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Sludge in Gall Bladder

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with sludge in their Gall Bladder. I just found out that I have this problem. I had an attack at 2am the other morning so I called my Gastro Dr. and he schedule an ultrasound which confirmed it was my gall bladder. So now my Dr. advised that I should have it removed. I am not sure if it is time for this to be done. I feel that my problems are not that severe but at the same time, I not sure that I want to wait until the get severe. Having to go through the pain that I had the other morning was horrible and really don't care to do it again. The nurse said that I can try changing up my diet and see if that helps. My question is has anyone gone through this before? Has anyone had their gall bladder out and how has it affected you since?

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Well, as of right now..knock on wood, I have not had another attack but I am still having minor pains. I did have a Biliary Scan done on 10-17 and though the results were very vague, it says that I could have chronic cholecystitis. So, now I am off to consult with a surgeon to discuss my options. Thank you so much for all the advice that each and everyone gave. My husband and I are looking and discussing what steps are the best for us. Thanks again.

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Peppermint oil cleaned my gall bladder. I haven't had an attack in 3 yrs. I've recently started feeling a slight ache and intend to take the peppermint oil again. It's in capsules. Go to a health food store and ask what all you can do. You don't have stones, which means the sludge can move.

I have heard a lot of the women in my family say that you're worse off if you get it out too early because of digestion issues and limited foods that can be eaten comfortably.
Good luck, and I hope this helps

Have that silly thing OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I had two attacts and it was no fun. Had it taken out last December. It is a piece of cake. The recovery time is short, All you do is what the doctor says and you will have no trouble. Good luck.

J. P.

My girlfriend had her gall bladder removed a few months ago and her recovery didn't slow her down much at all. She said the pain she was experiencing was bad too. Since you are an officer you are probably very active and hopefully healthy otherwise. The recovery time should be good and you will be better off without it. If you're having problems, don't wait you'll feel much better after it's over.

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I had my gall bladder removed about 3 years ago and have had no adverse reactions what-so-ever. Unfortunately, I had HUGE stones in mine so removal was the only option.

If all you have is sludge, here are some recipes from the Prescription for Nutritional Healing guide that might help:

"If you have an attack, drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider in a glass of apple juice. This should relieve the pain quickly." (This worked GREAT for me!)

"For stones & sludge: Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil with the juice of a lemon before bed and upon awakening. You can substitute grapefruit juice for the lemon if you choose." (I tried this but my stones were too big to pass or dissolve.)

"To cleanse the liver/gall bladder system, consume as much pure apple juice as possible for 5 days. Add pear juice occasionally."

If you'd like more information, I highly recommend purchasing the Prescription for Nutritional Healing guide or getting it from your local library if possible. The ISBN# is 1-58333-077-1. There is so much more information on the Gall Bladder that I can't put it all here!

Hope this info helps!

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Know those commercials that talk about colon cleanses?
Well, the 2 main ingredients are Bentonite, and Psyllium.
There are other types of colon cleanses, but Bentonite is a clay...actually, volcanic ash.
Take it. Not bentonite with calcium...not some other thing...but 100% PURE Bentonite, mixed with pure water, or juice, and drink it. It will relieve not just your gall bladder, but your liver, your colon...your whole body of the toxins from too many years of eating junk.
No removal or doctor necessary.

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Try fasting before you start removing body parts. Fasting is rest time for the body; it gives the body a chance to repair things that are damaged. If you fast long enough, your body will clean itself out. It's like you have these little soldiers in your body ready to fight but they cant come out because the digestion "team" is always on the scene. Look into it... I wish you the best!

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If it were me I would try a gallbladder "cleanse" first. Look online for one that suits you. Usually they consist of olive oil and apple juice and lemon combinations. Very effective, especially if it is only sludge. The cleanse will even remove stones. Some problems with gall bladder removal include chronic diarrhea and digestive problems. You are wise to be careful and not do surgery to fast!

