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PreTeen With Dizziness and Headaches and Nausea

My 11 year old daughter has suddenly developed frequent headaches, dizziness, and some nausea/vomiting when she wakes up. By 10am, it's gone. I've had MRIs, CT scans, EEGs, ears checked, etc, but all came back negative. I've tried all kinds of natural remedies, like ice, magnesium, and lots of water, but she seems to be getting worse. Doctors said it wasn't vertigo, either, and it doesn't appear to be migraines. Any help or advice is very welcome! I know her body's changing and she's probably getting close to getting her period.

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This is just an old home remedy, but my grandmother always gave us peanut butter crackers and a cold coke. She would tell us to sit down and sip on the coke and slowly eat the crackers as soon as we started feeling the slightest bit of "those" headaches coming on. Worth the try...good luck!

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When you mentioned morning that rang a bell for me..... I used to grind my teeth badly at night and due to TMJ, I did have bad headaches in the morning, dizziness and sometimes nausea. Your Pediatric Dentist might be able to help with diagnose TMJ. I wore a splint for several years at night and it helped tremendously. I no longer have to wear a splint but sometimes I still do wake up with the headache. Ask her if her jaws and face hurt.

Also.....I have allergies pretty badly, especially now a days and I often wake up in the morning with a headache and nausea. The drainage makes me sick to my stomach.

I have a 13 yr old on her cycle for about a year now. There have been a few times I have had to pick her up at school with headache, nausea and diahrrea. This does not happen often with her but when it does she feels better with a heating pad, Midol and sleep.

Hopefully that gives you a couple of other avenues to check out.


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This is just an old home remedy, but my grandmother always gave us peanut butter crackers and a cold coke. She would tell us to sit down and sip on the coke and slowly eat the crackers as soon as we started feeling the slightest bit of "those" headaches coming on. Worth the try...good luck!

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I had the same issue and am still have issues every now and then. I am just very sensitive to hormones and when alligries kick in it get even worse. If it is the same issue I have she will learn how to deal with it. I can only eat small, easy on the stomach meals in the morning and things with ginger seem to help. Make sure she is drinking a lot of water and gets plenty of sleep.

Good Luck!

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Since it's in the morning maybe it's a problem I've had for years, does she grind her teeth or clench her jaw at night? I have a lot of the same symptoms from that. Not so much the dizziness but lots of headaches and nausea. I also have migraines and wake up with them more than have them start during the day which threw the doctors for years. I've found a lot of things that help prevent them. PM me if you want more info on what's helped me. L.

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You have gotten great advice! One more thing it could be is her eating habits. My daughter would be eating junk food and not be hungry for meals so in the mornings she was often sick just like your daughter. She is not hypoglycemic nor has she had any other conditions. This problem also got exarcerbated by her staying up too late once or twice a week. So poor eating habits and being extremely tired caused her to have the same symptoms as your daughter. Keep in mind stress could be a factor too. Stress alone could be causing her problems. Best wishes and God bless!

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Does she have sinus problems? My daughter has that alot and i've taken her to doctor after doctor. She get's sinus infections and really there is no pain medicine that will take it away. The doctor prescribe her medicine for motion sickness and that seemed to help. Good luck

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Im sure u have had lots of advise, but my daughter has POS its is a "female" problem where she is supposed to have a period, but the egg never comes out. It just forms a cyst. She should have started when she was 11 or 12 and she never did. Now that she is 14 she has only had three periods. There is nothing that can really be done, but she did have the same symptoms that your daughter has. Best of luck to you and yours!

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Hi Rosalind,

I used to get really sick in the morning from too much acid in my stomach. I was about her age (I'm 26). At the time, I went to the doctor and they gave me I wanna say Zantac when it was a prescription. Prevacid or any of the other acid reducers should work too. Give her one of those and you could also try an ear pill called Meclazine. It's in Dramamine (for motion sickness), but the regular pill is better, I find them at Brookshires on the shelf. Walmart has them at the pharmacy, but you have to ask. Try giving her both of those it should settle her stomach and if she has any ear issues it will open them up and keep her from being dizzy and help the headaches. Hope this helps!

PS: I suffer from migraines and stomach issues so if she keeps having problems feel free to message me.

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I know it seems early but it wouldn't hurt to have her checked out by a GYN. Another route I strongly suggest is an Internist. Good luck and hope you get the diagnosis soon!

