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Outside Laundry or Inside Laundry Small Kitchen or Tiny Bit Bigger Kitchen

Please help. Bottom line, should we put the laundry outside to make room for a bigger eat in kitchen or leave the laundry inside keeping our tiny (4 people max) eat in kitchen area?

We have a tiny house with an L shaped kitchen. We can sit 4 people at a nook table in the kitchen as it is right now. Currently the laundry room is in the kitchen which is very nice because I don't have to go outside to do the laundry. An idea to make the kitchen a bit more comfortable is to take the laundry room out and put it in the shed outside. This means I would have to go in and out in all types of weather with the laundry. Sometimes I think the bigger kitchen would be worth it, other times I don't. We are going back and forth, back and forth. I would love to see what the majority says. Thanks so much.

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Thanks everyone for helping out! We are keeping the laundry inside! We are also going to do a lot less and look to move to a bigger house instead. Thanks again!

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I vote laundry inside! I've had to go outside before to do laundry at 2 places. It's not good.
I also have a 4 person table and wouldn't trade it for a bigger one if I had to go outside to do the laundry.

Laundry inside! I don't think you will be happy having to go outside to do it. Maybe you can do a stackable to make a little more room..... Either way, I say keep it inside.

Greetings A.,
Since I have had it both ways believe me I vote for the inside laundry! The pain it is to have to be outside in the winter weather is a pain and if you are having to take a child in and out as well then it's just easier to go to the laundromat. Good Luck with what you decide. Nana Glenda

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How about stackable washer and dryer? There might even be all in one machines, which might take you longer to do the laundry, but would only be one machine. I'd keep it in the house if you have no attached garage, but I would consider finding another place for it. We used to have our washer and dryer in an upstairs hallway in a closet, and that was great because it was next to the bedrooms where the clothes all go. You don't need a laundry room, just some spot to house the washer and dryer. I would even be happy with one in a large bathroom, just to have more space in the kitchen.

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If possible I would keep the laundry inside. We lived in a house where the laundry was in a shed behind the house and I hated it. It was such a hassle, especially in bad weather.

I vote laundry inside! I've had to go outside before to do laundry at 2 places. It's not good.
I also have a 4 person table and wouldn't trade it for a bigger one if I had to go outside to do the laundry.

Oh lordy no I wouldn't put the laundry outside! LOL

We have lived in 2 houses where the laundry was in the garage. I HATED it! I already dislike doing the laundry, but having it out in the garage made it worse. The floor stayed dirty no matter what I did, so anything dropped in the floor I felt had to be washed again. When it was cold I hated having to go out there and freeze while trying to get the laundry done! Plus, I'd forget about it while I was inside! haha

So my opinion is definitely keep the laundry inside! :)

I'd say give up the laundry room for more room in the kitchen, My washer and dryer is in the garage and it is not big deal sometimes it is cold in the winter but I had my husband glue vinyl flooring to the cement floor and it is lees cold on feet and is my designated laundry area, with shelving above for cleaning supplies and laundry suppies

I've had an outside laundry (in the garage) for over ten years now, and to me it's no big deal. You are only outside for a moment, even if the weather isn't good, it doesn't make a big difference. I would never reduce the size of my kitchen in order to move the laundry inside, wouldn't even consider it.

Hope that's a little help!

I have an outdoor laundry. Sometimes it's a bit of a pain when it's raining, but it's fine. I would easily choose a bigger kitchen over an indoor laundry area.

I just spent the last 3 1/2 years doing laundry outside in pouring rain, freezing temps, and extreme heat, take it from me, KEEP IT INSIDE!! Good luck! =)

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