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Should My 4 Year Old Do Kung Fu (Martial Arts)

I want to know if I should put my 4 year old in kung fu (martial arts). I think my son would like it, but I don't want him to get hurt or promote fighting, does anyone have any suggestions,


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sure, why not?
if you have a good teacher
is awesome, teaches so much


I think martial arts are great for kids (& adults for that matter). Martial arts will teach your child respect so I don't think you need to worry about it promoting fighting. I do think he's a bit too young to start though.

My son started when he was 4-1/2. It was great for him. You will need to get a feel from the instructor on how he runs his class. Our classes the young ones for basically the first year were taught how to fall safetly, roll and learn disipline. Some were awarded their yellow belt depending on their disipline. They did watch and if the instructor felt they could handle it he would put an advanced older kid in and let the younger one roll around with them. The older kids understood how to handle the little ones. The little kid would feel like he was wrestling. By the time my son was 7 he was a purple belt. We stopped because my son became to involved with soccer, baseball and football and there was just not enough time. I do have to say that what he learned in karate has shown in other sports. For example in soccer a few times my son was tripped or fell and when he fell he would roll right out of it.

Good luck

My 4yo has been going for just over a month, and he LOVES it. The class he is in emphasises that he can only use it "when his life is in danger". He asks if he can go to class everyday. Im not sure if he is learning that much, but he loves all the running around and yelling. Most places offer a few trial lessons. You could take him to watch a class and if he is interested do a trail class, and take it from there.
Good luck

It really depends on the maturity of your child. I started my son at 5 years old. We did ITF Tae kwon do. They are no contact. The instructor told me that you have to be careful when they are so young because their bodies are so fragile. The youngest they started kids at was 5. This was up in Washington. My son loved it and wants to find a dojo here in so cal.

Both my daughters did martial arts for several years. My eldest started when she was 7 years old because she was having problems at school tunning homework on time etc. She was also very introverted. Martial arts helped her come out of her shell and taught her dicipline , respect for her self and others. She is now 16 years old and a black belt and was one of the best things we ever did for her. Our sensei would pass out "report cards " that would have to be signed by school teachers with a few questions like do they turn in homework on time, do they respect peers, class rules, and finally do they use martial arts or violence on the play ground. If their"report cards" didn't come back with pos. marks they would not be eligible for the next Belt Testing.
My youngest daughter started at 4 1/2 yrs old and it helped with her memory skills, and self dicipline. my now 11 year old has needed less of me and pushes herself to be the best she can be. It is truely a blessing!!!!

Martial arts help teach discipline and self-control. You can influence the way he uses it by talking to him as will the sensei!

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