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Have her go to an allergist. Sounds to me like she has a food allergy. Food allergies can sometimes cause headache, stomach ache, vomiting, fatigue, etc. A lot of times what happens is they eat the food that they are allergic to and then go outside and play or do any type of physical activity to increase their heart rate and blood flow and it hits them really hard! Then they end up with a migraine and all of the other symptoms as well eventually. Hopefully that is all it is. Food allergies are a pain, but much easier to deal with than the alternative. My 6-year-old son is allergic to corn and wheat and had similar symptoms (plus a few others) until we figured it out by going to an allergist and a gastroenterologist. One thing about food allergies, you can develop them at ANY age. Good luck to you! Sorry that she isn't feeling well.

She needs an adjustment!!!! Please bring her to me. I have a large pediatric practice. All she needs is an atlas adjustment and she will be as good as new! I have also started a nutrition resonse testing and I would be able to check any hormone problems or anything else related to the head aches and actually FIX them, not mask them. Call us.
Dr. J.

It might be allergies. My 6 year old does the same thing and it got worse with her starting Kindergarten. We are going in for allergy tests when summer gets here. Try it, it can't hurt. L. Wilson

Take her to see Dr. Donna Smith (2108 Kemp - ###-###-####). I GUARANTEE she'll be able to find out what's wrong.

Dr. Smith is a clinical nutritionist: Clinical Nutrition (Ph.D.), Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist (C.D.N.), Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), Canadian Chartered Herbalist (C.H.).
Her website is www.advancedclinicalnutrition.com.

I feel so bad for her, so young and dont know what awaits her for the next for years. i have a niece that is going threw** the same thing and the doctor told her mom that she will get her time soon, and she is only 10 yrs old. Now in days the young girls are getting their time way sooner the we did when we started. try a heating pad.i think the sell midol** for pre-teen.i know they do wonders for me. i hope this helps.

Dr. Deborah Bain is a pediatrician with a more nutritional/holistic approach. She may be able to help.
www.healthykidspediatrics.com. She is in Frisco.

For what it is worth, many hormonal issues can be normalized with the practice of yoga. You might look into this. The postures are designed to give the body an internal massage, stimulating organs and glandular function. The glands are most relevant to hormones. Just because lots of people share a similar hormonal imbalance issue doesn't make it "normal" (e.g. breast tenderness, pms, cramps, backache, mood changes, etc.). Yoga can normalize all of that.

Hello, I went through that when I was around that age-and it was like being car sick (which made no sense to me b/c I had never gotten car sick before)-it was all hormonal, it was my body about to. Start me period for the first time ever.

Hope this helps!

I know most of your responses have been from moms about their daughters, but my son started doing this about a year ago (he's 16). He'd wake up dizzy and nauseated and would throw up just about every morning. We went through all the test as well and it turned out he had developed an intolerance to milk! (Never had it as a baby or young child). He would drink a glass of milk every night before he went to bed and that was making him sick. We now have him on dairy pills and he doesn't wake up sick any more (even if he does drink milk before bed..with the pills). This may not be your situation but thought I'd suggest it just in case. It sure did make my son feel better! Good luck and God Bless!

My niece experienced nausea/vomiting when she was about the same age and was missing a lot of school. It would be better about noon. Finally, one doctor told my sister that what my niece was experiencing was an intestinal migraine. Now her younger sister seems to have developed the same. I had never heard of intestinal migraine before but check it out on the internet or ask the doctor. It just may be an old fashioned migraine. Good luck!

I can see that you have already gotten good advice, but I just wanted to say that I always get horrible headaches around the time of my period. The only things that help are Tylenol Migraine and/or Relpax (which is prescription only).

Good luck!

Have her checked for TMJ. I know it sounds crazy, but the headaches and dizziness, and nausea caused by the headaches are some of the symptoms I experienced prior to my diagnosis. My niece has also experienced some of the same symptoms at age 14, and has since been diagnosed with TMJ as well. The reason it appears in the a.m. is that she is probably grinding and clenching all night, and after waking, exercising the jaw muscles releases some of the tension and the effects gradually diminish as she does. My symptoms would re-occur late afternoon and into the early evening as I tired from the day, and my head would be pounding again by the time I was ready for bed. Eventually, my jaw movement became so limited that I could barely open my mouth at certain times of the day. It is not a dental issue - it is a joint issue. I would recommend you find a TMJ specialist and have her assessed. It can be corrected without surgery but it takes some time for re-alignment of the bite pattern and use of a night guard. Hope this information is helpful to her!