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C., Don't be like the thousands of other sheep who blindly have their GB's removed simply because their doctor tells them.

There is another extremely safe and quick way to clean out the Gall Bladder without drugs or surgery. People all over the world have done this, myself included. Remember, once you remove the GB, it is gone forever. You will still make bile but you won't be able to concentrate it and release it in the proper amounts in response to your diet.

We call it a GB flush but sometimes you see it referred to as a liver flush. It is a mechanical purge and there is a recipe that you follow for two days. It is easy and painless. You will be amazed how much better you will feel. Things like allergies and chronic shoulder pain will immediately improve. You will digest your food better.

The best recipe I have found is in the book, The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Clark. I have used many other formulas but this is the best and safest. If you cannot find it, let me know and I will send you a copy. Even though it is easy and non complicated, it would take me two pages to write the instructions.

Good luck.

PS: after reading all those responses I am disappointed. Sure, you will feel better if you have it removed even though your digestion will never be the same...but...you will feel even better if you do it the smart way. Do a GB flush, maybe two or three times over the next 6 months and you will amaze yourself. The large stones that come out are sometimes forked or misshaped. You can see what was in there causing problems with flow. Also, gall stones are soft like wax, not hard like kidney stones which are mostly mineral based. Gall stones are easy to remove because they are so pliable. The best recipe will have epsom salts so you need to look for that.

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I was diagnosed years ago with trouble with my gallbladder. The attack was horribly painful. I wanted it out, and had it done laproscopically. However if I had to do it over again I would have checked further into alternatives. Some people I know did the treatment of taking a herb and it worked, don't know the particulars, but wish i had at least checked into it as the repercussions of the surgery. Numer one I gained weight and have what they call "dump syndrome" I am limited on travel because if I eat I gotta go. When you drink with your meal it is worse.i won't get into the details but PLEASE check out alternatives.

had my gall bladder out in 1977 the pain was so bad ate home made chile that did it had it taken out next day course I have the great big scare now it is a little bitty one but you love it you just have to watch what you eat not to much spicy things cause the gall bladder controls the liver bile but good luck

i dont have much helpful info other than really check it out and know your options. i had mine out 5 yrs ago i didnt have time to check anything it was an emergency operation i had been having attacks since the birth of my twins and didnt know what it was 11 months later i was rushed to the e.r. had ultrasounds done and then taken immediately to the o.r. apparently all the little boy hormones while i was prego with identical twin boys did a number on my gallbladder and i had waited to long to have it check and it was full of gangegreen it was very painful i was in the hospital for three days and for a while i felt better but i started having what feel like the same attacks about 6 months later and i still have them dont know what the problem is i dont have insurance to find out and i ended up going banckrupt with all the medical bills from the gallbladder being taken out so just make sure you know all your options because after all this i still have the same pain! good luck and god bless
A. a.

I had my gallbladder removed about a year and a half ago and it was defiantly worth having done. The surgery is down as an outpatient procedure and you should be completely back to normal by three or four days. I don’t know what kind of attacks you are having but I suffered for two years with a very strange and scary pain that I would get in the right side of my chest that radiated down my right arm. After being diagnosed incorrectly for two years I mentioned the pain to my GI doc who then decided to do an ultrasound. The test showed that my gallbladder was totally useless to me and I had it removed a couple of months later. Since having the surgery I have not had any attacks. Good luck.


Hi C.,

I would say to you go ahead and have your Gall Bladder removed...I had mine done in 1986 and thats the smartest move I ever made...The surgery sure made me feel a lot better...I wouldn't wait any longer,because you can get gallstones and that isn't funny..The longer you wait the more pain you will be in..You will get to where you can't eat anything if you wait....I wish you the best...


