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Permanent Marker on Tv

does neone know how to get permanent marker off a big screen tv. my son got ahold of one and wrote on our tv. ne help would be great. thanks

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You may try a couple of things, when we got marker on glass we used rubbing alcohol or also finger nail polish remover. Another great invention is the Mr. Clean magic eraser we used that to get marker off the wall and it didn't take the paint off.

Mr. Clean Magic eraser is a moms best friend gets rid of markers crayons if they can put on something the eraser will take it off

My Daughter did the same thing on her Dora tv, I was a bit upset because she just got it for Christmas and she wrote on it with a marker, put stickers on the screen etc. I used Goof off or Goo Gone too. I used Goof off and It took it off but in the areas where there was writting by the bottoms it erased some of the stuff on the buttons which I didnt want to. Maybe Goo gone will be much better since it is an oil based, I would just becareful and rub on and rub off quickly because it may discolor or eat up some of the plastic.

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Rubbing alcohol takes off permanent marker. I would do a small test area first to make sure it doesn't damage the finish of the TV.

Have you tried using a Mr Clean Magic Eraser? That thing takes anything off. Good luck!!

Try WD-40. I heard it works to remove spray paint so maybe it will work on perm. marker too. Worth a try. Good luck.

Have you tried a magic eraser?

I agree w/ the Mr Clean sponge. It gets marker off of walls and hardwood floors I know, but never had to try it on a tv (yet). Is it on the screen or the wood?

my 2yr old nephew wrote all over my computer with a sharpie and i used fingernail polish remover and it worked great!!!!

Use a Q-tip and dip it in some rubbing alcohol to remove permanent marker stains. Did he write "all over" the TV or just a spot? If he wrote all over it, you may need to skip the Q-tip and use a cotton swab to get it all off. But for starters, I would do a test spot with the Q-tip.

Hi R..My only suggestion for the permanant marker would be to get one of those Mr. clean erasers from the store and see if that will work.I have seven kids and i always have them on hand.Sometimes they will work and sometimes they won't but it sure can't hurt!! I know wgat your going through..I have 6 girls that liked to draw on the walls and 1 little[stinker]boy that likes to destroy everything!! Good Luck and God Bless!! L. S

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