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Sludge in Gall Bladder

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with sludge in their Gall Bladder. I just found out that I have this problem. I had an attack at 2am the other morning so I called my Gastro Dr. and he schedule an ultrasound which confirmed it was my gall bladder. So now my Dr. advised that I should have it removed. I am not sure if it is time for this to be done. I feel that my problems are not that severe but at the same time, I not sure that I want to wait until the get severe. Having to go through the pain that I had the other morning was horrible and really don't care to do it again. The nurse said that I can try changing up my diet and see if that helps. My question is has anyone gone through this before? Has anyone had their gall bladder out and how has it affected you since?

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Well, as of right now..knock on wood, I have not had another attack but I am still having minor pains. I did have a Biliary Scan done on 10-17 and though the results were very vague, it says that I could have chronic cholecystitis. So, now I am off to consult with a surgeon to discuss my options. Thank you so much for all the advice that each and everyone gave. My husband and I are looking and discussing what steps are the best for us. Thanks again.

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Peppermint oil cleaned my gall bladder. I haven't had an attack in 3 yrs. I've recently started feeling a slight ache and intend to take the peppermint oil again. It's in capsules. Go to a health food store and ask what all you can do. You don't have stones, which means the sludge can move.

I have heard a lot of the women in my family say that you're worse off if you get it out too early because of digestion issues and limited foods that can be eaten comfortably.
Good luck, and I hope this helps

Have that silly thing OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I had two attacts and it was no fun. Had it taken out last December. It is a piece of cake. The recovery time is short, All you do is what the doctor says and you will have no trouble. Good luck.

J. P.

My girlfriend had her gall bladder removed a few months ago and her recovery didn't slow her down much at all. She said the pain she was experiencing was bad too. Since you are an officer you are probably very active and hopefully healthy otherwise. The recovery time should be good and you will be better off without it. If you're having problems, don't wait you'll feel much better after it's over.

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I had my gall bladder removed about 3 years ago and have had no adverse reactions what-so-ever. Unfortunately, I had HUGE stones in mine so removal was the only option.

If all you have is sludge, here are some recipes from the Prescription for Nutritional Healing guide that might help:

"If you have an attack, drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider in a glass of apple juice. This should relieve the pain quickly." (This worked GREAT for me!)

"For stones & sludge: Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil with the juice of a lemon before bed and upon awakening. You can substitute grapefruit juice for the lemon if you choose." (I tried this but my stones were too big to pass or dissolve.)

"To cleanse the liver/gall bladder system, consume as much pure apple juice as possible for 5 days. Add pear juice occasionally."

If you'd like more information, I highly recommend purchasing the Prescription for Nutritional Healing guide or getting it from your local library if possible. The ISBN# is 1-58333-077-1. There is so much more information on the Gall Bladder that I can't put it all here!

Hope this info helps!

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Know those commercials that talk about colon cleanses?
Well, the 2 main ingredients are Bentonite, and Psyllium.
There are other types of colon cleanses, but Bentonite is a clay...actually, volcanic ash.
Take it. Not bentonite with calcium...not some other thing...but 100% PURE Bentonite, mixed with pure water, or juice, and drink it. It will relieve not just your gall bladder, but your liver, your colon...your whole body of the toxins from too many years of eating junk.
No removal or doctor necessary.

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Try fasting before you start removing body parts. Fasting is rest time for the body; it gives the body a chance to repair things that are damaged. If you fast long enough, your body will clean itself out. It's like you have these little soldiers in your body ready to fight but they cant come out because the digestion "team" is always on the scene. Look into it... I wish you the best!

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If it were me I would try a gallbladder "cleanse" first. Look online for one that suits you. Usually they consist of olive oil and apple juice and lemon combinations. Very effective, especially if it is only sludge. The cleanse will even remove stones. Some problems with gall bladder removal include chronic diarrhea and digestive problems. You are wise to be careful and not do surgery to fast!

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C., Don't be like the thousands of other sheep who blindly have their GB's removed simply because their doctor tells them.

There is another extremely safe and quick way to clean out the Gall Bladder without drugs or surgery. People all over the world have done this, myself included. Remember, once you remove the GB, it is gone forever. You will still make bile but you won't be able to concentrate it and release it in the proper amounts in response to your diet.

We call it a GB flush but sometimes you see it referred to as a liver flush. It is a mechanical purge and there is a recipe that you follow for two days. It is easy and painless. You will be amazed how much better you will feel. Things like allergies and chronic shoulder pain will immediately improve. You will digest your food better.

The best recipe I have found is in the book, The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Clark. I have used many other formulas but this is the best and safest. If you cannot find it, let me know and I will send you a copy. Even though it is easy and non complicated, it would take me two pages to write the instructions.

Good luck.

PS: after reading all those responses I am disappointed. Sure, you will feel better if you have it removed even though your digestion will never be the same...but...you will feel even better if you do it the smart way. Do a GB flush, maybe two or three times over the next 6 months and you will amaze yourself. The large stones that come out are sometimes forked or misshaped. You can see what was in there causing problems with flow. Also, gall stones are soft like wax, not hard like kidney stones which are mostly mineral based. Gall stones are easy to remove because they are so pliable. The best recipe will have epsom salts so you need to look for that.

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I was diagnosed years ago with trouble with my gallbladder. The attack was horribly painful. I wanted it out, and had it done laproscopically. However if I had to do it over again I would have checked further into alternatives. Some people I know did the treatment of taking a herb and it worked, don't know the particulars, but wish i had at least checked into it as the repercussions of the surgery. Numer one I gained weight and have what they call "dump syndrome" I am limited on travel because if I eat I gotta go. When you drink with your meal it is worse.i won't get into the details but PLEASE check out alternatives.

had my gall bladder out in 1977 the pain was so bad ate home made chile that did it had it taken out next day course I have the great big scare now it is a little bitty one but you love it you just have to watch what you eat not to much spicy things cause the gall bladder controls the liver bile but good luck

i dont have much helpful info other than really check it out and know your options. i had mine out 5 yrs ago i didnt have time to check anything it was an emergency operation i had been having attacks since the birth of my twins and didnt know what it was 11 months later i was rushed to the e.r. had ultrasounds done and then taken immediately to the o.r. apparently all the little boy hormones while i was prego with identical twin boys did a number on my gallbladder and i had waited to long to have it check and it was full of gangegreen it was very painful i was in the hospital for three days and for a while i felt better but i started having what feel like the same attacks about 6 months later and i still have them dont know what the problem is i dont have insurance to find out and i ended up going banckrupt with all the medical bills from the gallbladder being taken out so just make sure you know all your options because after all this i still have the same pain! good luck and god bless
A. a.

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