I had my gallbladder out in Spring and I'm so glad that I did. I had terrible attacks and it turns out that I had stones. I had the surgery on a Tuesday - spent a few days in bed . . . at first it felt like I had done about a million sit-ups. And there was the issue of gas - they pump you full of air when they do the surgery. The gas was pretty painful, but moving around and pain medicine helped a bunch. I was doing pretty well by that Saturday - went to an Easter egg hunt with my son. Since then I have had no problems. I hope this advice helps.

If the dr said removed it I would remove it!! I didn't have sludge but I did have gallstones and it was very painful..I would not wait until it got worse..

Have that silly thing OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I had two attacts and it was no fun. Had it taken out last December. It is a piece of cake. The recovery time is short, All you do is what the doctor says and you will have no trouble. Good luck.

J. P.

Dear C.,
Have you considered finding a reflexologist? I know that many people consider them quacks, but having been studying this concept for several years now, I know that I have been able as an amateur to help many people with various physical problems.

In a book that I was just reading by Eunice Ingham called "More Stories the Feet Can Tell", she talks about the Gall Bladder and Gall Stones. From what I know about the body, I would think that "sludge" would preceed crystals and other placque like substances.

You might also try an oral chelation therapy before you have your gall bladder removed. I know that many foreign countries will try the nutritional alternatives before they cut on the body anymore. I work with one company that has the original formula that started the oral chelation trend across the US. It is Goldshield Elite International, but there are many other companies out there that are using this form of chelation. If you so choose, find one that you can trust and see if their products can help.

I have several friends that have had their gall bladders removed. Some have no problems whatsoever, others that are older tell me that they have problems eating anything with grease. Even a McDonald's Hamburger has affected some of my friends causing them major stomach pain. They were having this before as I am sure you have been experiencing.

I would suggest that you talk over alternative ideas with your doctor. Sometimes they are open to natural alternatives and sometimes they are not. The final choice will be up to you. You know the pain that you are in and how much you will be able to handle. Many nutritional supplements take at least 3 months to get into the body. Therefore, there would not be much relief in taking them at first. The reflexology will take care of some of the pain, but it won't totally take care of the internal problem.

Another thing to remember..... "There is NO nutrional supplement company out there that can say their products can 'cure' a problem." There are no studies that prove they cure anything. However, there are a LOT of testimonies out there that prove they sure help a lot of people! They may not be cured, but they feel so much better that they are telling people about it!

I hope that this has helped a little bit. I hope that it opens some doors that you may not have known about. If you have any questions feel free to write to me at: ____@____.com I don't know the answer(which is many times), I have several friends around the United States that know nutrition as well as reflexology and should be able to find some kind of answer for you.



I sufferd with attacks for almost two years before I got so sick I just couldn't stand myself and my sister in law has to rush me to the ER. My gallbladder was so infected that I had to spend three days on IV anitbiotics before they could do surgery. Get it done ASAP.
My prayers are with you,

Have it removed, the gall bladder is not necessary the liver continues to make bile.

You are at greater risk of producing a stone that could lodge in your common bile duct. This is very painful, and can cause damage to the liver or even your pancrease.

Get it out. Dont wait until it gets so bad that you are in constant pain! I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with an inactive gallbladder. Mine was only working about 20%. I was throwing up and having bathroom issues for about 2 weeks straght. My poor mother just KNEW I was pregnant because it was about 3 months after I had gotten married! But to everyones suprise, it was my gallbladder. It was done laproscopically and an outpatient surgery. Everything is great, but do NOT be surprised if its not an INSTANT fix. Both me and my sister had ours out about 6 months apart, and she STILL has diarrhea about once a week. Fried foods or foods with high fat effect her, whereas, I can pretty much eat anything I want. (Not a good thing, but its still good to eat.. haha!) Good luck!

I had the same diagnosis but did the diet change. That has worked for me for 4 years but I have to be strict with the diet.

Peppermint oil cleaned my gall bladder. I haven't had an attack in 3 yrs. I've recently started feeling a slight ache and intend to take the peppermint oil again. It's in capsules. Go to a health food store and ask what all you can do. You don't have stones, which means the sludge can move.

