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Simple/quick Meals for Late Evening Sports....

Just wondering if any of you out there have some quick and simple meals, or prepare ahead meals for those nights when the kiddos practices or games run later than normal. Baseball season has hit our house and my son's games sometimes run until around 7:00 PM. For us, that is a bit late for dinner, but at least its only one season! :) Any new ideas or recipies are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Thanks so much for all of your ideas!!!! I was getting a little burnt out on the old standbys! All of your suggestions and ideas were truely appreciated!! Loved all the recipies that were given.....Thanks again!

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My kids love this and its easy -

Tater Tot Casserole

1 lb of ground Turkey (or Beef)
2 small can of Cream of Mushroom(crm of chicken)or1 family size
1 Can of Corn or any veg that you like
Regular size bag of Tater Tots

Preheat oven to what the tater tots should be cooked at
Set out you Tots so they can thaw

Brown your meat (drain grease if any), then throw the crm of mush, corn, and some cheese in skillet. Stir together until soup is runny.
Pour mixture in a casserole dish
Add tater tots on top
Cook for the suggested time of the Tots.
When tots are done - Add cheese to top and cook until cheese is melted.

Should take about 40 min for prep and cooking time

I'd throw my kids in the tub while casserole is cooking.

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I also love crockpot meals, saves so much time! I'll give 2 recipes for chicken. Cheesy Italian chicken= Put chicken and 1 bottle of italian dressing (or cheesy itailian dressing) Cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 6-8 hours. Cook rice, and pour chicken over rice. That one is so simple but delicious! Another one put chicken and a can of chicken broth, can drained corn, can drained black beans, cook for same as above til done, put on tortillas with cheese, sour cream and other fav. taco toppings. Hope this helps! A.

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We do Football season, and last season started with practices in August and we made it to playoff's-so it didn't end until mid November. I was also Team Mom for my son's team & helping the other Team Mom's, dealing with paperwork, etc. So, I was more involved-we wouldn't get home till 7:30 pm most nights. So-I feel your pain with dinner plans.
My Crockpot saved my life last football season. I bought a crockpot cookbook (there are several-Barnes and Noble has best selection). There are alot of different recipes for soups, taco meat, roasts, chicken, ribs, etc. Each family has different tastes, so you get to choose which recipes suit your family best. I would also make spagetti (I would cook the pasta, add the sauce to the pasta) or lasagna, cook it before practice, and then I would re-heat it in the microwave at dinnertime.
Here is a quick recipe for a soup that has always been a big hit with everyone I have given it too.

Chicken Verde Soup

2 cans of chicken breasts or 2 whole chicken breasts-cooked and shredded
1 Jar Salsa Verde (green salsa) LaVictoria is the best to use
1 small can Chicken Broth
1 15 oz can Corn w/liquid
2 15 oz cans White Beans (or Great Northern Beans) w/liquid
1 1/2 16oz containers of Sour Cream
Cilantro-chopped for garnish

Dump all ingredients into a pot, heat and stir. Cook until it starts to bubble-DO NOT BOIL. Serve with Cilantro and Corn Bread. Makes-alot.
*notes: Do not double this recipe until you have made it once. I don't use the canned chicken, I cook my own, it tastes better and is a better texture, but if you are in a pinch-use the canned. I cook (bake or boil) the chicken the day before if I know I'm having this soup the day after. You can adjust the Sour Cream-you can use more or less, I use 1 1/2 containers, I have had friends who use 1 or both. Do use LaVictoria, I have used alot of different brands, and LaVictoria is the best for this recipe. I'll dump all ingredients into a pot, stir it, and then put the pot in the fridge before practice, then take the pot out, put it on the stove, and it takes only 15-20 minutes for it to warm up. Do not put this in the Crockpot-it's best that this soup cooks until it's warm all the way through. I'll bake corn bread earlier in the day. The soup looks a little gross to some people, but it's really good, and kid friendly. My husband and I love it with the Cilantro-the kids don't like the Cilantro. When I serve this-everyone wants the recipe.

Good Luck!
Married to the most patient,loving man in the world for 17 years. SAHM of 2 busy boys ages 12 and 6.

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You have to have a day devoted to planning, shopping, and cooking, but if you can manage it, then try:
http://www.frugalmom.net/once_a_month_cooking.htm and

And this site: http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/menuplanning.htm helps you plan out menus and shopping lists well in advance.

