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Seeking Help with Shampoo

Hello everyone,

My 4 month old son has been battling eczema and cradle cap. The itching has been so bad that it is preventing him from sleeping well. I know that many of you have had to deal with both of these problems. I have read many suggestions. No one has mentioned shampoo. I have been thinking of using DOVE. Does anyone have any recommendations? The Aveeno and Cetaphil I think have made it worse. Thanks for your help in advance.

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When my son got it (he was a little older though) the doctor suggested using Head and Shoulders, it cleared up within a week. Good luck.

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You can use olive oil for the cradle cap. We use California Baby wash/shampoo. You can buy it at most Targets and online. It is not the cheapest, but it works well. It has nothing in it that will irritate the skin.
Good luck to you!

When my son got it (he was a little older though) the doctor suggested using Head and Shoulders, it cleared up within a week. Good luck.

Hi M.. My second daughter had horrible cradle cap. It was so bad, her hair wouldn't grow. A neighbor, who owns her own hair salon, recommended the following:

Using baby shampoo and a baby shampoo brush (as seen here):


My neighbor said to gently massage the scalp using the brush and shampoo every day until the cradle cap was gone. We did it every other day. It worked like a charm. Kira's cradle cap was gone within a month and her hair started to grow. She really enjoyed the baths with scalp massage and would sleep soundly afterwards - hey who wouldn't!

Good luck!

I can't think of the brand... but it comes in a skinner turquoise bottle and it's in the baby isle. It's a bit pricey but you use a lot less. Around $6.00 for a small bottle. They have formulas specifically for eczema, cradle cap, etc. My son had issues with this and we would put baby oil and it helped a little. Also, only bath him every other day or two and just wipe his privates down. This will help too. Good luck.

I would be really careful with experimenting with shampoos on a 4 month old. I do know that the dove soaps are NOT ph balanced (you'd think they were from the commercials) and may actually either not help or make it worse.

When my little guy had really bad cradle cap, we used olive oil on his head and then used a baby comb to get the flakes out.

We also used really mild gentle soaps. We use Shaklee products, but I only used the (adult) gentle face wash on his skin and hair, because everything else just seemed too harsh.

We did find out that a lot of our issues were food related, and that's why his eczema was so bad.

I would be happy to share more if you'd like.

There is a cradle cap treatment from Gentle Naturals by Baby Orajel. You can find it at Target, Walgreens, and sometimes Meijer's. They also have a baby eczema cream and wash. It worked like a charm for both of my kids. The other thing I have heard about for cradle cap is a few drops of olive oil applied to the scalp and lightly massaged in to loosen the skin, then gently comb or brush and shampoo

My son had cradle cap and still gets dry flaky scalp during the winter months. I found Neutrogena TGel shampoo fixed the problem. Hope it helps.

My 2nd had cradle cap and I didn't have to deal with it with my first so I tried EVERYTHING and the only thing that worked was baby oil. I usually did it when we were staying home it wouldn't be messy, but it cleared up very fast!

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