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Rotavirus Vaccine Decision by Monday

I'm seeking input on what other moms have done re: the new rotavirus vaccine recommended for newborns. Rotavirus is highly contagious and causes severe diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration which can be life threatening. Stats say most kids will get it by 2 years old and it often requires hospitalization. However, the vaccines for it have been known to cause a serious condition where the bowel telescopes into itself (also life threatening) -- a condition which also happens spontaneously in babies, with or without vaccine. Supposedly the new version of the vaccine doesn't do this as much. My new baby boy is 11 weeks old and the first of the 3 doses must be given by the time he's 12 weeks -- that's Monday!-- or the window of opportunity closes and he can never take it. My pediatrician, who I adore and respect, recommends it; says it's #1 thing he sends babies to the hospital for all year. The trick is my 3.5 year old son never got the virus or the vaccine (which wasn't available when he was a baby). I just don't know what to think! What have y'all done?

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Thanks to those who gave their 2 cents on my vaccine question! Based on several factors, we decided not to give our infant the rotavirus vaccine.And thanks to several of you I now have resources and websites to consult as we make decisions about the other vaccines recommended for him. I appreciate everyone's input!

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My first daughter got Rotavirus and it was HORRIBLE; the vaccine was not available then. My second has received the vaccine and all is well!

My daughter was given the oral vaccination as well as ALL other recommended vaccinations (she is a year old). I felt it was necessary to vaccinate to prevent her from getting any of those nasty diseases... OR to prevent any of those diseases from being so incredibly dangerous.

The whole vaccination debate is just so HUGE and frankly I feel that they ARE absolutely necessary. I fear the potential outbreaks if the majority of babies today are not vaccinated.

My daughter just missed the opportunity to have the new rotavirus vaccine. It was released just a little too late for her to start it. My pediatrician said he would give it to her anyway if I wanted, but she wasn't in daycare at the time and he felt she would likely be fine without it. I still think due to her being over the age limit that not doing it was the right decision at that time, but she's now had Rotavirus for 2 weeks and it's been misery. She is 2 1/2 now. No trips to the hospital but a cranky fussy not sleeping two year old is no joke. And she doesn't want to eat. And the diarrhea is horrible with a capital H. If I have another one, I'm definitely getting the vaccine.

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Hi A.-

I am so concerned by the vast amount of wrong information that is posted on this site regarding vaccination. Regarding Rotateq, do you know that over 10 million oral doses have been given and the intial clinical trial looked specifically at if the vaccine would caused the same serious condition where the bowel telescopes into itself made by another company almost a decade ago and proved in one of the LARGEST clinical trials ever conducted for vaccines that there was no increase risk and that there were infact LESS of these cases.

I know with all the movies star hype out there about "BAD VACCINES" if you really looked at the data you would find that vaccines are safe and effective. The majority of vaccines including MMR do not have thimerasol or mercury.

Then why do we have more ADD or Autistic children. Partly to the fact we diagnose "lable" children which we didn't do 40 years ago. I child then would have labeled, slow, different, weird. But now we give a specific label so the chidren get services that weren't available years ago. IF MMR causes autism why do we have more boys than girls who are autistic when MMR is given to an equal %

Do you know if as little as 10% of children in the US don't get vaccinated for a specific disease, we can have an out break of that disease?

Our generation doesn't remember what HIB, MEASELS, POLIO...etc look like. I personally have vaccinated all my children as I can't even imagine how I would feel if my child had a terrible complication from disease or worse yet died because I choose not to vaccinate and even rotavirus, almost every baby will get by the time they are five. Most won't have serious complications, but if you have ever talked to a parent trying to hydrate a infant who is has it comming out of them at both ends, or having to go to the ER or hospital room, or die, yes children in the US even die of Rota ( I believe I read 50-75 or so a year) it should make you think twice

Here in California most babies are vaccinated against disease, but if you travel with your child at all, even crossing state lines, you are putting your child at risk. IT wasn't too long ago that the UK had a measel outbreak and even recently in San Diego there was one too.

My advice is to instead of asking a bunch of women who have little medical background about the pros- and cons of vaccination, to ask your doctor who you trust, go to the CDC's website, AAP's website and the ACIP's website. There you will get the most up-to-date REAL information vs a bunch of mom's trying to talk you out of vaccination.

My humble opinion for a Mom who has see what happens to unvaccinated children.- Good Luck

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Please don't vaccinate your child.

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We stayed away from this vaccine. It seemed controversial at the time, but I'm glad we went that route. I don't know any babies or toddlers who have been hospitalized for rotavirus, though I know 2 families who did go through it. Such a personal choice, you've just got to weigh the risk with the benefit. And of course, most pediatricians are pro vaccine. Good luck!

Hi A.,

You've probably already made your decision because it's Monday (I wished I had seen this earlier) but my baby who is now a little over 5 months old had a really bad reaction to the vaccine. He had bloody diarrhea and we ended up having to send him to the emergency. He is perfectly healthy now but it was such a scare at the time. Because of his bad reaction, he no longer gets the vaccine. I'm sure whatever you decide will be fine but I just wanted to give you my experience with it. My sister in law has a 2 1/2 year old who never got the vaccine like your older child, but she also has an eight month old who received the vaccine and everything was fine. I know how it feels... it's so hard to make a decision but you'll do what's best. Moms always do! Email me if your baby did get the vaccine and has troubles with it. Good luck!

I have a 4yo son. When he was 10mos old he got rotovirus. It was awful. He was dehydrated and lost weight very quickly. If I could have vaccinated him back then, I would have. He got it a second time a few months later. My daughter is 18mos old and did get her 3-dose vaccine as recommended and has avoided this awful illness. She did get some sort of "stomach flu", but if it was caused by the same virus, she was sick for 2 days not 2 weeks like my son. We even went to Disneyland with her on day 2. She has had no adverse effects from her immunizations. I would hate to have something so preventable make my kiddos so sick.

I'm 32yo mom of 2 kids (4yo boy, 18mo girl). I a SAHM and have been with my hubby for 11 years (married 6).

Dear A.,

Yes, the vaccine has serious side effects!! Is it worth risking your child's life right now? Besides, this virus typically resolves on its own after three to nine days (medicinenet.com).

There are alternative ways to deal with the infection safely if and when your child caught the virus. Remember, a good immune system will ward off viruses.... I pray that you will make the right decision for your child.


Listen to your instincts. Think about it - did you or anyone you know have rotovirus?


I would not give it to him. I chose not to give it to my son. He has had most of the other vaccinations, but even my pediatrician is skeptical about this one. My good good friend gave to her daughter who is now 4 yrs old...she got extremely sick from the vaccine AND still got rotavirus a year later. I just don't think there has been enough testing on this vaccine yet.


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