Good luck! :o)

K. W

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I used to make Spanish Rice using Minute Rice. Just cook up some hamburger, drain it and add tomato sauce and cooked rice. If you have time you could fry onions with the meat. Season to taste. You can use any mexican seasoning. I hope
this helps. Maybe I can think of more later.B.

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well i have to pass on the best recipe for a prepare ahead meal. Before you leave for work put all these ingredients in the crock pot and let it go..
CHICKEN HURRY(pork works too)
1/2 cup ketchup
1/4 cup water
1/4 packed brown sugar
1 packet of onion soup mix
and either
3 pound of chicken or pork.
It can also be done in 350 degree oven while you are at practice or game.
i have taken pork or chicken out of freezer and put in crock pot and added the rest of the ingredients and in 6 hours on medium or 9 hours on low you have a hot meal that is easy to fix. Cook some rice or pasta and a veggie and you have a meal. My picky kids and hubby love it when i make this.This can be doubled and put in frezzer for last minute meal.

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I'm a single working mom of 3 kids - 16, 19 & 22. I don't know if this would fly with your family, but when my kids were little we had "cereal night" and "pizza night" which took care of 2 nights during the week. As my 2 boys got bigger, the cereal wasn't very satisfying but all 3 loved cereal so much when they were little I just designated one night for just cereal, and since the pizza was ordered no cooking that night either. Some other "quickie" meals my kids liked were bacon, eggs, hashbrowns & toast, or pancakes & eggs, hot dogs & steamed veges, canned soup & sandwiches, chicken meals from our favorite deli, or mac & cheese w/ steamed veges. Good luck!

Meatball sandwiches or french dip sandwiches with potatoes of some sort and fruit.

Buy a large bag of cooked chicken strips. It's just a matter of quickly heating them up, throwing together a little chopped salad, with peas and corn or other frozen veggies zapped in the microwave. All done in ten mins! My kids love soup too, so I can make a chicen and sweet corn soup that's ready in about 15 mins. A pot of chicken stock, then add to it some chopped cooked chicken, a can of creamed corn at a minimum. Add sliced celery, diced carrots and parsley etc if you have a little more time. Serve with a small salad, garlic bread and it is warm and satisfying and healthy.

Do something in the crock pot like chili or pot roast. The crock pot is so helpful for stuff like that. Good luck!

Soccer mom here...tonight is sloppy joes and onion rings.

When we lived in WA we also did the Dinner's Ready and Meals A LA Carte. LOVED them! In AK, there is a place in Anchorage (I live in the valley) but it seems rather expensive in comparison to WA.

I swear by casseroles that can be made during the day and popped into the oven. Or the good ol' standby...crockpot.

I recommend that you go to www.kraftfoods.com and sign up for their weekly menu suggestions. They email you once a week with simple meal ideas. There are thousands of recipes on the site and you can create an online recipe box so you can save/print all the recipes that your family loves the best. I hope this helps! It has been a great lifesaver to me as there are often nights where I say what to make for dinner. You can type in 3 ingrediants you have on hand and it will come up with great recipes for those ingrediants! Happy cooking!

I read the tater tot casserole recipe and we tried it tonight but added crumbled bacon, it was so good and our three year old loved it too! Points to the mama who suggested it :)

Yep, life gets crazy! One of my best, always there when you need it meals is frozen tortelini or ravioli and frozen edemame (soy beans still in the pod), hooked in with any fruit in the house. My picky eaters love it and everything is ready in 10-minutes or less. (I have an insta-hot so boiling is really fast, especially in the microwave.)I always keep a jar of marinara sauce, etc... on hand for emergencies, or mine often are just as happy with butter and fresh ground parmesian. Good luck! Go team family! >^.,.^< K.

Get to know your crockpot.
Soups, stews, meatball subs, bbq pork sandwiches etc.
Lots of online recipe sources check out Cooking Light,
Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Cooking etc.

Soccer has kept us busy from when our sons started at 4 yrs old until now with our almost 18 year old senior. Good luck and have fun!

put raw chicken/pork chops, bbq sauce & coke in a crockpot. cook on low or high depending on how quick you need it. delicious!

I also have a very busy household...work full time, have a 19 month old, 2week old, take care of my mother in a wheelchair, and husband is stationed in CA...needless to say, I need easy to prepare meals too!

