Strange Swelling in Vaginal/groin Area During Pregnancy

Updated on June 03, 2008
M.K. asks from Eldorado, WI
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I am about 24 weeks pregnant with #2. THe last few days I have had some pain/discomfort on the right side of my pubic bone, toward, but not in the groin line. Upon further inspection, I've noticed an area of apparent swelling about the size of a nickel located on the outer portion (toward the groin)of the skin in that area (in other words, not actually the vaginal lips, which I know can swell during pregnancy). There is NO redness, itching, burning, puss, etc and no sign of just ingrown hairs, it is not warm to the touch. It seems to be fine if I am sitting or lying down. The discomfort increases when I am up and about (and I have a very active job), and is "point tender" to touch, and almost feels like it is possibly in the bone as well. I have had the occasional discomfort earlier, but thought it was just due to ligaments being more lax from hormones, etc, but I am not so convinced anymore. I have my 24 week checkup Wednesday, but was hoping someone else may have some insight. I can't imagine trying to "google" this topic b/c I'm sure I would end up with a zillion websites on STDs. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Had routine OB appt today and she checked it out--it is a varicose vein--who knew they'd show up there (apparently some Mamasource readers!) I consider myself lucky in that the last few days I have had no discomfort and hope to continue to be lucky! For those of you with SPD, I feel for you! It sounds very tricky to treat during pregnancy (I am a PT, but do mostly pediatric outpatient and hospital based adult inpatients with hip and knee surgeries, strokes, etc)--good luck!!!! Thanks for all the insight!

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I bet it is a vericose vein. Ask your OB. I had that during my second pregnancy. Who knew, huh? It was a swollen vein between the vag. lips. It was VERY uncommfortable if I was standing. It only felt better if I put pressure on it (which isn't a pretty look). I was recommended to get some "special" underware, but I never could figure out how that could possibly help so I didn't get them. The whole business went away the moment my daughter was born. Hope you find something that works for you!



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OMG! I just had to respond b/c I had the EXACT same thing going on during both of my pregnancies too! I was told it was an inguinal hernia...... nothing you can do about it while pregnant but something I would need to take care of (surgery) while not pregnant & before further pregnancies since the pain/swelling would only be worse during future pregnancies. You should check into it (online or ask your Dr.).... maybe it is the same thing I had? Feel free to email me about it! I am not pregnant now & only occasionally does it bother me now like if I am standing for long periods.


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You sound just like my friend who was having the same problem. It probably started around the same time as well. Even though it sounds very strange (I've never heard of it before) you can get varicose veins in your groin. She says that she doesnt have any itching or warmth or anything it just hurts especially when she is more active. She noticed that she had a bit of trouble urinating because it would swell up. I would definitely ask the doctor if that may be a possibility. You normally get varicose veins in your legs especially while pregnant (due to hormones that make your veins to relax) but it can also happen in the groin. She said that her doctor told her it's not terribly uncommon but unfortunately there is not much you can do about it except for have the baby.

I hope this helps and I hope you can figure out what it is.



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Hmmmm.... if your doc agrees that you have SPD, I HIGHLY recommend finding a chiropractor trained in the Webster technique - it has made a world of difference for me. I found mine at

I think there are also lymph nodes in the groin area, so it could be something with that? Some women get swollen nodes when they ovulate (which you obviously aren't!), but pregnancy causes so many other weird things - maybe this is just another one???



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Sounds like you have started getting vericose veins down there. I had them pretty bad with my second pregnancy. Mine started down in the labias but then spread up to my bikini line and into my pubic area. They are tender and swell and may ''pulse'' escpecially when you get up from sitting or standing when blood rushes downward. The only real cure is delivery. You can wear tigher underwear and put a pad in there to apply more pressure to the area so not as much blood flows there but that's kind of all. My midwives said they are pretty common and they DO go away and your ''area'' WILL return to normal after delivery!! However they are no fun!!



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I'd have to agree that it sounds like varicose veins. I ended up with those the last 2-3 weeks with my last one. Of course we freaked when we noticed them and went straight to the hospital only to be told that it's totally common and the only thing you can really do is keep off your feet as much as possible and elevate them. I'm now pregnant with #4 and they appeared much earlier - I have 2 1/2 months to go and I've been dealing with them for the last 2 months. Some days are better than others. But from experience they do go away. :-)



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Does this help? I believe it's what I've been experiencing though I haven't talked to my ob about it yet (don't see him until Friday). I took some Tylenol yesterday and it did seem to help a little. I didn't have it with my first to pregnancies but it sucks. Good luck!



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It sounds as if you have the same symptoms I did when I was pregnant. I was told it was varicose veins. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it was quite painful and it didn't get any better until I delivered. It hurt so bad to stand up from a sitting or laying position. At times, I would get a sharp pain. Good luck.



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I had this same thing with my last pregnancy and it turned out it was a vericose vein...who knew! I'd have it checked out at your next exam, but that is my guess.
H. :-)



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You may want to do a google search on Hydrandinitis suppurativa. I have this condition which is an infection of underdeveloped sweat glands and what you are describing is how mine started out when I was about 21 years old. I went for 2 years not know what it was. Doctors kept telling me it was ingrown hairs until it was properly diagnosed. Even if you don't have anything else going on with it right now besides the swelling and discomfort please keep this medical term in mind in case it continues to reoccur or gets worse. If you need more info on it from a personal level please let me know.

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