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Preparing for C-section

Any advice for preparing for a c-section? I had an emergency c-section last time so I am not sure what I am in for. I am nervous about the night before and just waiting for the surgery to begin. My husband will be with me so that will help, but I would love tips from moms who have been there.

Tips? Suggestions for preparing/helping nerves the day of?

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So What Happened?™

The baby is here! Thank you to everyone who gave me great feedback on the c-section. WE got to the hospital and felt really prepared, then checked in, played games and they took me in right on time.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond with great procedure info and tips on prep. We now have a beautiful baby girl and will enjoy celebrating her birth!

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I used to work as a L&D scrub tech, and everyone that comes in for a planned c-section after an unplanned one feels just like you do...

Just relax and try not to worry. There are just a few things that will be different. They'll likely do a spinal block, which is basically the same as an epidural if you already had one with your first when they did the section. You'll sit on the side of the OR table and they'll clean your back with the cold iodine-type stuff. They'll numb you with lidocaine, which will be the worst part. It stings like a bee sting followed by a little burning when the medicine goes in. Then, they'll put the medication in your back, but there won't be a catheter like with an epidural. Your feet will probably already be a little numb when they help you lay down on the table. Then, they'll do the draping just like last time and the doctor will pinch you with some big tweezers to make sure you're numb before they start the surgery. Then it will be about 10 or 15 minutes until you get to meet your baby!

One great thing is that you won't be as sore after your surgery as you probably were after laboring and then having a section!

Just take a deep breath and realize that it won't be nearly as bad as you imagine!

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Try to relax with a warm soak in the tub the night before! Try to concentrate on the baby you will be holding in your arms. I had a emerg. c cection with the first one as well and i had one with my twins 3 months ago it was different i did not have an epidural the second time just a saddle block they call it that was the only thing different. i also brought cards to play with my husband to pass the time away so i would keep my mind off what was going to happen and it gave us time to calm each other.

good luck i am sure every thing will be fine

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Hi A.,

My nine month old is the result of a repeat c-section after an emergency c-section the first time. I too was very nervous. All I knew was the train wreck that happened the first time. The second time felt controlled, it was a relaxed environment.

Don't know about your story, but my first was already in labor. So my body went through the contractions, then got pulled out of that for a surgery. The second time, I never went into labor, and I felt my healing time was SOOO much faster. With my first I was dying that day after. It was all I could do to get out of bed. THe second time around I was out of bed, messing around with stuff in the room. My pain was much more controlled.

Relax. I know it is scary because it IS a major abdominal surgery. It will be a totally different experience for you. Best wishes and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!

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Repeat c-sections can be scary b/c you over think it. When you had an emergency c-section, everything goes so quickly you don't have time to think but I have had a repeat c-section. It went much smoother and I actually enjoyed being concious when my baby was born. Everything went on w/out a hitch and recovery was MUCH sooner. I am so glad I had the repeat section. My baby ended up being 9lbs 13oz! Good Luck .. don't overthink it.. just be excited that you are going to have an adoreable lil baby in your arms soon! Get some rest.. !

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Hi A.. I just want you to know that I had an emergency c-section with my first one as well. My Dr. was going to let me try to go natural again with my second (which came 17 months later) but that did not happen either. With that being said, I have had 4 c-sections now. With the last 2, I was very nervous going into the surgery room, but was always relaxed by the time the spinal block was in and I was laying down with my husband by my side. Everything went smooth with each of them. I have to say that with each one the recovery was a little more difficult afterwards, but I think that it was from me trying to do to much to quickly. SO listen to you doctor and take it easy afterwards. (It is really hard when there are other children at home who need mommy).
Best of luck to you and your growing family -- no mattter how the baby comes out -- the end result is you have a new baby to hold and it is all worth it!! Best wishes and God Bless.

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I've had three c-sections my last one a year ago. You will go into the hospital at the specific time and they hook you up to moniters and get your IV going. YOu will wait awhile and they do blood work and paper stuff. They may give you somthing to relax, but it doesn't know you out, right before you leave for surgery. Might make you a bit talkative. YOu should meet the anastheologist(SP)and talk about your spinal if you choose to be awake. YOu may get to see your DR too. You will either get wheeled down or they may let you walk to the surgery room. They will have you sit up on the table and give you your spinal and your legs will get heavy and they will have you lay down. They are talking to you the whole time. I felt very comfortable. Remember until they are ready to start the actual surgery your hubby won't be there they will get him just before they start. I had one nurse that stayed with me from the beginning until after I left recovery that was very nice because I got to know her while she did all the paper work and stuff before hand. They bring hubby in do the surgery, show you baby you may even be able to hold him/her. Afer surgery they take you to recovery where you can nurse baby or ask to. YOu won't be in any pain at that point because you will still be really numb. You should be for most of the day into the evening. On the second day you'll be more uncomfortable(don't hesitate to let them know, you are in charge here) just move slowly and use a folded blanket or pillow over your incision area when you get up that support helps alot. If you get shoulder pain it can be from the build up of gas that was created during surgery if you aren't passing it they can give you a suppository to help things move along. The pain meds don't help with gas pains. You know the rest from last time. My biggest advice is to be your own boss don't be afraid to be bold and ask for things. If you are in pain not just uncomfortable let them know they may or maynot be able to help. If you don't understand something they are doing ask and ask again if you don't get it or you just don't think it is necessary. You know your body. If somthing was bad last time let them know what it was and that you don't want to do it again. Good luck. C-sections aren't easy but the reward is amazing. Kiss baby when they arrive.

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I too had an emergency c-section with my first. 22 months later, I had a planned section with my 2nd, but my water ended up breaking early....I went into labor naturally, and kinda wished I would have tried to have him vaginally. But we proceeded with a c-section cuz it was what was planned, I knew what to expect afterwards, etc.
This 3rd (and last =) time, I have surgery scheduled for August 19th. Obviously the risks are much much higher with attempting a VBAC after two sections already. I am scheduled to be there at approx. 5:30 with my surgery scheduled at 8:30. To be honest, the thing that worries me the most is not being able to eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight the night before....lol
I do know I get a bit nervous when I first get numbed cuz I don't like the feeling of not having control over my legs, but I have made my doctor and husband aware and i am aware that that anxiety might happen, so we know how to handle it at the time. Also, the curtain really seems to bother me, I feel SO claustrophobic, but again, they work with me on that, and get it away from my face as far as possible.........so I should be fine.

Like the other moms said - Just know what you will be getting out of the situation and enjoy your lil one when they arrive!!!


PS - I really don't believe this one is gonna wait till his scheduled date either...............so my children are always full of surprises from birth (all boys)

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My second wsa born the with scheduled C-section. It went very smoothly. My only complaint was with the Spial. The one I had was a 2-part spinal. The first part had the numbing stuff in the and the 2nd part had morphine in it. The morphine made me itch so bad. I wanted to claw my skin off!! I talked to my dr at my follow up visit and he said that reaction is very common and they make the spinal without the morphine. Just something to think about. Other than that everything went very well. I feel I healed

I stocked up on freezer meals & premade foods in our freezer the weekend before. I also bought a ton of canned goods and things to make life easier for me & my family for a few weeks.

Good luck and enjoy your hospital stay. I loved being waited on hand & foot.

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