I have heard a lot of the women in my family say that you're worse off if you get it out too early because of digestion issues and limited foods that can be eaten comfortably.
Good luck, and I hope this helps

Best thing I ever did was get mine removed as the pain stopped

I have had my gall bladder removed for similar reasons. Trust me, you really don't want to go through another attack. They do not get better. They only get worse! I went through about 6 before I had mine removed. The last one lasted 2 days and it put me in the emergency room. The surgery was very simple. Went home the same day. Had an easy recovery. The only side effect I have is occasional upset stomach after a big meal.
Trust me, just get it over with!

Get it out!!!! I CANNOT stress this enough! When I was pregnant w/ our first child I started having problems w/ mine(apparantley, Gall Bladder Disease is just ANOTHER condition brought on by pregnancy.Both my OB and I thought it was nothing more than severe pregnancy heartburn/indegestion-WRONG!!!! After the baby was born it just got worse! I didn't say anything to my doc 'cause I just assumed that it was still that.Then, when the baby was 4wks old, I was laying in bed one night just WAITING for the next attack, and BAM! Like clockwork-it came on...this one was soooo severe I thought I was having a heart attack-no lie.I knew I had to go to the ER and my hubby said he'd just call an ambulance-I told him I didn't have time to wait,I HAD to go THEN!! I didn't want the newborn at the ER at 3am,so, I DROVE MYSELF!! I couldn't take the pain-it was worse than childbirth. I don't even know how I got there,the pain was so bad I was seeing blurs-lol. When I got there,it turned out the infection was sooo bad that the poisons from the Gall Bladder had leaked everywhere and infected my liver,kidneys and was invading my blood stream. I had to stay in the hospital for 9days hooked up to IVs so they could get rid of the infections before they could do the surgery.On the 9th day the dr said that I could have a few crackers(they had me on liquid diet the whole time)for some substance.When I went to go to sleep that night,the attack came on worse than it had ever been-the nurse was giving me as much pain meds as I could have and nothing was working..they ended up doing emergency surgery and I actually flat-lined on the table.Everything ended up alright,but, it was horrible and I came home to a 6wk old that I could no longer breastfeed because I was on so many medications and I had also lost 32lbs in that 12 days that I was there-I only gained 8lbs while I was pregnant,so you can imagine how sunken in I was.

It was horrible-DO NOT wait.I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy..lol...now, when I'm severely hungry, I have ghost pains from it missing,but, I would rather have that instead of the latter-whooooo-GOD it was terrible

It is best to have your gall bladder removed. The attacks will not stop and can lead to Pancreatitis, which is a killer. I never had a gall bladder attack but had a diseased gall bladder. I went straight to Pancreatitis. It was the worst pain I have ever encountered. I do have issues since having my gall bladder removed and have had to change my diet to a high fiber diet but the change was worth it.

Just make sure if you have stones that they get them out of the bile duct. I had mine taken out about 4 years ago and the dr. left stones in my bile duct. A month later I was hospitalized because there was a quarter size stone in my bile duct. I do have to say I felt so much better with it out. But I still have to take acid reducer every so often. The best I have found if a prescription called Protonix you can take it when symptoms start and it helps in 30 min to and hour.
Good luck.

Hello C.,
I had a severe bout and was diagnosed with sludge. In my case I could trace it to an excess of pork being the trigger.
Ham slices, bacon, heavenly hash...all cheap and full of fat.
I gave up Pork on the advice of a friend and managed to keep my gall bladder about 5 years more. Eventually I had my gallbladder removed. Far less painful than the attacks I'd had. And the recovery was quick. Now they do it even quicker and more precise. Talk with your Dr. and have a consultation with a surgeon. It's far easier to schedule one than having an emergency session which is more disruptive to your life, family and job. And recovery is better when you don't start the procedure in pain.