I used to get the same way when I was about 12 years old. But I think mine were headaches. I went through it for about a year and it actually turned out to be related to the structure of my spine. I had to see a neurologist for a while. You might try a neurologist if you haven't already. They will probably be able to shed some light on it for you.

I bet it is the hormonal changes she is going through. Could it be anxiety related? You know her personality...could she be prone to this?

Does she feel better after she has eaten something? If so, you might want to have her tested for hypoglycemia. I have hypoglycemia myself. I frequently have dizziness and headaches when I wake up, but I usually feel better after I have had breakfast. This is because our blood sugar drops too low during the night, and eating something remedies the situation by raising the blood sugar back up.

Have you had her blood sugar checked? Is she thirsty a lot or urinating frequently? My little brother was just diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and some of the symptoms include headaches, nausea and vomiting. I would assume since you've had MRIs and scans done that they would have tested her blood sugar, but my brother's doctor kept saying he had an ear infection and never tested anything else.

It sounds like it could be something to do with her hormones changing. I would first ask, is she taking a good multivitamin? I am a National Vice President with Arbonne International and we have a great teen vitamin that not only gives teens and pre-teens all of their daily intake of vitamins, but also contains a whole food in it. This means they also get all of their fruit and vegetable intake as well. It is an Amazing Vitamin. We also have a great natural balancing cream intended for pre-teens and teens which restores balance naturally. It is called Prolief Natural Balancing Cream. I would be more than happy to give you some samples of both if you would like to contact me. I can also give you a printout of all the ingredients if you are concerned and you can take it to your doctor. They are all pure, safe, and beneficial products that are botanically based.

C. Ezzell

This may not be it, but....Is she or has she been on any medication? My daughter went through a very similar thing. Never could find anything wrong, but the medicines they put her on for the symptoms seemed to make the symptoms worse and then she started having fainting spells. After about 6 months (and 3 specialists later) the last specialist decided to take wean off of all medication. Turns out she got better and better and the cause was that she is very sensitive to medication. She was having a reaction to the medicine she was taking at the time that all of that started. Now we know if a medicine has a rare a side effect, she will have it and she has been great since.

Hey Rosalind,
I see you've gotten plenty of responses. I was going to suggest also that maybe it had something to do with nutritional issues. There is a great book out called the Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin. It's not a diet book, but more of a health plan. It would be worth checking out.

My daughter who is 12 now experienced that before she started her period at 11. It's a hormonal change in the body that causes these symptoms. When she actually starts her period, it will all go away... or at least my daughter's did.

Have you seen the reports (MRI, CT etc) yourself or just the doc's interpretation? I ask only as both by kids have a rare neuro disorder that no pedi neuoro in Dallas seemed to know squat about.......but docs can't know everything....I got the reports and resd them myself, then found experts to treat and followup.......if it is hormonal, there are blood test to see how close she is to menses that you might want to see about as well.......best of luck in finding the answers you need.

I agree with the woman who recommended JORDAN RUBIN'S book "The Maker's Diet." I got to hear him speak last week in Colleyville and it is amazing how the body can heal itself if we just give it the right nutrition. His latest book is called, "Perfect Weight America." The other lady was right: he doesn't preach a diet, he just gives you a better way to eat, exercise, and live.

Also, my other thought is - - is there anything in her bedroom that could be OFF-GASSING? Some plywood furniture, particle board furniture, paints, carpet glue, pesticides, or mattress foams give off VOC's, volatile organic compounds. Breathing those VOCs into her lungs where they'd be absorbed into her bloodstream all night long could make her very, very sick.


Andria Mraz had severe headaches and she has a liquid nutrition that eliminated her headaches after many, many years of suffering. I have enclosed her phone number to allow you to call her to ask questions.

Andria's number is: ###-###-####
e-mail: ____@____.com

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you call her and receive great results!

"Your greatest wealth is your health!"

Dr. Cindy L. Russell

I can tell you from experience, this is how I start all my periods, but if she is starting hers at 11, and this is how it is gonna be, get her to a gyno now, and have her hormone levels checked, this can play serious havock on her, and as she gets older it will only get worse.

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