I found a local business, Kitchen2kitchen in Tacoma, that can either prepare meals ready to cook and eat, or that you can go in yourself and prepare! I love it...it's a way that in 2 hours I can have 15 meals ready to go. Most of them are skillet prepared or in disposable casserole dishes ready for the oven. I take one out of the freezer and can defrost in my fridge and make either that night or the following night. Most can be served with pasta, rice, cous cous and are awesome. Whats really great is that there is virtually no clean up and no prep time at all.

I also found that we eat healthier too. Very little stopping for fast food. I save time on last minute trips to the grocery too! Can't imagine doing it with 2 now.

There are other companies that follow the same concept of meal preparation. I like K2K because it's a locally owned business, they support the community, and are just great people. For example, I went into labor early with my son and couldn't make my scheduled reservation to prepare meals to have ready before he was born. They made all of my meals and had them ready to be picked up by my girlfriend to deliver them to me. They go out of their way to make you feel very valued and appreciated. I like to support businesses like that!

I hope that this suggestion works for you! Have fun at the games!
B. :)

Hi D.,
I love my Everyday Food magazine. They are full of quick and healthy meals you can prepare easily. There are menus for the whole week as well as shopping lists and the directions are simple. I have had great success with the recipes.

I use a crock pot a lot. A new recipe I thought of is super easy. I buy the frozen chicken from Costco(the kind you can cook from a frozen state). I put 4 frozen breasts in the pot and pour Prego traditional on the top and just a hint of garlic powder. The sauce completely covers the chicken, so if you want to use more chicken buy more Prego and adjust as needed. I close the lid and cook on low for 6 hours. It could be ready sooner but I like the chicken to be fork tender. I serve it with spaghetti and a salad. YUMMY! I hope you like it as much as my family does.

crockpot! I have two of them, one just because I have a big family, hubby and oldest son can really eat.
There are a TON of online recipes, and a TON of good cookbooks just for the crockpot.
Having 4 kids 3 of them boys I just might have to buy another one...
I love them... that and my Tupperware Stack cooker, can cook a full meal in less than 30, and it's good!
I have even done cakes in the crockpot, and tupperware too...

I just got the cookbook "The Best Make-Ahead Recipe" by the editors of Cook's Illustrated. You've GOT to try the Chicken Tagine in the crock pot!
We live on "Dream Dinners" (they are GREAT & healthy for quick meals after sports), but once in awhile I find time to make meals on the weekend myself & put in zip lock freezer bags to heat up on weeknights.
If you don't already get the free magazine from Kraft, sign up online at Kraft.com. FULL of yummy recipes. The other night I made the Tuna Cakes (like Crab Cakes)- the kids loved them and it only took 10 minutes to make! OH- and the lemon pudding cake!!! YUMMM>>>>>

You must get Fix it and forget it cookbook for the crockpot!

Hi, don't we all need quick, healthy meal plans!

When I'm in a rush, I do tacos with plenty of chopped, raw veggies. Or eggs with meat, tiny-diced raw veggies on top (I use alot of raw veggies). Or I freeze quarts of soup and thaw that out or put it in the crockpot on warm. There are some awesome crockpot recipes out there. Fix it and Forget it Cookbook is wonderful. Nachoes are great too. Cous cous is really fast with a veggie/sauce mix and cheese. Good luck!

We swear by Dinner's Ready - http://www.dinnersready.com/ because the meals are usually quick and easy as well as healthy. You can pick from a bunch of diferent ones and the cost per meal for us ends up right around $4 and it gives great left overs. We dont have them everyday - but at least once a week.

L. :)

If you don't have one I highly suggest getting a crockpot. I have twin boy's who also are very involved in local sports and I think the crockpot is the best. One of our favorite and cheap dinners is:

1 1/2 pounds of ground beef
1/2 Teaspoon of garlic pepper
1 8oz package of Velveeta (cubed)
2 Tblsp Milk
1 medium green bell pepper (chopped)
2 garlic cloves (minced)

1) Cook hamburger and garlic pepper in skillet till brown.
2) drain the fat from burger
3) spray crockpot with cooking spray add beef and remaining
ingredients mix well and cook on low 6-7 hours.

Serve on hamburger buns of your choice with a salad or coleslaw.....its kinda like sloppy joes but cheesy.

Also the Marie Calander meals in the frozen food section that you do in the crockpot as well as the Banquet meals are good too.
If you want more crockpot recipes please feel free to email me and I'll send you more, I can scan and Email you some out of my many crockpot cookbooks!