Hi C.,

My husband who is 28 years old just had this surgery done about 2 months ago. His doctor also said he had gallbladder sludge. He feels so much better after having it done. He was only off work for a week. I also had the surgery done earlier in the year because I had gallstones. I had the gallbladder attacks but my husband never had them he had other pain. I would advise you to go ahead and have it done because my doctor told me there were always medicines to give but it would always come back later. The only thing is we have to watch more of what we eat or we get an upset stomach. I hope this helps. Have a great weekend.


I had my first gb attacks when I became pregnant. I had to wait until after he was born to have the surgery. The attacks are no fun at all--and a bit scary. I kept mine under control by eating absolutely no fried foods and no beef. The surgery is not that hard, and it is very much worth it to not have those attacks again. I know a 14 yo boy who just had the surgery because of sludge in his gb and bile tract. It's a very common surgery, so you will probably get many responses. YOU can do it!


I was 25 when I had my gall bladder removed. By the time that I found out that it was my gall bladder I had been dealing with it for about a year...a miserable year. My doctor kept putting me off because I didn't fit the normal gall bladder patient. (ie, overweight, having had children, etc.) Once they finally started checking they found that my gall bladder was only partially working. No sludge, but could have eventually led to that. I did have my gall bladder removed and it was a very simple surgery. Day surgery on a Thursday and ready to go back to work on Monday or Tuesday. I am so glad that I had it done. I at one point thought I was having a heart attack. I can eat anything I want now and have no problems or discomfort. Best decision I made. Hope that this was helpful. Good luck with your decision.

I had mine taken out 2 years ago. It was a piece of cake. My mom and 2 sisters also had theirs taken out also. My youngest sister had hers taken out as an emergency and was very sick as it burst. In fact it was touch and go for awhile. So you do not want to wait until that happens. I had to be on a low fat diet for 2 weeks and now I can eat anything and I do not have any trouble. My mother says she still has trouble if she eats spicy foods. My sister says that she needs to stay close to a bathroom after eating as she will need to make a trip within an hour. I don't have that problem. I had stones in my gallbladder and had episodes at least every other month for 10 years. Finally it was bad enough to have removed. The stones would not show up on the ultrasound or xray until 2 years ago. I would have it taken out as I know the pain and it happens unexpectantly, if you had some sign you could prepare and watch what you eat.
Now a days it's just 3 small incisions, they even gave me a video of the surgery, that was interesting. Good Luck

2 of my coworkers have had their gallbladder removed and said it was a very quick surgery... surgery on Friday back at work on Monday kind of surgery. A third has just been diagnosed and will have his removed shortly. I'd never heard of gallbladder removal until then, but I think people may just not talk about it much.

I had a similar issue in 2001. I had a scan performed to determine my ejection fraction. I think anything less than 35% is considered impaired function. Here's a description of the scan:

During a gallbladder scan, a radioactive tracer substance is injected into a vein in the arm. The liver removes the tracer from the bloodstream and adds it to the bile that normally flows through the bile ducts to the gallbladder. The gallbladder then releases the tracer into the beginning of the small intestine. A special camera (gamma) takes pictures of the tracer as it moves through the liver, bile ducts, gallbladder, and small intestine.

Why It Is Done
A gallbladder scan is done to:

Help determine the cause of pain in the upper right side of the abdomen.
Evaluate the function of the gallbladder. A gallbladder ultrasound may be done before a gallbladder scan to help detect structural problems in the gallbladder. If the ultrasound is normal, a gallbladder scan often is done to evaluate gallbladder function.
Help determine the cause of jaundice.
Detect blockage of the tubes (bile ducts) leading from the liver to the gallbladder and small intestine (duodenum).

My gallbladder was not functioning properly and they removed it. You may or may not need that type of test, depending on what they saw on your ultrasound.

