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Son Stares off into Space

My son who is almost 16 months, sometimes will stare off into space. He will be playing and then he just stops and stares off. We were thinking that it might have to do with his low iron, but we are not sure. Anyone else have this problem with their toddler/child?

This is our first child so we don't know if this is normal.

I figured I better update this with more info since most of you raised some good points- he does have low iron, but he is being treated for it. He has already seen a neurologist when he was around 9 months old because I thought he had a seizure (shaking and out of it) but they found nothing. He does have a heart murmur but it doesn't cause any problems for him and he might outgrow it (it would close up) by the time he is two. There have been times when he hasn't snapped out of it right away, and times when he does. He does it sometimes when we are out walking in a large field behind our house, so I've thought that because it is so big and there is so much to look at that sometimes he gets overwhelmed. He does seem to do it more when he is getting tired. He had met or exceeded all his developmental milestones, but I still worry that it could be something serious. We have not vaccinated him and we probably won't until he is talking more (Autism scare).

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

We scheduled an appointment with our Pediatrician/ family doctor for Thursday, May 1st. He should have an idea of what is going on, if not I am sure he will refer us to the proper specialist. I don't notice it happening all the time, but when he does it it is scary. Hopefully things will go well, and I will try to post the outcome of this appointment.

Thanks to everyone for their great responses!

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Gosh, the first thing I thought of when you said that he would be playing and then be staring into space, was my son. Unfortunately he does have mild autism and at that age was when my grandma who watched him would tell me he would do that and she was concerned. I didn't think to much of it at the time. He wasn't diagnosed till age 3 b/c he had met all his milestones up till that point but that is when he started regressing. He used to say some things now he doesn't speak real words at all... He is vocal but its his own "words"
Then again, maybe its nothing. I remember back in school I would "zone out" sometimes and be thinking and would be in my own world... My teacher would be calling me name and I would be completely oblivious to the whole thing..And I got straight A's... I think sometimes my brain was on overload and needed a break

My 3 year old does this. He has not developmental issues. I ask him what he's doing and he says, "I was just thinking about...."
He does have a VERY vivid imagination!

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He could just be intrigued with the sights and sounds around him but it could also be seizures. My daughter had the same kind of seizures when she was an infant and continues to have them now at the age of 12. She had an EEG to diagnose the seizures. A simple painless procedure but it did make her very angry. I would suggest mentioning it to your pediatrician. We were told they are harmless and she did not need any medication. She is now a very bright child. She is a 4.0 student in the gifted classes at school. She does have problems remembering directions sometimes and will say she doesnt know what the teacher said even though she was sitting right there when the instructions were given and that could easily be from having a seizure at the time.

My 3 year old does this. He has not developmental issues. I ask him what he's doing and he says, "I was just thinking about...."
He does have a VERY vivid imagination!

As a mom who has spent countless hours in Cinci Children's at the Neurologist's office, it sounds as if son could have absent seizures. If he responds to you or "snaps" out of it when his name is called, fingers are snapped, etc. it's probably just "daydreaming". If he won't respond while doing some of those things and just continues to stare, you may want to mention it to his doctor to be on the safe side. Just thought I'd put my thoughts out there. Good luck - would love to know how it goes, H.

Hi C.,
Get your son checked out for Epilepsy. All my aunts and uncles had this problem since they were toddlers, and it can progress to become more violent. SPD (Sensory Processing Disfunction) Its like tunnel vision, and would usually be affected by something that would grab his attention, like a television or a flashing light. Also could affect you if your a deep sleeper, you won't recognize the noise around you. Most kids do grow out of this as long as they keep their brain busy. I'm just hoping its nothing serious. I'll keep you and your son in my prayers. (SMILE)

I would definitely let your doctor know. You should probably see a neurologist and have an EEG done. Sounds like a seizure. Better to be safe than sorry. Hope everything turns out ok.

I would have him evaluated by Help Me Grow. Sometimes the doctors are not seeing what someone coming in your home to do an evaluation would see. Help Me Grow is at Eastgate school. It is a free evaluation~so what do you have to lose? Good for you for going with your gut feeling. Their ####-###-####. Good Luck.

When my niece did that she was having petit mal seizures. I would definately have him checked by the doctor.

hello not to scare you but this could be staring seizures. my daughter has them. i would talk to your dr about this and see what they think.

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