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Scheduled C-Section---Doctor Won't Let Me Go past Due Date!

I am scheduled for a repeat c-section and my doctor wants me to go a week early. I would like to go into labor and then have the c-section but he just won't do it that way and says it's too risky to labor and have a scheduled c-section.
Can anyone explain why it's risky? I've heard of other Moms who labored and still had a planned c-section. I'd just really like to know the day I have my baby is the day he wanted to come. This is my 3rd, possibly my last and my other two were induced so I'd like to experience "going into labor" at least once but doc says no!
Just don't know what to do! : )

What can I do next?

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I'm not sure why he won't let you go at least until your EDD ... however, given your history of not going into labor on your own ... perhaps he thinks, why would this time be any different?

That said .. IMO, the risk of uterine rupture is moreso when you are induced into labor ... not when your body naturally goes into labor. My first, I went into labor and ended up with a c/s then my 2nd was a VBAC and my 3rd was a scheduled c/s. When I had my VBAC .. I told myself that if I didn't go into labor on my own, then I'd have a c/s.

Obviously, Drs. like to plan things .. and if he can go ahead and schedule your c/s .. that's what he's going to feel is 'best' for him .. does that make sense. I think you could try and schedule for closer to you EDD .. but obviously, there are risks if you go past you EDD and I'm sure he doesn't want that to happen. However, if the c/s is coming up soon .. your best bet would have been to change this a little bit ago?!

Just pray that you'll go into labor sooner!!!! That's my last suggestion. :-D

Good Luck!!! :-D

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My doctor explained to me that we'd scheduled my repeat c-section with the belief that labor could cause a uterine rupture...small chance, but that's why repeat c-sections are done, right? So why would he allow me to labor if that's why we're doing the c-section?

My two scheduled sections were planned for 39 weeks; I ended up going into labor at 38 weeks with both of them. Perhaps you can schedule yours as late as possible & have lots of sex and walks toward the end! :)

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I have to do the same thing early June.....I have been told it's b/c of the possibility of uterine rupture and the you could bleed out....too risky in my opinion. The only thing I can think to tell you to do is ask your dr tonz of questions!!

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There aren't many doctors that allow VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) because they are risky. The type of incision you had makes a lot of difference in the decision not to labor. If your uterine incision was classic (up and down), you are not a candidate for vbac. Some doctors will allow VBAC if your previous incision is transverse (cut across the lower segment of the uterus). Some will allow a trial of labor, but if you have a history of not going into labor that probably won't be offered either. Ask your doctor why he/she won't allow a trial of labor.

I had 2 sections, 1st was emergency and 2nd was scheduled at 38 weeks....and thank goodness for that. During my surgery the dr. told me that my uterus was so thin that chances are if I would have gone into labor my uterus would have probably ruptured. That's why dr. typically schedule repeat C-sections.

Best of luck :)

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