I haven't had any problems since I had the thing taken out, though I have heard that some people have a problem with something called "dumping syndrome." This normally happens after they eat foods high in fat. Too much bile "dumps", and another kind of dumping problem results. :)
I have not had that problem (thankfully), but you should be aware that it is out there!

I was diagnosed with sludge in my gal bladder and I had it removed. My pain wasn't severe but I feel so much better now. I am glad I did it.

Get it done!!! Your doctor advised having the surgery in order to help you avoid future, debilitating attacks. This sort of thing only gets worse. A change in diet may work for a very short period of time, but believe me, you will feel so much better after surgery, not having to worry about an attack and being pain free. These things can create other problems too, so it is best to have it removed. I have never perceived any adverse effects. Good luck and God bless

I'd say - get it taken out! I had a similar situation a few months after my first son was born (I was 35) and after several late night, very painful trips to the Emergency Room decided to have it taken out. That was 13 years ago and I have never regretted it for a second. The surgery was quick, I was in the hospital overnight, and after a few days felt fine. The worst part was the after-effects of the anesthesia.

i had to have mine out 1 month after my 3rd child..

get it out. i had mine out 3 months after my daughter was born 7 years ago. mine had 'sludge' also. i have no adverse effects and rarely do i even think about it. mine had wrapped itself around my liver and was difficult for the surgeon but still it was performed laproscopically and i was up and going the next day. it felt like i had done 50 situps the day before, just a little sore.

My prayer partner had hers removed. She was not in much pain after the surgery and went home almost immediately, feeling much better than when she went in.

Just google it, girl. You will find all you need to know. Don't be afraid of the unconventional. It is often the best treament, and many times much cheaper ; )

Hi, I had mine removed in jan of this year. I had gone threw the last two years of being treated for stomach ulcers! which in fact was really gallbladder attacks!! Yeah it sucked, any how I wouldn't wait, my liver enzymes were do high the doctors were questioning if I had hepitis and I don't. I had mine Lap. & on a outpatient basis. I Had it done on thur afternoon and was back to class monday (i'm a nursing student). I had about a month of using going poop every day and now I think my body is finally used to it. Than I had to go back in because I had another attack after a month and a half of having it removed and have an ERCP done to remove stones that were still stuck one of the ducts. I think I just had a really bad case of stones. I have my gallbladder and there is probably over a hundred litte (like grains of sand) and about 20 to 30 large stones about the size of peas. I guess that is what happens when your treated for the wrong issue for two years. Hope you figure out a treatment that is best for you.

I had 22mm gall stones (the surgereon said they were the biggest he'd ever seen) and I did not want to have surgery. The best decision I ever made was getting that thing out of my body. I was back to work 2 days later and didn't even have to take a pain pill. I can drink OJ now, eat anything I want without discomfort, and can honestly say to you have the surgery.

First I want to thank you and your husband for taking the risks that you do as police officers to protect your community.

In 2000 my urologist interpreted kidney stones as "fatty tumors." He later figured it out and I went through surgery...to no avail. Only later did acupuncture fix the problem (a tube that was too small for proper drainage - it had swelled and had never gone back to its original size). So...you might want to get a second opinion! It could be a gallstone, first of all. Second, there is a way to flush things from your gall bladder that might work better than surgery. I'm not sure what the recipe, is, but it involves a lot of oil. (Don't worry - it flushes right out.) You can probably Google it. I've never tried it, so can't verify that it works, but my mother the nutritionist says that it makes sense to her.

Of course, you might also want to try acupuncture.


