hat is a good idea and so is sunscreen appropriate for her age. By all means, use sunscreen! At the beach, at least get a large beach umbrella to keep her under. It is dangerous to expose such a young baby to the sun's UV & UB rays; you don't want her getting a sunburn.

Good luck,

Yes absolutely you should put sunblock on your daughter. A half hour outside unprotected now could affect her 30 years from now. I have used Coppertone or Waterbabies with an SPF of 50 or 60. One time I found one that was 75. I have had one pediatrician tell me use nothing less than 45 and that anything higher makes little difference. I have had another tell me to use as high as I can. My dermatologist told me the same. I tend to buy 60 but when I'm desperate I'll do 50. Make sure it blocks boths UVA and UVB.

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