Corey, M. to 3 who are involved in Baseball, F., Swimming and Music so everynight is a late night here!

healthy yet also yummy-
A package of ground beef
A package of 'frozen cut spinach'
A can of cream of ..... (Can be whatever you think might taste nice. I used cream of broc. last night.)
A microwave package of 90 sec. rice or other starch (potatoes, pasta whatever)

Cook the ground beef, then add appropriate amount of spinach (I put in a 1/2 package) and let it de-thaw in the hot pan. Once everything seems cooked I add a can of the cream of along with 1/2 can of milk. Sometimes I mix it in another bowl first before adding. Then once warm you can serve it on top of your favorite carb. My husband likes to add all sorts of cheese.

Another fast easy favorite:
2 cans of cream of potato, can of corn, can of beans plus a piece of fish, I bet you can use chicken or beef as well. Mix it all together with a can of milk and you got a quick 'faux chowder'

I like cooking beef and then just adding stuff to it. If you precut veggies, you put it in a microwave safe bowl, put some seasonings on it and THEN pour 1/4 cup water over it and put in microwave for maybe 6 minutes or until desired softness. quick quick quick. :) I like meals made under 30 min.

See if you can maybe get your kids involved in your meal making to get it going faster and maybe adding some fun to the process. I have a 19 month old so I don't know if this can actually work. heh.

Hello D. S...I have a 10 yr old whose in hockey.What I did was asked my son's hockey coach what would be good food to feed him fact being they are active.They said it was an awesome idea because I find out that I wasn't the only who was wndering what kind of food to cook.then I signed up to get magazines from Kraft which were quite helpful too.They very quick and healthy.

You can throw just about anything in a crock pot and have it turn out good, but I have a couple recipies that I grew up with that are really easy and take a few hours to cook so they are ready when you get home. They are Stroganoff and Baked Chicken. My kids love these meals and I get compliments on them when we have people over. Send me a message if you are interested and I'll type up the recipies.

I'll be watching this too as we are in the same situation this time of year. We occasionally have food at the games (like Subway or something like that). More often than not the son who is playing eats before the game and we eat after.

My favorite quick dinner idea is various sorts of salads...like throw a bag of lettuce in a bowl, then lots of other little veggies like green peppers, radishes, can of peas, just whatever...and get some of that thin sliced meat and strip it and throw it in too. It can be made ahead of time and it's the best chef salad I've ever had! We also like to make a huge macaroni or potato salad and throw in chicken or something to make it a little meaty, then use that for a meal.

I know this is a little late but honey mustard chicken always works it is quick and easy you can make it with breasts, drumsticks ect... All I do is mix honey and mustard together spread it on the chicken and throw it in the oven on 400 for about half an hour. Serve with rice and veggies and it makes a great quick meal

I am not sure what state you are in but here in Washington there is Dinner's Ready. You just choose what meals you like pick them up or have them delivered and they stay frozen til' you need them. All made with fresh ingredients, not like a tv dinner or other frozen foods. Or I always like spagheti in a pinch, make the sauce in the morning and just have to oil the noodle and toss garlic bread in the oven while noddles cook, takes about 10 minutes.

mealsmatter.com ~ I found this web site via WIC. I have found it to be very helpful for many differnt things such as quick and easy meals, ways to get my young cildren to get a better variety of foods etc... Hope it helps.

I also do crock pot meals quite a bit. It may take a little time to set up in the am (depending on what you are making) but SOOOO nice when it's dinner time. Plus, it stays warm and ready to go if people are coming in at different times for meals.

My other time saver is to double meals (soups, chili, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, etc) and freeze it. Then when I need a quick meal, I throw the frozen casserole or lasagna or whatever in the oven. If it's a frozen soup or chili I put it on the stove top and put a lid on and let it thaw and heat up. My freezer is FULL of ready to heat up meals.

Check out this cookbook by local authors Cynthia Lair and Scott Murdock: Feeding the Young Athlete.

Here's a quickie meal if you have any leftover chicken or a store prepared rotisserie chicken: just grease and heat a frying pan, lay down a large flour tortilla topped with a couple tablespoons of salsa, chicken pieces and grated cheddar, and another tortilla (spray top side with PAAM) on top. When the bottom tortilla gets hot and gets some brown spots, flip the whole thing over and cook until the other side is heated. The tortillas should be a bit crispy. Lift onto a plate and cut with pizza cutter into pie shaped slices. Kids love this, and it's so quick with a salad or carrot sticks. Enjoy!

I'm a hands on-Grandma from WA with 4 small grandkids living nearby.

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