Hi C.,

I have had that problem! Girl it is so painful! GET THAT THING OUT!!!!! PRONTO! Once you do have your gall bladder removed, you need to be on a 30gram/day low fat diet! Trust me, I have had so many problems. I had my lap chole in April 2006 and the surgeon cut my common bile duct...therefore I am still having problems. Don't let it get worse. Sometimes eating a low fat diet can help, but if you already have the Sludge problem...just have the lap chole and be done with it and don't forget to decrease your fat intake afterwards...to no more than 30grams/day. Some doctors don't even tell their patients they should do this, but trust me...you do. Been there done that. Hope this helps.....T Pennington

I was also diagnosed with sludge. I was 50 at the time. I am 52 now. I had two attacks prior to my surgery. I am guessing they were 6 months to a year apart. They both happened after I ate a meal at a certain McDonalds. The second one was not fun at all. A week later I had my gallbladder out. I think I would have tried to manage my diet and live with my gallbladder, because I had to wait a week before my surgery and so I ate little to no fat during that time and did fine. My inlaw had hers out right after delivery and has never had any problems. I have had a change in bowel habits that can be annoying, but I eat what I want. As a matter of fact, I can now enjoy some foods that used to give me trouble before my surgery. I know what things trigger my system to react, so if I stay away from them I do just fine. My doctor explained ot me that the gallbladder just injects extra-powerful digestive enzymes into your stomach to get the job done better. Without it you just don't get the extra boost of enzymes. It all still works fine. My recovery was very quick and my surgery went without complications. I was back to my old self within a few days. The scars are not very noticeable, but at my age I don't wear things that would expose them.

I would encourage you to stick with a low-fat diet and see if that solves your problem. If it is still sensitive to foods then it is worth it to have it out. It hasn't changed my lifestyle. I hope this is helpful to you.

I had my gallbladder out laparascopicallay. It's best that you get it out electivelly rather than wait until you have to go to the ER in severe pain. Because it will just get worse and more frequent. I was up and about the next day. No pain at all. Just had to let that anesthesia wear off.

My girlfriend had her gall bladder removed a few months ago and her recovery didn't slow her down much at all. She said the pain she was experiencing was bad too. Since you are an officer you are probably very active and hopefully healthy otherwise. The recovery time should be good and you will be better off without it. If you're having problems, don't wait you'll feel much better after it's over.

The attacks will only become worse!! And then one day you will have one that doesn't end like I did.
I had mine out at 27 ( 11 yrs ago ) I have never had any problems, only have felt great!!
I don't take surgery's well, but was up and back to work at my physically demanding job (at the time ) after a 5 day rest.
T. S

I had stones about 3 yrs ago and had no choice but to have my gall bladder removed. My healing time was longer because I had not healed from having my daughter. Other than that, I only have to be careful about eating foods high in fat. They tend to make a quick bathroom stop necessary. I know a lot of people who don't have any problems and a few who are careful with raw fruits and vegetables. It is definately worth being careful now to not have to deal with the pain.

Dear C.,
I am female, a teacher. Loads of stress in that job. I never had my gallbladder removed and don't intend to. My mother did in her 50's.

Please get the book The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz. Try Amazon.com. It addresses your condition. I just read in his book that most doctors don't know or perhaps just don't tell us about intrahepatic gallstones. This book illustrates how any disease or condition might be created because of these stones. Consult your doctor first before trying the cleanses. An acute condition might mean no cleanse for now. The book addresses this.

Some things in life are simple and yet many uninformed doctors are not going to give you the go-ahead. Tell your doctor that John Hopkins University has the studies on these stones. There are no unusual ingredients to swallow. It begins with apple juice per the author's special recipe. I tried the cleanse before with lemons, another recipe taken off the Internet. Small green stones filled the toilet. I know I need plenty more cleanses. In this particular cleanse I had to lie on my right side all night and that was the hard part. I kept a pillow behind me. I do not know if Moritz states you must sleep on your side as I only just started reading it.

The Internet has sites devoted to these stones.

The recipe is good for the liver and gallbladder and clears the bile ducts. This is one important essential for good health. Your diet is another. We all need "live" food, get rid of toxins, pesticides, etc. Grow your own food on your beautiful land. Compost the soil and get organic produce after some years of developing it. You are young! Teach the wayward youth to work with the soil and they might change their errant ways.

Best to you and your husband and thank you for keeping us all safe!

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